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The Wizard World - Chapter 475

Published at 5th of October 2018 08:17:24 PM

Chapter 475
Chapter 475: Refine (2)

Translator: _Leo_ Editor: Kurisu

Two men with white bull-like horns covered their bodies in long white robes .

"What a scene!" The younger man looked at the shadow and sighed .

The other man raised his head . "This is totally different from the energy waves of the abyss… Neil, let's play a trick on him . " He looked at the young one .

"Sure . "

The young man smiled, stepped forward, and raised his right hand . He blew some air onto the palm .


Some white smoke was released from his mouth .

The white smoke expanded and turned into a large ball of white frost smoke, charging at the shadow behind Angele .

The souls in the sky were frozen into ice blocks and started falling . The ice blocks broke into pieces after landing on the ground .

It seemed like the giant scorpion noticed the threat and suddenly straightened its back .


The terrifying voice echoed in the sky, the frost climbed up the surface of the shadow, and was about to turn the shadow into a large ice block .

"I… em YefurKn (I'm the Lord of Terror)!" the strange scorpion shouted; it seemed like the scorpion was speaking an ancient language .


The scorpion's body was surrounded by red flames and the flames melted all the frost .

Angele opened his arms—it felt like he was trying to hug the sky . Rays of white light went through the holes on his faces .

A circle formed by four beads was rotating slowly on top of his head and a ball of red flesh started forming in the center of the circle . The flesh ball was pumping like a heart .

The two white robes' expressions changed after hearing the scorpion's voice and they quickly exchanged eye contact .

"The Dread Aura . . . A Dread Lord that's accepted by the realm power… But this is the southland…" The young man sighed, he sounded surprised, depressed, and excited at the same time .

The old man narrowed his eyes and stepped forward .

"Dread Lord, we apologize for our joke . Please accept our gift," he spoke in a loud voice and threw a thing that looked like an eyeball in the air .


The white eyeball flew into the air and stopped in front of the scorpion's forehead, releasing a large amount of white smoke .

"This is an energy eye we acquired through a trade with someone from the northland . I think it'll help you recover your true form," the old man spoke in a serious tone .

Angele's mind and body all became part of the large scorpion; however, he could not control the scorpion .

It felt like he was dreaming and just following his instinct . Angele did not want to say anything, but the scorpion still opened its mouth . He was accepted by the realm power and just spat out those words .

A warm and gentle aura surrounded the area . It felt like he was embraced by his mother .

Angele recognized the aura immediately—he had used the power of this aura multiple times . It was the power of the nightmare, the realm power of the Nightmare Realm and the strongest plague .

Angele could feel that he was trapped in a closed area . The area was created by white rune circles that looked like mirrors . He could not move at all; it was a strange dimension .

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The rune of the circle looked familiar to him . It was the perfect sign he acquired by mixing the bloodline of the scorpion woman, the Son of Sun, the Single-Eyed Giant, and the bones he found from the remaining of the strong beings .

It was the sign that represented his true form .

"Free yourself… Free yourself…!"

There was a strange voice in Angele's mind that somehow triggered his general instinct . It was a feeling like hunger .

It felt like he should free himself from the struggle .

Countless blue souls merged into the large shadow of the scorpion; however, it was the same as adding water into an endless hole .

Minutes later, he felt that he lost all his strength .

The four beads vanished into the voice and disappeared . The large scorpion shadow bit the smoking eyeball and swallowed it before disappearing into the air .

The white smoke also disappeared from Angele's face slowly; the color of his eyes returned, but his eyeballs looked like two pure rubies that were as deep as the universe .

The woman in black could barely move under the strong pressure; she could finally move again after the scorpion shadow disappeared . She looked at Angele but almost fainted after staring into his eyes .

"Ah, sorry . I'm still trying to get used to it . " Angele blinked his eyes and the strange power disappeared . He handed the red notebook to the woman .

"Thanks for your help, this is a gift . "

The woman in black slowly recovered and grabbed the notebook, but she decided not to look Angele in the eyes anymore .

Angele was not sure what happened .

He followed the instruction of the modified Book of Fear and tried to create his refined true form . Angele thought that he would fail since he needed one more bead, but the realm power of the Nightmare Realm helped him . The realm power gathered the strong souls of this realm and sent them into Angele's true form .

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Angele almost successfully created his refined true form with the sign created by all those bloodlines . The only thing he needed was the bead of terror and he would be able to recreate the refined true form .

The realm power was endless and Angele felt like he could utilize the power if he wanted . He noticed that his true form was different from Eye Devil's true form . He was blessed by the realm and there was no limitation to his power .

Also, he overheard the conversation of the two white robes .

'So that's how it feels like to be a Dread Lord . '

Angele stepped forward and a translucent staircase was created under his feet . The stairs led him straight to Eye Devil's waist .

"Congratulations, Phoenix, you finally recovered your refined true form," Eye Devil spoke .

"I still need a bit more time to recreate my core, but I'm almost there . " Angele smiled . He was not sure how strong he had become, but he was certain that he had passed rank 6 .

He looked at Eye Devil's body and could feel that his refined true form had the similar power level as Eye Devil .

Eye Devil was just slightly stronger than him .

Angele knew that the biochip helped him a lot . He purified the ancient bloodline using the chip and his progression was much faster than others' . There was one disadvantage—Angele's power level was increasing so fast that he had no time to learn to control his new power .

'An unknown power is trying to modify the biochip . Do you want to absorb the power? The success rate is 12 . 54% . ' Zero's voice suddenly echoed in his ears .

'Modify the biochip? Why is the success rate so low?' Angele was a bit surprised . 'Yes, absorb the power . '

'System upgrading…'

Angele looked at Eye Devil after giving the order .

Eye Devil started talking again .

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"The core should not be a problem . You already recovered the refined true form, right?" She emphasized on "refined true form" for some reason .

"Yeah, will this change anything between us?" Angele was interested, he looked at Eye Devil . His power level was very close to Eye Devil and they were speaking at the same level . Angele felt like he had become one of the lords; however, he had the ability to utilize the realm power .

The eyeball at her waist turned to Angele and stared at him .

"You were always lying . I finally saw the truth when you tried to recover your refined true form . " She stopped for a second and continued, "However, no matter how strong you are and who you are, you're already a member of the southland, right?"

"You're right…" Angele recalled the warm and gentle feeling . He knew that the Nightmare Realm had accepted him . The strong bloodlines of the Nightmare Realm eliminated the weak bloodlines of the wizard world and that was the reason why he became a member of the realm .

"We should reintroduce ourselves . " Eye Devil chuckled . "I'm the leader of the eye race, Riva Prato . "

"I'm Phoenix, Angele Fenrir Rio . " Angele thought Eye Devil would try and kill him but it seemed like that would not happen .

The white robes were confused but they did not say anything .

"Lords, if you'll excuse us, we have to leave now . " The old man bowed to Eye Devil and Angele .

"Let us know when the abyss is ready . You won't disappoint me, right?" Eye Devil looked at the two white robes .

"We'll try . " The white robes bowed again, stepped back, and turned into two ice statues .


The two ice statues broke into pieces after the noise . The ice pieces melted and evaporated quickly .

Angele lowered his eyes . "I have something else to take care of and I'll leave the core here . I will absorb some of those souls if you don't mind . "

"For sure . You brought me so many souls . Take as many as you want . " Eye Devil chuckled again . However, the crisp female voice was coming from a large eyeball and it was a bit weird .

Angele smiled and nodded . He pressed on the center of his chest and disappeared into a ball of flames .