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Chapter 1961: 1961

It was too late for most people to deny such a thing, so how could they admit it?

If he admitted it so readily, they would think that there was something fishy going on .

“Student Jiang, we can actually bring you here . We must have evidence to ask you this . If you still don’t plan to tell me the truth, you might not be able to bear the consequences . “

One of the teachers spoke first to test his background, but unfortunately, Jiang Hao still did not relent .

“I just said that I didn’t plagiarize, and I don’t have the test paper in my hand . These are all results I made myself . “

“Okay, since you said that you made these results yourself, let me ask you a question . Why do you usually score more than 50 points in physics “Why did you suddenly score more than 90 points today? You should know that Chen Shuxin only scored 90 points . She’s usually the best at physics . “

The teacher still didn’t mention Gu Yinshu . After all, this person always scored randomly .

Thinking about it made him feel a little aggrieved . If Gu Yinshu could maintain a good mood every time he took the exam, then he could maintain a good result . Then wouldn’t his reward money be within his reach Unfortunately, he met a physics genius, who was actually a casual little bastard . This made the physics teacher feel resentful .

Unfortunately, he did not dare to call him a genius . After all, he was a genius, and his family matters were not troublesome . If he felt that unless he was tired of living, if that young master got angry, it would be a big deal .

In the end, it was all complaints about not getting the reward money .

The physics teacher was lost in his thoughts when he suddenly saw the teacher waving her hand in front of him . Only then did he regain his senses and cover up his coughing lightly .

“You have to explain this to US clearly . How did you manage to score so high in physics all of a sudden? Furthermore, there were a few questions that were questions that were beyond the syllabus . I didn’t teach them in class because I felt that there wasn’t much meaning in teaching these kinds of questions . Even if you managed to score a few points, you were able to solve these questions that were beyond the syllabus . How could someone like you, who usually scored only 50 points, be able to solve the questions that were beyond the syllabus now? After all, you didn’t even talk about the questions that were beyond the syllabus . Do you think that you can already make a comeback to the heavens “Who would believe such a thing? “

The physics teacher was obviously not a biased person, but he also knew what science was and what convention was . This kind of person simply broke the science .

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At present, with such rapid progress, the only way to break the science was to plagiarize, or to say, to have the original question in hand . Why would there be the original question? That would have a lot to do with the papers stolen by the Political Education Department .

“teacher, can’t I do the questions that are beyond the syllabus correctly How do you know that my ta teacher didn’t teach me Although I usually don’t study seriously, in order to catch up with my studies, my family hired a TA teacher . She has taught and dabbled in these questions for me, so isn’t it normal for me to be able to do it correctly?”

The physics teacher didn’t expect to be choked back by this sentence . For a moment, he didn’t know what to say .

What he said Made Sense . After all, he couldn’t make a conclusion about their family matters . If it was really the TA teacher who had taught him this question, it wasn’t impossible .

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