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Chapter 163: 163

“Let me taste it?” Mo Jingshen approached .

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Ji Nuan pushed the other bowl of noodles toward him, indicating for him to try it . The man reached over and pressed her hand down, leaning down to kiss her lips still stained with soup .

Ji Nuan: “…”

After wiping the taste of soup off of her lips, he released her and calmly judged . “It’s all right . The soup is fragrant and delicious . It’s well-made . ”

Ji Nuan: “…”

This man had to take advantage of her even while eating a bowl of noodles .


In the middle of the night, Ji Nuan tugged aside her blankets to move off the bed . She had just moved and was immediately stuffed back into the sheets .

Ji Nuan frantically said, “I’m dead tired…”

Her soup was not made with those sorts of medicine, but she was still pressed down by Mo Jingshen for an entire night . After clinging onto one another for the night, her face was bright red . She thought to get up to drink some water .

However, Mo Jingshen easily pulled her back . Ji Nuan’s entire body was jelly-soft right now . She shrunk under his body and stopped moving .

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“Really tired?” He kissed her lips .

“En… There is still work to be done in the studio tomorrow . You have to leave me with energy to get up in the morning…” Ji Nuan tone carried some resentment and anger .

The man gently rubbed her head and carried her to shower . He then stuffed her back into the sheets and headed into the study .

Ji Nuan did not question his purpose for heading there so late in the night . She was too worn out, and after turning over, she hugged the sheets and fell asleep .

Nearing sunrise, she abruptly jerked awake . As she stretched her hand to the side, she felt the cold sheets . Mo Jingshen did not return to the bedroom to sleep . She glanced toward the study; there was still light seeping through the door gap .


Two days later, it was Nan Heng’s birthday . Coincidentally, he had also just returned from America .

Mo Jingshen had informed Ji Nuan early in a phone call that he would pick her up before heading to Zi Jing Cheng Nightclub .

These few days, the studio had to receive representatives from several large property companies who had come for negotiations . Ji Nuan knew where Zi Jing Cheng Club was located and did not let Mo Jingshen pick her up . Instead, she worked till it was late with Feng Ling’s company, and after work, she headed there with her .

Zi Jing Cheng Club was the largest place where members of Hai Cheng’s high society tended to gather . Only those who possessed a white gold or diamond card could enter . Precisely because the segregation was thoughtfully managed—even though there were several night entertainment programs—there were very few criminals who could make their way in . Every high-class, private room had its own waiter and bodyguard keeping an eye out .

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“Why didn’t Ji Nuan follow you here?” Qin Siting sat on the sofa in the private room, smiling as he glanced at Mo Jingshen sitting alone .

Nan Heng turned back, his handsome face carrying a mocking smile . “I was just about to ask . You’re only a few steps away from hanging Ji Nuan on your waist, but you actually didn’t bring her with you today?”

Mo Jingshen indifferently replied, “She’s busy . ”

Qin Siting teased . “Your woman is busier than you?”

“Is there a problem with that?” Mo Jingshen coldly and indifferently glanced at him .

Qin Siting smiled lightly, stretching his long legs as he casually leaned on the sofa . He coldly chuckled . “May I asked if your woman was the one who refuses to be a virtuous wife at home and would rather stretch her wings to venture out? You didn’t even stop her . Aren’t you afraid that if she were to produce some results, in the future, the men around her would increase?”

“Virtuous wife?” Nan Heng had a strange expression on . “When did these words attach to her?”

Arriving at this topic, Qin Siting appeared pleased with himself as he glanced at Nan Heng . “It’s because you lack the fortune . Not long ago, Ji Nuan came to my house and personally made a fruit salad and a cold tossed three silk vegetable dish . The taste was actually not bad . If it wasn’t because there was someone constantly guarding her, I might have been able to taste even more of her cooking . That wealthy young lady now knows how to cook . Using those two words on her isn’t considered too inappropriate . ”

Nan Heng lightly chuckled, lazily saying, “Are you serious?”

Mo Jingshen glanced at the time . When he spoke, his words were cold and sharp, yet it played down his intent . “Why are you wasting your breath? Did I agree to meet here for the sake of listening to the two of you being concerned about my woman?”

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Nan Heng . “…”

Qin Siting had an enigmatic smile on . “Just get used to it . ”


Nan Heng’s smoking addiction was powerful . Not long after, the private room was filled with smoke .

Mo Jingshen also drank quite some alcohol but was not affected by it . He took a glance at the time, stood up and left for the restroom .

A few minutes later, several young ladies at Zi Jing Cheng Club were attracted by the man who had just left the bathroom . The drunk ladies all nudged one another as they followed him, secretly exchanging bets about who would be able to sleep with such a rare, exquisite man tonight!

Mo Jingshen sensed there was someone following him, and after seeing they were several drunk young girls, he did not pay them any mind .

He entered the private room and noticed more alcohol had been sent in; all sorts of colors—red, blue, yellow—and types . He closed the door and was just about to head in when the door behind him was forcefully pushed open .

The slamming noise was too loud . Mo Jingshen’s clear gaze turned, and even Nan Heng and Qin Siting, who were inside the private room, raised their brows . Their gazes shifted toward the drunk young ladies .

Seeing this scene, Qin Siting instantly understood . He softly chuckled and then whistled . “Aiyo, they’ve stuck onto you again . If Ji Nuan were to see this, I wonder if a bottle of vinegar will be spilled . ” 1

Mo Jingshen appeared as though he did not hear Qin Siting’s words . He coldly and indifferently scanned the ladies by the door whose eyes clearly spelled out ‘want . ’

“Get out . ” His voice did not contain any warmth .

Those young girls carried the smell of alcohol on them . Initially, they felt brave, but after meeting his cold and distant eyes, as well as the man’s frigid cold aura, they instantly panicked .

One of them was nudged out . It was not clear if she was blushing or if the alcohol had affected her, but she looked at him with a bright red face . She stuttered for a while before finally managing a whole sentence . “I… I think that you’re really handsome… I… I like you… so… can you… can you…”

“No . ”

The cold and indifferent voice was as icy and sharp as ever—frigid, straightforward, and decisive .

The young ladies all stared at him in defeat . They had thought they would be able to conquer an exquisite product but instead realized they had encountered an iceberg .

By the side, the bodyguard had already heard their voices and approached to chase them away . Those young ladies originally still wanted to say more but were abruptly kicked out while the door was slammed in front of their faces .

It was silent for a moment outside the door, followed by the reprimands of the bodyguard . Inside the room, laughter rang out .

“As expected of CEO Mo, your luck in love has increased . ” Nan Heng had a cigarette in his mouth as he narrowed his eyes to laugh .

“Too much nonsense . ” Mo Jingshen did not glance at them, picking up his phone to call Ji Nuan .

Coincidentally, Ji Nuan was currently signing a contract with the old CEO from BGY Group who had specially taken a trip here . Originally, the price of that piece of land in Xi Min Square was supposed to be set at three hundred million yuan . However, for the sake of maintaining a long-term partnership with a property corporation like BGY, she gave him a favor and set the price at two hundred and eighty million yuan .