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Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Chapter 153 . The Scandal Of The Century, Part III


Chapter 153 . The Scandal Of The Century, Part III

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“Miss Isis, my business here is done, so I’ll go now . ”

“Thank you for your advice, Vika . ”

Mielle, who was left with only the princess, shuddered as she could not bring up the story of Aria . It was even more difficult to talk about it as Oscar also came down after hearing her visit . But because she could not keep her mouth shut for long, Mielle soon closed her eyes and announced the sad news .

“… In today’s ceremony, Investor A showed up . ”

“Oh my God, is that true? That’s an interesting story… Is the person behind Investor A really that unexpected? You are trembling so much . ”

Isis squinted at the unusual response, and Oscar frowned . ‘Who in the world?’ Mielle, who took a sip of tea with her trembling hands, could not delay her news any longer and said in a very small voice,

“That’s… that’s the woman . ”

The woman? The calling was replaced by Isis because she hadn’t even wanted to call Aria’s name .

“… Did you just say ‘the woman’? That’s a lot of mischiefs . ”

When Isis asked again with a smile on her face, Mielle closed her eyes and replied yes .

“It’s true…”

As she did earlier, Isis was also hardwired . Isis, who had been so hardened for a long time due to a lot of nonsense, called in her own servant to find out the truth .

“… Make sure it’s real right now . ”

Oscar, who couldn’t figure out alone who they were referring to, asked many times, but no one answered .

So there was still silence, and no conversation went on . The servant who had gone to look for information about Investor A, following Isis’s instructions, came back quickly .

“… Miss Isis . Investor A identified herself as Roscent Aria…”

Clink . Isis threw her own teacup before the servant’s report was over . Mielle was shocked and her body trembled, and when he noticed the identity of the woman, Oscar was shocked and covered his mouth with his palm .

“… Yeah, it was not unusual to talk back to me as I first met her . ”

When she said so, Isis laughed loudly as if it was ridiculous . She added that she now knew why Investor A had refused firmly when she sent letters and people to Investor A several times . If she had done so sincerely, anyone would have met her at least once . Then, beside her, the servant, who had not finished his report yet, bit his lips and was restless .

“I should have gotten rid of that wicked woman right away . ”

She gritted her teeth, and her voice had a murderous spirit . If Aria was in front of her now, her murderous spirit would twist Aria’s slender neck right away . As she cursed for a long time, Isis shone as if a good idea came to mind .

“Anyway, it was the force I was trying to get rid of because I couldn’t pull it to my side, and even now…”

Everything would be done if she eliminated those who had received the investment, and she could not attract even Aria who was annoying . No matter how great she was, she was only the daughter of a prostitute . If she hired a killer, she could get rid of her without that much difficulty .

Isis, who wanted to be alone, ordered the servant to head out, and he shook his head and said something he could not finish,

“Well… Miss… I have one more thing to report . ”

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Isis sensed a tremendous fear from what the lingering servant was about to say . She was more scared now than when he reported that Aria was Investor A . ‘Is it something worse than what you said earlier?’

Insulted by the Crown Prince, she had to bow her head to those who had followed her . To make up for it, she even joined hands with the king of another country . It was a shame that she, who was a noble since birth and had royal blood, could not express her feelings with words .

So there was nothing more shocking than that . For some reason, her heart that was beating really fast seemed to want to get out of her mouth, but she pretended to be casual and urged him to report . Then the servant, who took his time for a while, closed his eyes and continued to speak slowly,

“After the ceremony… with the Crown Prince… she’s gone . She spoke as if she had been meeting him for a long time…”

“… What?”

“It is rumored that Lady Aria of the Roscent family… seems to have a close connection with the Crown Prince, His Highness…”

‘So all this insult and shame… happened because of that vulgar bitch…’

Flop .

“Dear Princess…! ”


Even before the servant’s words ended, Isis, who was distracted by anger and shock, fell to the cold floor .

* * *


After spending some time with Asher, walking in the woods, or visiting a villa, the Count, who was supposed to return late at night, welcomed Aria . His face, facial expressions, and eyes reminded her of why he had returned home quickly .

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“You came back quickly . ”

“I was back in a hurry after work . ”

Friendlier than ever before, the Count smiled brightly and looked at her with affection and a loving face, and he asked Aria to have tea with him after a long time .

‘For a long time? Isn’t this the first time?’

He would like to ask all his questions here, but he seemed to be trying to act nobly while drinking tea .

Cain was behind the Count and had a broken face . He looked as if he had lost a country . ‘Why does he look like he lost something even though he had nothing to lose from the beginning?’

‘Do I need to curry favor with them and to be bothered at a time when I am supposed to be formally dating the Crown Prince?’ As the Count had decided to take the side of the princess, he was close to the enemy wearing the leather of a family . As Aria delayed the answer agonizing over how to make a profit, the Count prompted her to move on quickly .

“Honey, Aria must be tired . She’s been out since morning and now she just came back .

It was none other than the Countess who saved Aria from the Count . Unlike usual, she raised her beautiful face and rebuked the Count as she descended from the second floor .

“So shouldn’t you be considerate?”

She was utterly complaining whether she was going to shake off all the humiliation she had ever gone through . This time, the Count began to notice her complexion .

“… Hmm, I suppose so . I think you’d better rest, and let’s talk tomorrow morning instead . ”

Aria, who smiled brightly at the Count who changed his words in an instant, was about to say that she would go up first, but Mielle, who had gone out to the mansion of the Duke, returned home with red, bloodshot eyes . Aria was convinced that it had something to do with her . Aria greeted and welcomed her .

“Welcome home, Mielle . ”

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She stepped back in amazement since she didn’t think she would face Aria as soon as she returned to the mansion . Her eyes wandered around and shook .

‘Oh, my god, it’s so funny . ’

It was very pleasant and fun, so she cleared her mind . She straightened her back and went straight back to her room .

“I should have reported it first . It’s too late . I’m sorry to hide it in the meantime . ”

As soon as she said that, eyes gathered in a flash . It was the expectation, frustration, and anger of Aria to announce what everyone already knew . She was Investor A—a key figure in the empire’s new power .

Aria, who looked at everyone, taking all their eyes on her whole body, as if enjoying it, opened her mouth laughing as if she was very happy .

“And the person who was dating me said he wanted to visit the mansion soon . He wanted to ask permission, but I don’t know what kind of permission it is, and I would know it in detail until that day .

But Aria, who had thrown a bomb that was unexpected for everyone, climbed up the stairs and went back to her room, leaving them confused, shocked and embarrassed .

In the hall where she left, there was stillness and silence as if there were no people .

* * *

“Miss . You have to go down to the dining room . ”

The next day, Jessie spoke to Aria in a worried voice . Aria was writing a letter while drinking a simple tea without eating anything even though it was already time for breakfast .

“I’m a little tired today . I’m not feeling well, so I’ll skip breakfast . ”

However, Aria smiled and shook her head, betraying the expectations of the people of the mansion of the Count who waited only for breakfast . In fact, she was actually feeling well . She was just saying that she was sick in order to worry them .

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