The Void Emperor - Chapter 15

Published at 3rd of October 2019 10:10:42 PM

Chapter 15

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In the middle of a colorful forest swarming with spirit beasts lay two small humanoid forms . No, rather than humanoid, they resembled half-human, half-dragon .

Beneath them is a layer of a rare kind of grass which is mainly used to make pills that can help with cultivation, but neither of the two currently had any interest in it .

One of them is Ryuu, still in his dignified form which looks magnificent, like a God's child .

The other is a girl with ten wings behind her back, dark blackish skin and colorful hair lying in Ryuu's embrace .

The girl had peaceful expression lying in his little arms covered in scales, peacefully sleeping and enjoying his warmth .

While Ryuu was caressing her colorful hair, similar to his but longer, he wondered about the memories she transferred to him a while ago . As he thought back to those memories his brows furrowed and his mind drifted away to them .


A Dark Dragon cruising through the void*, scanning the floating orbs which represent the sleeping souls, energetically flapped ten of its majestic wings . The exact size of that dragon couldn't be deducted since there was not a single thing to compare with except the orbs shining in the different glow, some of them brighter while other had a faint light, almost unnoticeable by the naked eye, but the Dark Dragon did not use its eyes .

Strong, boundless and majestic spirit power enveloped every single one carefully combing through its memories of the life before death . As the majestic Dark Dragon flew past, its movements worthy of being called dancing, it silently lowered its head in disappointment .

That process went on for who knows how long . Every day of its life was filled with disappointment, but could it be called life? The dragon flying in what one would call 'afterworld' where souls eternally rest . Can that be a kind of life?

Despite the boredom it felt, the dragon continued searching for that which made it wake up in this place where everything should be sleeping .

After who knows how long, its head slightly rose in surprise . Who'd know why'd a dragon be surprised in the afterworld? Well, the dragon would, logically .

But now . . .

Ryuu did too .

He was currently in the body of that dragon as an observer - or at least that's what he feels . This black dragon is precisely this girl lying in his brace before it became his soul spirit .

The surprised dragon turned its majestic body to the side and flew to a certain point in the darkness . There's nothing to be seen here, not even the floating sleeping souls, absolutely nothing, except for one . . . strange soul .

The dragon flew into the darkness as its head showed an intrigued look, it flew and stopped at a certain point . Before it, the floating soul, separated from others, slowly rotating in place and completely blended with the darkness, able to escape any kind interference, except for . . . the Dark Dragons' Spirit Sense .

The Dark Dragon: 'What's wrong with this little fella? Why's he separated from the others?', its mind filled with thoughts while its interest rose even more .

The Dark Dragon: 'Souls in this place can't have a consciousness so it must be like this naturally . . . ', the dragon thought .

The Dark Dragon: 'Aren't you strange little one? Let me see what made you like this . '

As dragon's Spirit Power came in contact with it, its head instantly filled with memories of this particular and strange soul . An even richer color of surprise appeared on the dragon's majestic head which slowly turned into shock, finally morphing to the excitement .

The Dark Dragon: "At last, I finally found you, little one" A majestic thought spread through the vast void as the dragon transformed to the beautiful girl that's currently in Ryuu's embrace .

Like the soul before her, she was also completely blended with the darkness . . . well, at least until that moment .

As her transparent hand nearest the position of her mouth, soul-stirring green eyes slowly opened staring at the void .

The Dark Dragon: 'Not even afraid before my might, worthily the one that caught my liking!', she thought .

While all that happened, her white dragon tooth already bit the tip of her finger, as a radiant golden-green drop of blood slowly approached the transparent soul . However, just before it could enter the soul, a white fissure appeared in the vast darkness legitimately scaring the girl out of her wits .

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The Dark Dragon: "Who?!", her Spirit Power immediately formed a domain . In this place, it's her own territory .

Her decision was right on the money as foreign Spirit Power entered her domain scanning the space within the void .

The Dark Dragon: 'A human with such a strong Spirit Power, it's actually only a realm away from mine . . . ', she thought . But before she could even regain her calm, another nine-colored fissure appeared out of which a nine-colored drop of blood flew out at lightning speed and instantly merged with the soul in front of her .

The Dark Dragon: " Who dares steal that which is mine???", her Spirit Power attacked the fissure, only to miss for a split second .

The Dark Dragon: 'Damn, they got me . Whoever you are, just wait for me to find you . I'll rip you to pieces!!', she roared in her mind .

The Dark Dragon: 'What to do now? There's no way that two spirits can coexist within one soul . . . ' Her dejected expression made it almost impossible to remain calm even for someone of her level .

She decided to examine that soul once again, and surprisingly . . . Nothing .

She found nothing except the drop of blood that flew inside .

