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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Crossing over the rapids

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TL: Well, I missed a month . And it’s not an April fool’s chapter .

Sara who fell into the river from her horse and Reidrick who chased and jumped after from behind were promptly swallowed and swept away downstream by the rapid currents .

If they continued to act slovenly, they would reach the waterfalls ahead . If that happened, leaving the Lycanthrope aside, Sara’s body would completely break apart in the plunge basin .

Reidrick who could only rashly think of being at Sara’s side, swam towards the unconscious her and managed to pull on her clothes and went against the current to get her to the riverbank .

He tried to go up to the shore, but it was difficult for him to bring her up in the form of a beast . If he carelessly opened his mouth, Sara might be swept away by the currents .

『It seems Sara is still unconscious . 』

Reidrick returned to his human form while he held on to Sara with his legs . Since he protected her with his naked body, he struck against the river’s rocks . However, since he had an abnormal regeneration as a Lycanthrope, he did not care about a little injury . He carried Sara with his arms and brought her up to the river bank and laid her there .

It seemed like she was feeling hurt by the impact of falling down from the horse, and her face was frowning a little, but she did not wake up .

After confirming that her breath was stable, Reidrick sighed with relief .

[Although it doesn’t seem like she injured her organs, but leaving her like this will be dangerous as her body temperature is taken away . ] (Reidrick)

Her wet platinum blonde hair stuck to her face, and when he felt her cheek that seemed to be void of red, it was cold .

His sopping wet golden hair added great sensuality to his fine naked figure, and he carried the unconscious Sara in his arms, giving his own body warmth to her and walked off quickly .

[I’m certain, that there’s a hut that I used earlier when I went for hunting . ] (Reidrick)

He moved around in the form of a wolf . He knew this place like it was the back of his garden, and continued to advance, reaching his destination before he nearly broke into a run .




That hut was used as a temporary shelter for hunting, so the facilities were not very good . The beds were hard and made of straw, and the installed chairs were made from poor quality wood . However, fortunately, there was a fireplace with extra kindling and means to light a fire .

Reidrick removed Sara’s clothes that had sucked in water and lowered her to the wooden floor in front of the fireplace .

He was nude himself, and the fact that he removed the clothes of the unconscious girl she thought about, it would have been a stimulating situation for the usual him, but as expected the circumstances that she was in now caused his wicked carnal lust to become quiet .

[This poor thing . It must hurt, this wound of yours . ] (Reidrick)

In order not to strain the frowning Sara, he took off her clothes softly and hung them over a chair and table so they were easy to dry . The thick riding clothes were torn in some places, but it seemed like they protected the owner as her body did not have any deep injuries .

Reidrick was almost gentlemanly when he looked at her wounds after removing her clothes . Incidentally, when he removed her underwear, he did so all at once as though he could not resist it, and gulped his saliva . He harshly rebuked himself for that .

He wrapped the naked Sara with a blanket taken from the bed and quickly lit up a fire in the fireplace . Since he joined the knights and participated in their expeditions, he did things that were unrelated to royalty .

It was getting dark outside . He thought that the queen would be making a search party, but searching in the dark was dangerous .

When enough fire was produced, the hut had warmed up somewhat . Reidrick opened up Sara’s blanket and confirmed the locations of the injuries on her and covered her up .

Reidrick placed his own lips over her cold lips that were like pale flower petals . When he thrust his tongue in, the unconscious Sara did not move .

[Sara……] (Reidrick)

Reidrick’s tongue made a squelching sound as it churned up Sara’s mouth . She did not respond, and he toyed with her adorable tongue by entwining it with his own .

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[Sara, Sara, you’re so adorable……] (Reidrick)

The strong body of the nude royal prince, whispered while his golden sexy eyes glistened . He kissed her cheeks and licked all over her face, nuzzling against her neck, and feeling her ears with his lips and sticking out his tongue to taste them…… .

[No, no, wait, me! That’s not what I’m supposed to be doing right! Uuuuu……] (Reidrick)

Reidrick who was sucking on that white neck to leave his mark on her suddenly got up and returned to his senses . He groaned as he pulled himself away from using the muscles in his arms .

[No, I’m trying to heal Sara, not attack her—] (Reidrick)

As a Lycanthrope, it was not just his body that had a high healing factor, his body fluids had the effects of healing too . He could heal small wounds by licking, and even if it was a deep injury, just licking it would heal it . He was like a walking first-aid kit . (TL: Body . Fluids . Hmmm……)

Thus, by licking Sara’s injuries and blows, it would be possible for her to recover at a faster speed . His saliva from his kisses would expedite her physical strength too .

