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Chapter 67: 67

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I slowly opened my eyes . I tried speaking, but nothing came out . "Hello, William Cipher Walker . " A lady wearing black, tattered robes greeted me, and helped me up . "I am Lady Death . You can just call me Death though . I try to keep it informal around here . " I stood up, and looked at her . Her robes were almost completely transparent, which would be an issue, except for she had no skin to show . She was entirely bones down to her waist, where there was nothing . Her face was a skull, slightly decorated with black markings . "So, as I see it, you have died of," she looked at me for a second, puzzled, "That's odd . Normally there's a cause of death . " she studied me more . "I apologize . I believe there's been a mistake in sorting, I'll send you back as soon as possible . " I just nodded, and looked around . For the most part, the place was pitch black, however there were roses lining a path, each one letting out light . Suddenly though, my entire vision went black .

I felt something wet hitting my face . "How many is that?" Someone asked, nearby . "Including Lucifer, 107 . " A familiar voice replied . I slowly opened my eyes . "S-" my mouth was dry, "Scorpio . " I smiled . Her eyes widened, and she fell on top of me . "Scorpio!?" Another voice yelled from the distance . She sat up, and pointed at me . "I know . " The familiar voice from earlier replied, "We'll miss him, but right now we have to-"

"It's not that!" She yelled, barely keeping her voice together . I began to sit back up . My joints were stiff . "BILL!" A figure began running toward me, and tackled me back to the ground . "Yeah," I wrapped my arms around the figure, "I missed you too Jamie . "

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Scorpio helped me stand up, and I looked at the rubble . "Someone said 107 dead?" I asked, looking at Scorpio . She nodded, "Well, 106 now . " I looked at the bodies . A majority were Demonic, looking like blown up images of dead flies and bats, but some I recognized as human and fairy . "Counting injuries, though," Pisces said, carrying Brit, "It's still 107 . " I looked at the cat fairy . Her right arm was completely severed . "Anyone we knew?"

"Well," Jamie said, "Excluding Lucifer, the only deaths we knew names for were Chasan and Satan . " I suddenly remembered what happened . "Did I-" I looked at the mangled body on the pavement, "Did I do that?"

"It wasn't purposeful . . . " Scorpio said, leaning her head on my shoulder . "And how would you know that?"

"You can be violent, at times, but we all know you aren't a killer . If you knew that was Satan, you wouldn't have done it . " I put my hands in my pocket, "I guess you're right . " Scorpio grabbed the sides of my face, "Since I didn't get to do this before you died," she pressed her lips against mine, then swiftly pulled away, "Yup, you died . " She spat on the ground, and hugged me instead .

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Scorpio and I sat under a bridge . "So, what now?" She asked, grabbing my hand . "I dunno, probably living on the streets again, visiting when I can . "

"I thought you were gonna say that . " She said, "So, you're staying with me from now on . " I fell back and hit my head on a brick . "SHIT!"

"Oh my God!" She helped me up, "I didn't think it'd startle you that much!"

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"Are you sure about that?"

"About what?"

"Letting me live with you? I mean, Pisces has already dragged Brit into your house and Jamie still-"

"I've already talked to Jamie, and she's fine with living with me too . And as for space, it's a mansion . We've got plenty of room, and still can let family stay for months . "

"Still . I don't really think I should, I-"

"Let me rephrase . You, William Cipher Walker, are living in the Topaz residence from now on . "

"Jeez, when you put it that way, I'll go . "