The Wizard World - Chapter 384

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Chapter 384
Angele had a general idea about his power level after testing his abilities .

Before activating the Talent Abilities, he was one of the strongest rank 2 wizards; however, his power level was close to a rank 4 wizard with the new body .

If Eye Devil and the other lords were the elders with the sealed forms in the Nightmare Realm and they could invade the other realms, they must be much stronger than rank 4 wizards .

Angele recalled the day he attended Eye Devil’s party—the monsters could easily deal more than 1000 degrees of damage and it was terrifying . He needed to advance to the next rank to have such power .

However, those monsters did not activate any of their abilities—the damage came from their force fields .

Angele could not imagine how strong those monsters would be if they actually used their abilities .

He lowered his head and looked at the black armor on his right hand . Angele held his right fist tight, excited for what he achieved . However, he realized he was still very weak when compared to those monsters .

‘I need to become stronger before they found out the truth . ’

Angele stood beside the green river quietly and thought for about half an hour . He turned around and walked to the mansion slowly .

‘I need to solve the problems in the main world first before extracting more ancient bloodlines from the creatures in the Nightmare Realm . ’ There were many things he needed to study, such as the mysterious rune and the magic circle from the tomb .

The wizards in the central continent had no shortcuts to the higher ranks . They had to proceed slowly and steadily; the rare resources would not help them that much .

Angele had the help from Vivian, the biochip, and the ancient bloodlines . However, his progress was still slow .

Extracting the ancient bloodlines and adapting the Talent Abilities that came with the bloodlines was a much better method . Although his appearance would look terrifying, he was walking the same path as the ancient wizards .

In the main world .

In the reading room, rays of golden light shined through the gaps of the curtain .

A man in black robe slowly appeared on the red carpet . It was Angele—he just left the Nightmare Realm .

He was wearing a long black metal robe and he looked just like an ordinary human . Angele checked his clothes, looking a bit confused .

‘My assumption was correct; my bloodline abilities were deactivated after I returned to this world . I can’t activate them and my power level is the same as a strong rank 2 wizard . Also, I can’t even activate my bloodline signets anymore, which means I’m slightly weaker than before . ’

Angele’s brow furrowed as he walked to the windows and dragged the curtain to the side .

He saw two maids and a Knight-level male guard chatting and laughing in the garden . They were hired by Lyn not so long ago; the maids were watering the plants .

The golden sunlight reflected on the surface of the rippling Ness River and there were several white birds slowly circling above the water .

Angele noticed something was going on in the forest on the other side of the river before he closed the curtain .

The width of the Ness River was more than 300 meters . There were several people wearing brown leather armor fighting with two men in black .

Angele rubbed the surface of his nails and started waiting .

Seconds later, he heard the footsteps outside the door .

*Knock Knock*

With a flick of Angele’s finger, the black snake rune disappeared from the surface of the door and the door opened by itself .

Lyn slowly stepped into the room .

"Master, are you looking for me?" The girl spent a long time studying the drugs and plants after she was drugged the last time; she got some decent results, but her outfit was infused with the smell of herbs .

Lyn was wearing the short black skirt and pink tights with a pair of black silky gloves that were covered in mud .

Angele glanced at the girl and questioned, "Playing with your herbs again?"

Lyn nodded slightly . "Yeah, I failed to protect you as a guard the last time and it was you who solved the problem for me . I’m a Watcher but I was ashamed of what I have done . Don’t worry, I won’t be drugged again since my resistance is increased to a very high level, and…"

Lyn nodded slightly . "Yeah, I failed to protect you as a guard the last time and it was you who solved the problem for me . I’m a Watcher but I was ashamed of what I have done . Don’t worry, I won’t be drugged again since my resistance is increased to a very high level, and…"

Angele waved his right hand and stopped Lyn . "Alright, enough . Come here . Do you know what’s going on? It seems like some people are fighting over there . "

Lyn closed the door and walked to Angele . She looked in the direction Angele was pointing at and saw two groups of people fighting .

The three in brown were on the left and the two in black were on the right .

"They’re fighting in Goodnow Family’s territory, but… Well, I think their patrols are fighting with some outsiders," Lyn responded in a light tone .