So he began to lick Sara according to his expectations .

[…… As expected, I think there’s a problem with this pose . This is just too much…… It looks like we’re doing it!] (Reidrick)

A man and woman completely naked .

The man was looking like he was raring to go .

Like they were going to have intercourse .

[But, for a man to do something to an unconscious woman in such an outrageous conduct, I can’t do it! T-to, do something like, violate, Sara……] (Reidrick)

If he lifted up that leg just a little, that place that was hot and able to become wet, that place that was there where Reidrick’s thing sought for…… Sara was now unconscious, and there was nothing that could hinder him from burying his excitement in it . And then, violating Sara and making her completely his, and planting his seed into that soft and white abdomen…… .





『Reidrick…… If you do this, I will be making your baby—』(Reidrick’s Delusion)

Sara said shyly in his delusions with a blushing face .

Reidrick was furiously shaking her as he knocked against her waist while grinning indecently .

『Does it feel good, Sara? That’s right, I will shoot into your deepest, deepest place with my seed . 』(Reidrick)

『Aah, nooo, my stomach feels full, if you thrust in so much, I will feel really strange, aaah~』(Reidrick’s Delusion)

Sara’s body was being drilled in by Reidrick like a hammer hitting a wedge, the place where they were joined made obscene splashing sounds and liquid was frothing out . White cloudy liquid was injected inside many times to fill Sara’s depths from his passionate feelings .

『Something hot, is poured, inside my stomach…… Aaah, don’t put so much inside, I’m, ahhh, nooo, coming, coming~~~!』(Reidrick’s Delusion)

Sara’s body curved up while she kept saying no, reaching to a climax and clamped down on his dick while it spurted, as if to squeeze out his seed……



[Graaaawarrrr, n, no, no, no, no, calm down, me! Damn ittt, get a hold of yourself!] (Reidrick)

He pulled his cheeks with all his strength .

[That’s right, what am I doing? I’m healing Sara’s body, yup . I’m not going to think about anything else…… L-licking, and not feeling anything else about Sara, I’m healing her wounds, that’s all there is to it!] (Reidrick)

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Even so, he was irresistibly turned on with overflowing perverted thoughts when he looked at her white skin . He was tempted to stroke that hand’s soft skin, and his lower half was raging and pointing upwards to the sky .

[Am I a beast? No, I’m not . I’m the proud wolf who has inherited the Legendary Golden Wolf Emperor’s blood . I’m not a beast…… Surely…… . Ahhh, what is this torture! I want to do it! Want to do it Saraaaa!] (Reidrick)

His Royal Highness was writhing on the spot as he fought against eating the feast that was inside hell .

Eventually, he drooped his head with rough audible pants .

[…… It’s no good to be in a human form……] (Reidrick)

He said that as he turned into a golden wolf .

[That’s right, I’m an innocent pupp— No, no! I’m a proud wolf! Wolf! Not a puppy! Which is why I have no other intention other than licking Sara . I won’t lick with any wicked thoughts . ] (Reidrick)

He said these words for himself to listen, and the golden wolf’s tongue licked Sara’s whole body evenly all over .

Her whole body was licked .

Her whole body .




As a result of his efforts, Sara’s outer injuries had been completely healed . In addition, thanks to the saliva from his licking (and, a different type of bodily fluids), Sara’s metabolism had been renewed, her body temperature was up, and the color of her cheeks had a red tinge .

[I’m glad . It looks like she’s okay now . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick who had returned to his human-self was hugging Sara’s body as he spoke . As her body’s temperature went up considerably, he moved her from the floor onto the bed, and they laid there covered in a blanket .

He softly sniffed Sara, and the sweet scent that was mingled with his own made him feel satisfied .

Incidentally, because he did not attack her and hugged her instead to confirm her condition was stable, he had to preserve his sanity by exploding himself with his right hand outside the hut .

Do your best, Reidrick’s right hand .

[Really, I was really worried…… You tomboy . ] (Reidrick)

He kissed her forehead .

[Are you trying to shorten your life? Why?] (Reidrick)

Perhaps she was feeling comfortable from being hugged, Sara made an adorable noise with a small smile .

[…… Her face is like a sleeping angel . I wish she would stay in my arms even when she gains consciousness . Hey, Sara? What should I do to get you to like me?] (Reidrick)

Reidrick rubbed his cheeks against Sara’s head . Under the pretense of hugging her, he entwined his body with Sara as much as possible .

