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Published at 9th of February 2020 10:09:08 PM

Chapter 245

Translator: Khan

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Editor Group: Liber Reverie


Fortunately, when he heard Aria’s urgent voice, the butler rushed straight in, but he could not cope with the unexpected calamity which was unfolded in the beautiful garden and swallowed his breath .

“What, what’s this…?”

“Hurry up, doctor! Call a doctor!”

“… yes, yes!”

Aria ordered the butler to hurry up and call a doctor . In response, the butler left the garden, running hurriedly, and the maids who entered the garden screamed as they belatedly sensed the disturbance .


“Oh, my God!”

“What can we do?”

“Get the towel!”

The amount of blood Cain vomited increased, and everyone screamed in panic, and Mielle’s crying grew louder .

“Sob sob! Brother!”

“Ah, Miss…! Are you all right?” inquired Jessie, who had become pale of the unbelievable horrors, looked into Aria’s complexion, because she had been drinking the same tea at the same table, just in case .

“… I’m fine . ”

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Aria, who answered so, was able to slowly regain her reason, unlike others who were panicked . No, she could feel a growing mood . It was because, after a decade or so, she could finally achieve what she had hoped for .

‘It would have been better if Mielle had had a past memory like me . ’

If she had had so, Mielle would have had to take back what she had done in the past, and her resentment would have multiplied . She might have found it the natural consequence of her own deeds before she would die . But it wasn’t bad to face death without knowing anything as it was . That way, she would feel even more unfair . She might have shed tears of resentment against the wicked woman, saying that even Cain, who had not committed such a great crime, lost his life .

Thinking that she wanted to see it as soon as possible, Aria pretended to be scared and looked after Cain .

“What the hell is this…?! Brother! What can I do? Are you okay?”

Aria had the audacity and was the one who had made Cain drink the poisoned tea . At Aria’s detestable appearance, Mielle, who had been tearful, opened her eyes angrily and shouted at her,

“Why! Why did you let him drink that tea? Why! Because of you…! Because of you, my brother…drank the poisoned tea that Annie was supposed to do!”

Jessie and Annie cocked their heads for a moment, frowning at Mielle’s cries, which implied that it was someone other than Cain, who would drink the tea and vomit blood .

“What are you talking about? Mielle? Are you saying that I let him drink the tea…?” Aria asked back with a very perplexed look as if she didn’t know what she was talking about .

Aria began to pretend not to know anything, and Mielle was unable to speak even if she tried .

“Why…? Why are you asking me that? Don’t tell me… was there something in the tea that someone shouldn’t drink…? It’s not, right?”

With the question, Cain coughed heavily, and a terrible amount of blood back-flowed . It seemed to indicate the end of Cain, and the garden was filled with screams .


“What should I do? Oh, my God! Mr . Cain…!”

“Mi, Mielle…”

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And Cain called Mielle in a feeble voice that seemed to disappear soon . His voice was so lifeless that it was his last will . Mielle answered with tears in her eyes, startled at the sound of his dying voice at any moment .

“Yes…! Say it!”

“It, it wasn’t… right?”

It was a question without a subject, but Mielle stopped breathing when she realized in one breath what it meant .

“Well, I… I… uh…!”

And Mielle’s subsequent unclear answer was enough to bring disappointment and sadness to Cain . Cain’s eyes lost their destination and shook like a small boat that met the waves .

Disappointment and grief for his sister were his last feelings, Aria, who thought it was a fitting death for Cain, who had cut her head in the past, consoled him by holding on to Cain’s cold hands .

“Brother…! Mielle…! Mielle wouldn’t be such a bad girl…!”

Then Aria pretended to cover up for Mielle, reminding him how horrible her misdeeds had been . So that Cain could not face death with any relief . Aria let him remember that Mielle had been wicked enough to maim her father, pushing him down the stairs, and her immoral act of feeding him the poisoned tea to death .

As soon as Aria’s words were finished, Cain’s eyes slowly closed . From his closed two eyes, regret flowed down a tear, and strength was drained out of his cold hands . And his head was dropped helplessly as if it were to mark his end, his last in a miserable way by his past karma .


“Oh, my God! A doctor doesn’t come here yet .

“Oh no, what can we do?”

“No, brother! No, no…! No! No! No…!”

Mielle wailed as if it was unbelievable, and shook Cain’s shoulders very hard many times so that he could open his eyes again .

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“Come on, brother! Please…! Please open your eyes! Please!”

As if she could not send him like this, Mielle shouted desperately, until Aria, who couldn’t bear it anymore, blamed her foolish act she had committed herself to Mielle’s ear .

“That’s why I told you to control the amount well, Mielle . ”


At the voice, as if in a sneering whisper, Mielle finally began to struggle like a madwoman, and some of the maids, who were in a panic and watching, overpowered her .

“Because of you! Because of you! If it wasn’t you!”

‘What are you talking about, Mielle? It was all because of you . ’ Aria shrugged her slender shoulders and trembled as if she had been hurt by Mielle’s words, and sobbed, covering her face with her palm . It was because she could not manage her expression when she saw Mielle who had messed up everything by herself and ran wild .

Aria thought she was strange that she couldn’t control her joy in a situation that Cain might have lost his life, but she also thought it was natural because it was the revenge she had hoped for so long .

“… that’s right . It’s all my fault . If I had behaved well, this wouldn’t have happened…!”


Because of Aria, who only spoke what she could not bear, Mielle could not bear her anger, struggled running wild, and finally lost her mind . But no one was willing to help her fall, and instead, only a look of contempt and anger poured over Mielle’s tiny body .

“… Mielle, how did you…!”

Especially Jessie, who knew that the tea Cain had just drunk belonged to Aria, was terrified of anger, betrayal, and fear that she might have nearly lost her precious master .

After repeated follies, no one sympathized with Mielle even a bit .

* * *

It was not long before the butler returned to the mansion with a doctor . It didn’t take very long, but Cain couldn’t get help from the doctor because of the significant amount of poison Mielle had put in the tea . He lost his life like that .

The criminal was undoubtedly named Mielle, and the unconscious Mielle had to be locked in her room . It was the death of a servant sent by the Imperial Castle, so naturally, the investigation of this terrible incident was conducted by the Imperial Castle .

“Are you all right?” Asher came running to Aria’s side in one step, leaving all his work behind . He was with the imperial investigation team in charge of the investigation .

Aria smiled awkwardly at his worried look . “I’m fine . Brother Cain was the only one who drank the poison . ”

‘I designed it all, and I couldn’t have been harmed by anything . ’

With her unobtrusive answer, he seemed to guess the truth, but he looked at Aria’s face for a long time, perhaps still unable to dispel his worries .

“I am really fine . ”

As Aria smiled back and emphasized it again, only then Asher was relieved .

“… I’m glad then . I was worried that you might have been damaged . ”

“I have the hourglass . If there’s something going on in case, I can use the hourglass . ”

It happened that the hourglass was on the table . This was because she had not yet taken it away after she had taken it out for use at tea time . So Aria said, “Don’t worry,” but Asher’s face darkened again .

“… The ability is not everything . Besides, you have to pay the big price . You’re not going to die, but I hope you don’t use it if you can . It’s a very rare and unusual case of using the ability, and it’s even more so that no one can guarantee the outcome . ”

Aria had had the very least chance of being awakened to be able to use the ability and had to pay for it as soon as it was used, differently than the real royal family . So said Asher, who had not been relieved of his worries, and because it was a part Aria was also aware of, she nodded calmly to affirm it .

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