"Goodnow Family? It’s a small family, right?" Angele had never heard about the family . All the large families had tried to invite him to the parties they held, but only the nobles with high-rank wizards in their families were allowed to send invitation letters to the mansion and he had never gotten anything from the Goodnow Family .

"Yeah, it’s a small family . They don’t even know that you live here and we didn’t tell them anything when we purchased the mansion . The only thing they know was that this place is owned by a large noble family," Lyn quickly responded .

"Is that so?" Angele nodded as he watched the fight . The fight was ending, one was injured and one was killed . They both started retreating and the fire caused by the spells was extinguished by another group of people . However, the traces left by the fight could still be found in the area .

"Send someone to the Goodnow Family and ask the ones that were fighting to come see me," Angele stopped for a second and ordered .

"Do you really want to see them?" Lyn was a bit surprised, but she understood the situation immediately . "Sure, I’ll send someone there now . "

She turned around, left the room, and closed the door .

Angele stood by the window and saw a Knight in black armor jump on the black horse, then start moving to the other side of the Ness River right away .

The horse and the Knight disappeared from Angele’s sight quickly . He knew that it would take at least one day for them to come back .

Angele looked at his left hand—there was an eye-shaped amethyst ring on his middle finger .

He rubbed the surface of the gem .

Blue light shined upon the gem and a ray of blue light was released . The light dropped on the windowsill in front of Angele quietly .

A row of text quickly appeared on the light screen .

A row of text quickly appeared on the light screen .

"This is the intel center, please tell us your question . "

"I want the event log of Elemental Hand," Angele spoke in a deep tone .

"Elemental Hand . Intel Level C . Access Granted . "


Suddenly, rows of information appeared on the light screen, looking like a blue waterfall . There was so much information that it blurred in his sight for a second .

Blue light flashed in front of Angele—he recorded all the information using the biochip .

The information flow stopped after several seconds .

Angele rubbed the gem again and the color of the gem returned to purple .

The blue light screen slowly vanished into the air .

Angele closed his eyes and started thinking .

He filtered the information he acquired from the Dark Wizard Tower’s intel center; two of the messages caught his attention .

The first one was about the Elemental Hand’s army that was led by Vivian .

The first elder of the elder council joined the battle; he assisted Vivian and started pressuring their enemy . The alliance could not handle the pressure and started retreating, including the lords in the Thousand Waterfall City and the storm giant lord .

The second message was about the fairy realm . The portal Angele found the last time was not the only one—there were also several other portals in the Terry River area . Also, some of the wizards from the central continent council already started an investigation . The details of the investigation were not mentioned, but three of the portals had been sealed .

Those were the most important events for the Elemental Hand and it seemed like things were going well for the organization .

Angele started checking the communication runes after reading the messages .

Angele started checking the communication runes after reading the messages .

Vivian sent several messages to Angele, asking him to keep practicing in the mansion; she would test him after the war ended .

Mincola also sent him several messages, saying that he had to stay in his family’s territory for some time .

There were also messages from Seth . Nicole’s situation was getting worse, so Morrian, Milan, and Seth all went to help her .

Angele checked all the messages quickly . He had not visited the Mermaid’s Song for a while as the new department head for the Human Resource Department hadn’t been assigned to the city yet . The elder council had no time to do that during the war, but things were going well for the city . Everything was well-organized by the other assistant .

The department did not need Angele’s help so he decided not to visit the city .

Angele walked to the shelf after checking all the messages . He crouched and dragged a black box out .


The box was unlocked; inside it was a thick black book .

The book was half a meter long and wide . Two silver crescent moons were painted on the cover of the book .

Angele grabbed the book and put it on his knees . He wiped the dust off the cover of the book .

‘The book of communication runes . It has been a while . ’ He shook his head slightly . It seemed like the book reminded him of something .

Angele opened the book and saw communication runes that were in different colors and shapes lined up on the page .

Most of the communication runes were no longer glowing; only a few of them were still surrounded by colorful light .

"So many people have passed away…" Angele sighed with mixed emotions .

Angele recorded all the communication runes he had in the book; the light of the runes would fade after their owners passed away .

Wizards could not store all the communication runes on their nails—that was the reason why the book of communication runes was created . Angele modified his book slightly; every time he received a new communication rune, the rune would be recorded in the book automatically and all the messages would be saved at the same time .

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