The Dark Dragon: 'No soul? Just the origin blood? What the hell?!' She immediately became confused .

Her confusion wasn't long-lived . She immediately fused her golden-green blood with the soul and instantly disappeared within it . She integrated the whole life, soul, and body with that little strange soul . And after that . . .


The void shattered as that soul flew out through the white crack in the void manifested as a ten-colored lightning bolt .


As Ryuu thought back to the fragment of memories belonging to the little dragon leaning on his shoulder, his heart tightened because that's the first time someone did so much for him .

His eyes already became moist and he couldn't resist lowering his head to kiss this crazy dragon for sacrificing her whole being and freedom in order to fulfill her wish .

That craziness resembles exactly himself, as he often did something worth being called crazy . Somehow he could understand her reasoning as both of them were shunned out of the others of the same kind .


??: "Aaaaah!! Demon, it's the demon dragon!! Everyone, run!!!"

??: "Look, dark dragon, the symbol of evil! Quickly hide it's said that when it flies near someone they will die in the following day!"

??: "Waah, mommy I'm scared! I saw a dark dragon with green eyes from the legend . Will I die? I don't want to die, mommy!!!"

From all kinds of curses and disdain directed at herself, she chose to start anew with someone having a similar fate to hers . Although she's not a divine being worshipped on every planet, a dragon - unrestrained under the heavens, anymore, for some weird kind of reason her heart is filled with satisfaction at this moment .

What both of them wished for the most - to be loved and find someone able to understand them, came true as fate wrapped them in red strings and smiled .

Luck follows the craziest and the bravest, they say . Well, they certainly felt lucky for finding each other .

As Ryuu's thoughts drifted once more, his speeding heart gradually slowed down as he recalled dragon transformation and returned to being an attractive six-year-old boy with purple eyes which now had a faint ten-colored light in the center, albeit hardly noticeable .

Then his thoughts returned to the past, comparing his life with the memories he had seen .


?: "Hahahaha . Look at that pathetic face, he has no friends, he's not going out, what's the point of living then? If I was him, I'd probably kill myself"

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?: "Yeah . He's so pathetic that I can't even feel sorry for him anymore . He should just die . "

?: "I've never seen someone as weird as him in my life . Don't look at him, he'll infect you if your eyes meet, hahahaha . "

?: "Oh no! Our looks met, what should I do now? I don't want to be like him!!"

?: "Quickly take out your eyes, maybe you can save yourself, hahahaha"

Past Ryuu: 'A bunch of retards seeking for attention . If you are not in the center of the world then you can't live . *Pei *, I spit on you fools . The one who should feel sorry for others is me . . . "

Past Ryuu heard them talking about him, he turned around and stared at them with a fierce look in his eyes, which caused some of them to get a chill .

?: "I-Is it just me or did his look just now feel a little creepy?"

?: "That's not creepy, that's scary . . . let's leave"


Asura Ryuu: 'Humph, morons . I said it should be me who pities you . Look at me now hahahaha, who said I don't have friends? Who said I'm worthless? One day I'll come back and rub it all in your faces, you worthless scum!'

What Ryuu didn't notice were green eyes silently observing him and a silent smile appearing slightly bellow them as the dragon girl felt even happier now and continued resting quietly on his shoulder .


While Ryuu was swimming in little dragon's sea of memories, the dragon who was supposed to be asleep was actually sensing his every move, every emotion that occurred, even somewhat had an insight to what he was thinking, although not exactly precise .

By witnessing someone who wholeheartedly cared for her and enjoyed being in her company, she traveled back to the distant past, one she should have forgotten after who knows how many years .

The White Dragon: "Hey, Dark . What are you planning to do next?"

The Black Dragon: "Oh, hi Light . What's up?"

The White Dragon: "Don't dodge the question, what are you planning?"

The Black Dragon: "What do you mean?", she asked in confusion

The Black Dragon: "Are you perhaps talking about my idea?"

The Light Dragon: "Yeah, your crazy idea of making your own world . You can't possibly be really thinking about it?"

The Black Dragon: " . . . "

The Light Dragon: "Well, don't mind me, I'm just curious . "

The Black Dragon: "Then, what are you planning?"

The Light Dragon: "Oh, me?"

The white dragon's eyes flashed with the trace of disdain as it lifted its head up high .

The Light Dragon: "I'll make it to the gods' realm! But . . . as for you . "

The Light Dragon: "I'm not sure whether you'll even find a chance to enter it, so this information means nothing to you, you see . ", The white dragon said with obvious disdain in its voice

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The Black Dragon: "I see . . . "


Little dragon thought back to those painful days but what she felt was neither resentment nor regret . What she was feeling was genuine happiness .

???: 'White, you might have become a True God but are you happy alone up there? Furthermore, if you're the only Spirit Beast to become the True God, what then? Will you truly be happy being eternally alone?'

