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Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Chapter 116 . The Future Different From The Past, Part XXII


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Chapter 116 . The Future Different From The Past, Part XXII

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“No, I didn’t get them back . I didn’t have to get those cheap gems back, to be . ”

The baroness replied in a confident voice . It meant that she didn’t have to pay attention to a few pennies of old jewelry, as she recovered her wealth in just a few months .

“That’s very fortunate . ”

“And now is not the time to pay attention to those little things . I’m going to do my best to help him until his business stabilizes . ”

A spark seemed to come from her eyes to help her husband’s business . It was a passion not found in the nobles who were already born with everything .

Mielle asked her with a curled head, “Is that so? But wouldn’t your husband be okay with it? That’s what he’s been doing . I think it would be better to hire an expert . ”

As for Mielle, it seemed incomprehensible that she was actively helping her husband’s business . She asked, “Don’t you know it’s enough if you are giving him a few words of advice to keep the mood in order? What is the need for you to do your best?”

“No, we’ve been working together so far . The expert may still be a bit far off . ”

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The answer was as firm as the glare of her eyes . There was as much difference between wealth and power as there was heaven and earth, but there was no difficulty in expressing her opinion .

“It’s interesting that you worked together . What kind of work are you helping?”

The baron’s wife made an impassioned speech about her role as if she had been waiting for Aria’s question .

“He’s too busy with outside work to manage the internal affairs in detail . So I’m usually in charge of internal management . I’m handling the management and accounting of imported materials . It’s not difficult yet . It’s possible by myself . ”

She seemed proud of what she was doing . It must have been a great deal if she was really dealing with those things alone .

Aria replied with pure admiration, who realized they had not succeeded simply by her investing . “You’re in charge of a lot of work . Since you are dealing with an uneasy task for others, your husband may be able to put himself at ease . ”

When Aria answered that question, recalling a book that had emphasized that people should be careful when assigning people to areas where the money would flow, the baroness slipped her cheeks .

“… thank you . Of course, as Lady Mielle said, if the business is more prosperous, then we’ll have to hire . ”

“Yes, it’d better . Even if you can’t help it now, you’ll have to pay attention to your family . It would be efficient to leave the job to an expert then . ”

When her name was mentioned in Mrs . Baron’s mouth, Mielle smiled with great joy . She was a woman who thought that aristocratic women should work hard to protect her family, so she didn’t back down .

“No . That’s not what I think, Mielle . I think it’s a good idea for her to play a role in monitoring them even if they hire people later . She doesn’t have to abandon her ability, does she?” But the same was true of Aria, who remained steadfast in the argument .

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“Your argument makes sense, but… who takes care of the family then? Mrs . baroness should take care of it so that the baron can concentrate on his work outside in peace . ”

“The family business is of course important . So I’m not saying she should stay in business . I’m just asking her to take the watch . She has enough power to do it . ”

“Oh, that’s what you’re talking about, isn’t it? But from now on, the baroness will have to spend a lot of time caring for her family and building her position . She’ll have to meet a lot of people like today . So she doesn’t have time to help with the business, does she?”

“Do you need to be so sure? She’s already doing well enough, so I’m sure she will . ”

Mielle and Aria kept their ground . The biggest reason was that they could never accept each other’s opinions . Of course, the tone was soft and the expression was gentle, so it was seen as just exchanging opinions for those who were not familiar with the relationship .

“Oh, thank you both . So far, I’d like to help out with my husband’s business . It’s rewarding . Of course, my job will be gone in time, so I’ll have to work hard to revive the family . ”

In the end, the wise baroness ended up accepting both Aria and Mielle . But Mielle added the unnecessary words as she didn’t like the conclusion .

“Good idea, ma’am . You have a lot of work to do to lead the family . It’s also important . But I’ll let you know slowly from now on, so don’t worry . Why don’t you join me at my meeting next week?”

Mielle folded her eyes and said affectionately . She looked very reliable, perhaps because she was a young lady who would later become a Duchess .

She reached out her hand and if she held her, she would have a smooth future . Count Roscent’s support would be much greater than that of investor A . In addition, if she built a friendship with Mielle, no one would despise the baroness . But the baroness shook her head quietly .

“Thank you for your saying, but that’s a little difficult because it’s just beginning to water in . He still needs me . I barely spared time today . Please call me back next time and I’ll try to attend . ”

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“… yeah? Then I can’t help it . How about the others?”

Holding Mielle’s hand here must have been a choice for their well-being . They might have got something more than their husbands’ success .

However, no one offered to do so, only to be aware of it . It was partly because everyone was so busy that they had to share tea parties over a few days, not long after the business began to rise .

“It’s a little early, isn’t it? It’s enough to be treated like this by Lady Mielle . ”

“It’s also a burden for a commoner like me to attend . ”

“Why don’t we figure out who we are?” said a young lady with a smile . She was from the common people, so she didn’t hesitate to speak . Perhaps they had already established a strong rapport among themselves . They didn’t feel any difficulty to talk to Mielle freely, but they were just having a conversation with a big smile .

They had been invited by the high nobility, so they only participated out of curiosity, and did not seem to have any intention of continuing ties or flattery . Mielle’s mouth was shaking so fine that no one could notice it .

‘Oh, my God, you’ve become a loner at a gathering that you’ve created to attract new powers . ’

At the sight of Mielle, Aria smiled softly as she took the cup of tea to her mouth .

‘That’s why you should have recognized people well and picked one . ’ Although some wives looked interested and talked to Mielle, the majority of the wives were only enthusiastic about business stories .

And Mielle, who only knew about them on the surface, was naturally left out .

‘How foolish of you not to have prepared information about those you are trying to attract . ’ Aria, who thought of it, put down the teacup and said, “So, I hear Baron Clean recently imported a new spice?”

Unlike Mielle, Aria was able to melt naturally because she knew all the business of their husband’s .

Perhaps she didn’t know Aria would know that, but the baroness opened her eyes wide and said yes . “Did you get the word out of the mouth? It’s not on the market yet, but…”

“I was personally interested, so I found out while I was looking . I’ve heard that it’s cheap and rich in the taste of . I’m sure you’ll succeed . ”

“I’m just glad you could see it like that . It’s still a question of whether it will sell well . ”

“You don’t have to ask questions . No other country is more enthusiastic about spices than the empire . Moreover, there is no reason to fail, as you can provide spices that were almost exclusive to the nobility . ”

“… you say the same thing as the investor . Investor A also wrote us a letter to cheer on . ”

“I’m sure it’ll be everyone’s favorite spice . ”

The future was set, so Aria gave advice to other wives, saying the business would be successful . The advice was appropriate because she was well-informed, and there was considerable overlap with what the investor had said, so the wives all listened to her .

Before they knew it, the tide of the meeting was leaning from Mielle to Aria . It was not Mielle who would sit still and watch the main body of the meeting flow to Aria . ‘Why are all the invitees so bewildered by the vulgar, wicked woman’s words?’