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Published at 27th of December 2018 09:37:08 PM

Chapter 4

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The night passed, slowly . It's been years since I slept in an actual bed . I mean, yeah, I've done it, but because the city refuses to build an orphanage and I really don't want any kind of foster care, it hasn't been since my mom died five years ago . All I can really remember was getting home from school one day, and seeing my mom covered in stab wounds . I was traumatized . All she left for me was one of those cellphones that drug dealers use and a note saying "Be sure you're in Eaststeel by the time you're 15" . To this day, I can't stand the sight of stab wounds, well, as little as normal people can stand them in the first place, but I go into full on PTSD mode whenever I see them . I looked over at Bill, who was already asleep . Scorpio was still awake, but she was on a laptop shutting out everything else . I managed to look at what she was doing once . She was using some kind of messaging service and talking to someone, I couldn't really make out who, but by how furiously she was typing, it was probably someone important to her .

I was woken up by the little girl screaming, absolute shocker, I know . Clearly, I wasn't the only one, as when it happened, Bill's eyes shot up, and Scorpio yelled, "I'M AWAKE!" We all looked at her, "What are you so riled up about now?" She pointed to her clock, "It's 7:30 . "

"So?" Bill rubbed his eyes . "In the morning . " I put on a shirt, and looked at the girl, "Yeah . So?"

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"Classes start at 8:30 . " Scorpio put her laptop in a bag next to her bed, "Your point is?"

"My point is, none of us know our way around campus!" Bill put on a jacket, "Well, Jamie and I do because someone refused to let us in the room for two hours yesterday . " The girl just rolled her eyes, "Whatever . You might, but I have no idea where the heck the 'Practice Arena' is . " She crossed her arms . Scorpio put on her shoes, "Well, I'm going to go . You can sit here and mope all you want, it's just wasting time . "

Despite really knowing two other people in my class, I the disinterest in the teacher's obligatory first day speech was a tangible thing in the air . If I had a knife, I probably could cut it and use it to feed some kids in Africa for a good year . When the teacher, named Ms . Harley, finished up, we all did introductions . We did that thing where we say our names and one interesting thing about us . "My name is Raizen Byren, and I managed to escape the Black Hoops over the summer . " The kid next to him stood up, "My name is Naomi Heiwagima, and I know he's lying because the Black Hoops haven't done anything big in two years . " Everyone laughed a little, before the person next to them stood up, "My name is Akumara Orihara, and I disagree with both Naomi and Raizen . The Hoops have clearly been active, and no one's escaped them after they target them . " There was a long silence in the room .

Eventually, everyone had talked except for the people in my row . "My name is Scorpio, and I'd rather not say my last name . " She sat back down, before Ms . Harley looked at her . "Fine . My name is Scorpio Topaz," Her voice lowered, "and I'm the heiress to the Topaz Mining Company . "

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"And you're the what?"

"The heiress to the Topaz Mining Company . " Everyone looked at her . Bill shot up, "My name is Bill Walker and I'm a demon . " Suddenly, everyone looked at him . He slowly sat back down . The little girl stood up, "My name is Brit Malacent, and I'm younger than anyone here . " She sat back down and looked at me . "My name is Jamie Charleston," I tried to think of something other than the Angel thing, "And I'm an Angel . " Damnit!

I sat down next to Scorpio . "Please don't tell me you're still stressed out about that . " I shrugged, "I mean, a little . I haven't seen anyone who's remotely like me in this school . I mean, according to Ms . Harley it's possible for Demons to grow wings, but from what I've seen Bill's the only Demon here . And besides, remember just a day ago when you apologized continuously because you accidentally bumped into Bill . "

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"Shut up, I felt bad . " Before I could retort, the bell rang . "Hello class, my name is Professor Chasan, I am be both your History Teacher and Headmaster . Before we start, does anyone here know any non-conventional history . " Scorpio shot out of her desk . "Yes, Miss-"


"Topaz . What is it?"

"I know there was a war that resulted in the creation of the Earth, the war was fought by Angels and Demons to see who was the superior race . Ultimately it ended in an unbreakable stalemate, and was called a draw . " She sat back down . "Very good . Does anyone else know anything?" Crickets could be heard . "I see . Well, I guess this is time to give a quick background on myself . I was a participant in that war . A messenger for the Angels . I never saw the fighting as useful . "

A kid in the back groaned, "Yeah right . The only way you'd have been in that war was for you to be either a Demon or Angel . We all know they're extinct . Along with that, you'd have to be over 10 billion years old . " The girl next to him snarled, "Akumura!"

"Excellent point . We are just going to be learning loads about me, aren't we? Well, to put it simply, I was born on an unknown date, but I celebrate it on February 15, and generally attribute in the year 12,729,590,006 years ago . And to address the Angel comment," he took off his suit coat, "Give it a second . " Two wings flew out from behind him . They looked to be at least twice the size of mine, along with that the feathers were a more golden color than mine . "As I understand, we have another Angel here, as well . " I felt myself turning red .

"If I remember, Miss Charleston, will you please stand up . " Scorpio hoisted me onto my feet . "Perfect . This falls more in the realms of Biology, but as you can see, both Miss Charleston and I have very similar features, blue eyes, blonde hair, and I assume you have wings?" I nodded . "Do you mind showing us?" I nodded again, and pulled down the back of my shirt . I felt the air surround them as they shot out . Everyone looked in awe . Personally, I'd gotten used to them . I guess it's similar if I were to have a third arm all my life . I felt the feathers tremble in the breeze caused by the window . "I wonder how much those would be worth . " This time, I recognized the voice as Akumura's . Just like last time, the person next to him hissed and he shut up . "You can sit down now . " I nodded again . After a good minute or so, I managed to get my wings in my shirt, and sat down .

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