???: 'I don't know what you're thinking, White . This whole world is filled with your teachings, my dream still remains unachieved . Making your world is quite hard, you see . But despite that, I'm genuinely happy right now, so happy in fact that I may even want to give up my own dream . '

???: 'I honestly hope that you'll find what you are looking for up there . '

She thought while looking at the colorful sky with a black hole in the middle .

As her thoughts were drifting through the past, a gentle warmth spread from the top of her head, dragging her attention back to the present . Her green eyes slowly opened, reflecting the inverted image of Ryuu staring at her with a gentle gaze .

She looked at Ryuu who returned to his normal appearance .

Her mind still filled with the shocking scene of awakening ten martial souls and the transformation that occurred right then, her eyes already had a look which one would use to look at the monster .

Asura Ryuu: "So, how should I call you?"

???: 'Right, I can't tell him my real name yet . What should I do?', she thought .

Soon enough, an idea came to her mind .

???: "Well, just call me master . "

Asura Ryuu: "Ma- . . . . master?"

???: "What? You don't want this little beautiful dragon to be your master? Humph! Many would die for even taking one lesson from me, yet you deny such an offer . Truly a fool!"

Asura Ryuu: "There's no way I can call you master!"

???: "Why?", she made a sad expression, like an abandoned puppy on the street .

Asura Ryuu: "I can only call you little master or dear, nothing else . After all, you're smaller than me . "

As soon as he finished that sentence, the little girl instantly stood up in front of him in order to compare their heights .

And . . .

She was indeed smaller, although by a centimeter but what Ryuu said was true .

???: "Fine . Call me little master then, but this is the only exception I'll make . You have to be prudent and you need to be even more hardworking than anyone else . Not just ten times the effort, you have to give a thousand times the effort because You and Me are going somewhere where monsters are as rare as grains of sand in the desert . That's our final destination . . . for now . "

Asura Ryuu: "Sure, got no problems with that . "

???: "What? None? You don't complain?!"

Asura Ryuu: "Should I?"

???: "Shouldn't you? I mean it's going to be one hell of a life for you . . . "

Asura Ryuu: "The moment I decided to break that soul spirit into nine independent ones, I was ready for it . I know the feeling of feeling powerless thanks to you and I never want to feel it again . Especially now that I have something dear to protect . "

As Ryuu said the final sentence, his hand fell on her silky hair, slowly sliding his fingers through it and feeling the pleasure of that softness . . . *cough* both of those soft sensations, the second one being pressed against him which made his mental state a bit unstable, but to his luck or not, he didn't get too excited . Probably because his body is still young .

???: "Haaa", she exhaled lightly and then turned into a black flash of light and disappeared .

Asura Ryuu: "Little master, where are you?"

As Ryuu asked, black dragon ran out of the void spanning over half a meter and wrapped around his arm .

Little Dragon: "I'm here"

Asura Ryuu: "Would it be draining for you to maintain that form?"

Little Dragon: "No, it's fine . I can remain in this form as long as I want because it's a spiritual body, not physical . "

Asura Ryuu: "What's a spiritual body?"

Little Dragon: "You'll know that soon, but first there's an important thing to do . "

Asura Ryuu: "What?"

Little Dragon: "Run . "

As she said that, a visual image directly entered his brain . From countless directions, there were humans rushing at an astonishing speed . When Ryuu saw how fast they were, he almost felt dizzy .

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Asura Ryuu: "How can they be so fast, they must be the peak powers here?"

Little Dragon: "What peak powers, they're just in the second mortal realm out of the ten . This is as slow as a turtle in comparison to the peak mortal realm . "

As they were chatting, Ryuu had already stepped on the gas escaping from the place where he previously was as if there's no tomorrow . The impact those people gave him is still big making him feel tiny in front of the real power .

Asura Ryuu: 'Seems like I can only give it my all to become strong'

Little Dragon's voice appeared in his mind . "You have to find a place to live at for now and enroll in an academy as soon as possible, and the good one preferably . Otherwise, you'll have to go through a lot of hardships if you're not a student and others consider you as a rogue cultivator . "

Asura Ryuu: "An academy? Where should I find one as such?"

Little Dragon: "Go to the city and get the map . I'll show you which one's the best . "

Asura Ryuu: "How do you know it's the best?"

Little Dragon: "Because . . . . . I made it . "

Asura Ryuu: " . . . Haaah, you're truly something else, hahahaha . Let's go then!", Ryuu said as he energetically rushed to the place where he felt the power concentrated in one area . That's the way you usually find a city .

As time ticked by, they slowly approached the city where their story shall truly begin .


*void - The place where souls of every living being rest after death, regardless of race, personality or anything else .