[Sara, Sara, I love you . I’m yours, for the rest of my life . I will only love you and keep on loving you, please become mine . ] (Reidrick)

He could not stand it and robbed Sara’s lips .

His manly firm lips pressed against Sara’s soft lips, and thoroughly enjoyed the softness . His tongue licked left and right, thrusting in and tracing every tooth . Eventually, it delved in deeper and wandered into her sensitive mouth .

Reidrick’s hand slid over Sara’s smooth skin and stroked it gently .

[If you reject me, I might stop breathing on the spot . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick sighed as his eyes left the beautiful treasure in his arms .

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[Mmm……] (Sara)

Sara finally woke up the next morning .

Her body was wrapped in something smooth and pleasant .

[…… Eh? I’m naked?] (Sara)

Was the skin-colored thing over her body, a human’s…… arm?

At that moment, there was a flash of gold in front of Sara’s eyes, and she closed her eyes because she felt something of a dazzling blur .

[Hooowl!] (Soru)

A familiar howl came as the thing inside the blanket squirmed out, turning back to Sara’s face to lick it .

[Soru…… I, wonder what happened, hmm . ] (Sara)

Why was she naked, and sleeping next to Soru?

Sara thought with a confused head .

[I was riding on a horse……] (Sara)

Yes, the white horse went on a rampage . Then, she managed to get Elric down from it, but it went charging into the forest and fell over .

[Water…… I think I remember falling into it . ] (Sara)

Did Soru come to help her?

Even though she did not remember it, she somehow reached land, took off her wet clothes, and went to the bed?

[Can such a convenient story happen?] (Sara)

While Sara was tilting her head, Soru brought her dried clothes over .

[Oh, Soru, thank you . You’re such a good boy . ] (Sara)

Sara received the clothes and wore her underwear .

[Since Soru can’t help me take off the clothes, I must have taken it off myself . Is it possible for an unconscious person to do so many things?] (Sara)

Sara rewarded Soru by stroking his neck as she spoke .

[I’m really helped out by Soru . Thank you . ] (Sara)

[Wooooo] (Soru)

The pleasant petting had him go『Yeah, yeah, I, really worked hard!』, and put him in a good mood .




The team found the refreshed Sara, and she rode back to the palace .

[Ahh, Sara! I’m glad you’re safe!] (Queen)

[Esteemed older sister Sara~~~!] (Elric)

The queen who was concerned for Sara the whole night came out to receive her as Sara carried Elric .

[Your Highness, you didn’t receive any injuries right?] (Sara)

[No, I’m alright . I’m fine because of you . I really thank you very much . ] (Elric)

[What words can I use to thank you…… Well, first of all, please have a good rest . Thank you, Sara] (Queen)

[You’re making me feel flustered . Please don’t worry, I don’t have any injuries . Thank you for worrying about me . ] (Sara)

Sara smiled without knowing her injuries had been healed overnight . When she returned, she told her attendants to heat up water so she could enter the bath . After she took off her clothes, she sniffed at her body and frowned .

[…… Eww, there’s some kind of stink . I wonder if there’s some kind of fish stink when I fell into the river . Furthermore……] (TL: Reidrick went off to explode himself; I bet he didn’t wash his hands . Yuck . )

Yesterday, she did not have any consciousness .

She dreamed all night .

And .

[The space between my legs feels so slippery……] (Sara)

Sara’s cheeks were dyed with red as she sank her body into the bath .

[…… Is it because of that dream? How unpleasant, I’m so, indecent… . . ] (Sara)


『Sara, I love you』(?)

In her dreams, someone was whispering to her . He was caressing and crawling all her whole body with his lips .

Yes, even Sara’s embarrassing place .

And that person, that person carefully licked that area in order to continue to have the honey that was spilling out . Bringing the face closer to her embarrassing place and thoroughly have the tongue rolling inside over and over again . Removing the honey every time that leaked out, and licking it over without ever getting tired of it… . .

[Sheesh, have I become so 『frustrated』 that I’m seeing such an outrageous dream?] (Sara)

Sara remembered that feeling, and that embarrassing place somehow itched, and she closed her legs .

That person’s tongue was carefully tormenting her sensitive place, and she was shivering with pleasure in her dreams . And then, there was a lot of shameful liquid that flowed out from that secret place .

『Become mine, Sara . I desire you, would you not give me your heart and body? I’ll love you forever . 』 (?)

That person whose face she did not know was begging Sara .

Sara felt her heart quicken when she recalled it .

[No way, it’s a dream, right? It’s just a dream, there’s no one like that in reality . ] (Sara)