The Weapon Master's Transmigration

The Weapon Master's Transmigration
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Meet Cole Steward. A man renowned across the galaxies for his ability to make and master anything that can be used as a weapon. 

At age 5, he had already turned his house into a fortress and mastered the art of the invincible frying pan. 

At age 7, he mastered every single martial art known in the universe as well as every single kind of weapon in existence. 

At age 10, he built an O-I heavy tank by himself with scrap metal he found in a junkyard. 

At age 13, he moved on from tanks and went on to make an entire fleet of spaceships. 

At age 15, he built military-grade photon lasers in his underground bunker. 

At age 17, he was able to beat the No. 1 strategist of every single galaxy. 

At age 20, a war started over him for his incredible talent in weapons. 

At age 23, he ended that same war with his fleet of spaceships that was piloted by his fans. 

And then during the awarding ceremony where he would be hailed as the universe's hero... 

He died. 

Cause of death? Him slipping on the red carpet of the room and getting his head banged on the marble stairs. 

What happened after that? 

He got reincarnated into a body of a Mechanica which looked exactly like him into a world which was odd, to say the least. 

There was gunfire raging in the east with a Russian holding a vodka bottle while standing on top of a poor man's car. 

A technologically advanced city in the north with some kind of energy field protecting it. 

A fight between two martial artists wearing traditional Chinese clothing with glowing swords and colorful blasts of qi decimating the landscape in the south. 

And a battle between a party of one average-looking young man and 4 other beauties which may or may not have a bushy tail or long ears against a fearsome black dragon while shouting phrases about friendship and love in the west. 

He also ended up getting a 5-year-old that looked similar to him as a daughter. 

Now follow Cole's adventures in a world that's too jumbled up for its own good and fighting against stupid protagonist tropes while he tries to learn how to be a normal doting father. 

Updates everyday 

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