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Published at 9th of February 2020 10:08:38 PM

Chapter 256

Translator: Khan

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Editor Group: Liber Reverie

“Well, do you know where the Marquise is?”

Aria, who was passing by the corridor, suddenly asked a servant, who was bending over . The servant was surprised but soon answered politely, showing her courtesy, as she had always been .

“She’s taking a walk in the garden . ”

“Which garden?”

“You can see that garden right from the front door on the first floor . ”

“Ah, the big garden I can see from my room . Thanks for letting me know . ” Aria smiled softly and thanked her and disappeared with graceful steps .

“… Oh, my God . ” When Aria disappeared from her sight, the servant, who was so nervous, uttered an exclamation .

If it was normal, even if the master did not see her, she would be scolded by other servants if she was frivolous, but it was different today . Rather, the servants, wondering what she had talked to Aria about, came up with frivolous steps and began asking why .

“Did she say that there is anything uncomfortable?”

“What does she need?”

“Have you been scolded?”

The question originated from the speculation that the Crown Prince’s lover and granddaughter of the strict Marquis of Piast might have such a character . They were also appropriate questions since she had arrived at the mansion and stayed in her room, not hanging out with anyone except for meals .

With these questions, the servant, who had a conversation with Aria, slowly shook her head and answered with a misty look, “No… She asked where the Marquise is . ”

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“Did she look for the Marquise…?”

“Is that true?”

‘The lady seemed awkward and avoided her . ’ It was so obvious that everyone in the mansion was aware . Each of them was curious, but the servant repeated what she had not finished yet .

“… And when I answered what she asked, she thanked me . ” That was why she spat out admiration .

Aria had begun to thank the servants of the family of Count Roscent to pacify them, but it had become her habit now .

The servant had just told her what Aria deserved to know, but she had thanked her . It was a word she had never heard in her life, even from the previous master she served .

“I thought the rumor was just a rumor, but she must have had such a character of the rumor…”

In the corridor, which was filled with astonishment and silence, one of the servants quietly recited while her eyes gleamed . It was a character of showing mercy to the evil woman who had tried to harm her and of giving much support to common people with talents which she had valued high .

“If she really is that kind of person…”

They wished she were their master . Nothing would make the servants happier than working under a benevolent master .

“So Miss Aria is in the garden where the Marquise is?”



At her answer, the servants, who were silent and wary of one another, hurried to the garden window . It was a window overlooking the garden where the Marquise was walking .

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There was the Marquise, who was leisurely strolling through the flower garden, not knowing her future yet . ‘Why did Aria, their new master, trying to find Mrs . Violet?’ They hoped it was a good thing . Thinking so, they stared out of the window with red cheeks and a throbbing heart .

“The Marquise of Piast . ” Aria, who came closer to Violet, called her quietly .

Violet quickly turned back . She was surprised, unlike her character . “… Lady Aria?”

Violet’s cheeks glowed red as if she had never dreamed that Aria would find her first . Her face was also redolent and excited .

“Can I take a walk with you?”

‘Of course!’ Rather, Violet had been thinking of doing that with Aria many times, and she hurriedly nodded and gestured to Aria to come next to her . “Yes! This is the most beautiful garden in the mansion . Let’s take a walk together . ”

“Thank you, ma’am . It’s cold . ”

“I know . I guess winter is just around the corner . It will be hard to get out if we don’t take a walk in this sunny day . Why don’t you take a walk during the day? There are many other gardens besides here, so you can enjoy a quiet walk anytime . ”

Aria greeted her very briefly, but the answer was very long as if she wanted to continue the conversation somehow . And Violet had been aware that Aria was avoiding her . Violet indirectly told Aria that she could walk alone anytime and anywhere instead of asking her to take a walk together .

“I see . Thank you for saying that . I’ll have to look around before it gets colder . ”

Aria nodded quietly because she was tired of being stuck in the room . It was a beautiful garden worth taking a walk, so she couldn’t help nodding .

“This is the garden he made for me . I couldn’t go outside . That’s why the mansion is so beautiful . ”

It was Violet who had been unable to go out because of many unfortunate events… So was Chloe . They had to live in the mansion for a very long time because they couldn’t show their faces when they went out .

“I see . ”

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“So I hope you will enjoy this beautiful mansion for a long time . ”


Aria did not answer because it apparently meant that she should not return after the wedding . All she could think about was returning to the empire as soon as possible .

“Oh no, are you uncomfortable with me?”

Because the conversation was cut off, Violet, who had been silent for a while, smiled and asked Aria . She must have felt uncomfortable because Aria had stayed in her room for days .

“A little bit . I’ve never seen anyone pay such a great deal of attention to me . ” Aria expressed her frankness when Violet asked her honestly .

It was really burdensome and uncomfortable . No matter how related they were in blood, it was burdensome because Violet paid more attention to her than her mother, who had been with her since she was born, had done .

If there was anything Violet wanted, Aria would have reacted accordingly, but it was all the more burdensome because Violet didn’t want anything from Aria . Even her mother, Carin, had once given her a look, asking for something, but Violet never did .

Violet, who looked a little surprised, explained her feelings with a calm face . “I see . I must have been making a fuss because I am a grandmother who is just meeting my granddaughter after seventeen years . I didn’t even expect it . I couldn’t believe Chloe has a daughter… Who looks just like him, and she’s this beautiful . ”

Violet must have truly thought she would never see her descendant . It was because Chloe, her son, had long missed only one woman, and Frey, her eldest daughter who she had only heard from rumors in the distance, was far from marriage .

Moreover, Violet had not had such a happy marriage in the past that she had been in no position to impose marriage on her children . She had just wanted them to live happily in good health, and she had never thought she would ever meet her granddaughter .

“I guess that’s why I kept talking to you and bothering you because I wanted to do everything I wasn’t able to do before, so that’s probably why you’re feeling uncomfortable . I’m sorry . ”

Violet apologized and read her complexion . There was hope that Aria would relax .

‘Even though I am tied with her by blood, why does the Marquise of a county take a low position to the prostitute’s daughter, a little granddaughter?’

As she couldn’t understand it, Aria asked Violet, “Is the blood relationship… that important? Is it important that you show this emotion to a woman you’ve never seen before?”

It was a question that could be seen on her face all the time, mainly in Aria’s eyes, so Violet answered quietly without feeling embarrassed .

“I guess so . I’ve never had a granddaughter, so I don’t know what’s going on with other people . I’m just overwhelmed with affection and loving feelings . ”

“Without any price?”

“Yes . How dare I ask my granddaughter for a price? Ah… Perhaps being alone makes me happy, and that’s the price . I just want her to be healthy . ”

Violet’s expression of saying that was sincere .

“… Because it’s the fruit of love?”

When Aria asked, remembering what Jessie had said, Violet, who had been covering her mouth for a moment if it had been an unexpected question, soon smiled brightly and said yes .

“It’s a romantic expression . That’s right to say . Chloe, the fruit of my loved one, met his lover and achieved the same result, like me . ”

“I see…”

“And it’s like my alter ego and child . You may not think so, but your ears look just like mine . ”

“… My ears?”

‘Ears?’ Surprised, Aria touched her ears and turned her eyes to Violet’s ears . She could see ears with a little yet soft curve .

‘Do those ears resemble my own?’ Aria was embarrassed because she had never looked closely at her ears .

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