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Published at 23rd of June 2018 07:24:32 AM

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Getting a proposal in the name of a sad story .

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[……I, think I will propose to Sara . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick declared on his seat after a meal, and everyone’s hands stopped]

The cups landing on the saucers made noisy sounds .

[I did not feel alive when I saw Sara fell into the river that day . If she did not exist anymore, I’ll probably won’t be able to continue living . ]

To say such a heavy thing in the refreshing morning, as expected from a man who was experiencing puberty and falling in love for the first time .

However, in the case of Reidrick, with his trained body and golden hair, furthermore, with his sweet sparkling eyes, where everyone would perceive him as a man overflowing with charm, he could make any ridiculous remarks and get away with it .

If it was any other woman other Sara, if she saw his figure she would be felled in a single stroke of his arm . Unfortunately, his only target was not an easy opponent .

In fact, she would shoot him down with ice arrows to the point till he was unable to get up .

Reidrick declared with a brooding face .

[I will use every means to get married to Sara . And then, I’ll live with her my whole life . ]

[Every means, Reidrick…… Fine, but Lady Sara is Elric’s savior . If you do something that’s excessively overboard because you want to desperately get married to her, I won’t forgive you . ] (Queen)

The brooding beautiful figure who was greatly fired up but for some reason excessively scary, got Queen Rosalie to warn him, but Reidrick returned her gaze with a sharp look .

[I will ravish her against her will . ] (Reidrick) (TL: 「それは俺がサラを無理矢理おかし」Not sure if TLed incorrectly, when did he become such a beast lol . )

[Whaaaaa, Reidrick! Watch yourself, you’re in front of a six-year-old child!] (Reidrick’s bro/king)

The king, who was also Reidrick’s brother, covered his unsettling words with a loud voice .

[If esteemed older sister Sara gets married to my uncle, she will stay at the palace right?] (Elric)

The second prince Elric obviously did not understand what his uncle was talking about, but he spoke in a pretty clear voice with shining eyes .

[Yeah . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick replied with a smile that made his eyes squint .

[Then, I can meet up with her any time I want to, wow, that’s delightful!] (Elric)

The innocent Elric went down from his chair and skipped around in happiness .

[I hope sister Sara comes soon, I hope she comes soon~] (Elric)

Sara was a beautiful and gentle goddess to Elric because she helped him from the runaway horse . If she was not his uncle’s sweetheart, he would seriously like her as his bride .

Thus, the wicked adult who was Reidrick entered into his delusion mode with his nephew’s words .

[Oooh, yes, Sara would be near if we get married . I could touch her and hug her and kiss her any time I want and with that, I can remove her clothes wait no I can just lift up her dress without undressing her—] (Reidrick)

Though his eyes were perfectly seated, he muttered as his hands moved restlessly in a lewd manner .

Because he had been waiting every day really hard until he gained permission, his sexual desire had been filled to the brim and had become a creature of obscenity .

[Wahhhhh, Reidrick! Do you know what’s leaking from your own lips? Elric, go back to your room right now . Your uncle, he’s saying too many inappropriate things for a child . ] (King)

Why did his father cry out in such a loud voice? Elric wondered as he left the dining room with his attendants .

[Ahaha, I wish you luck uncle . I too will be bringing my adorable Mianna to the palace . I can kiss her body anytime I want to and rub her till her tears appear as her face becomes red, then reach into her dress where her chest is while Mianna keeps saying, no no~] (Shuudel)

[Stop your delusions!] (Queen)

The queen struck the back of Shuudel’s head with her fan .




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[An important topic— Is it about Soru?] (Sara)

Sara read the letter from Reidrick and tilted her head . He wrote that he would pick up in her room later because he had an important thing to discuss .

She had talked to Reidrick a number of times though it was just limited to Soru . This was the greatest compromise for her who disliked men .

When it came to Reidrick, there was nothing but bad rumors about him . Still, he was a man who had women at any given time, so there was no need for him to woo her at all . Thus her guard was lowered against him as she did not know his true intentions .

[Prince Reidrick is coming . ] (Maid)

[That’s fast!] (Sara)

Sara interrupted the maid without thinking .

[I still have not prepared yet . ] (Sara)

[Sara is always beautiful so it’s fine!] (Reidrick)

A man who could not『stay』entered the room .

[…… Greetings, Prince Reidrick?] (Sara)

[Greetings, my beautiful lady . You are more beautiful than the roses wet in morning dew . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick took her hand quickly and bent over to kiss the back of her hand . As his lips were planted for an excessively long time, she glared at him as he looked up with upturned eyes . Against his sex appeal that was gushing out, she had a fed-up face .

At the moment where his lips left her hand, he licked it with his tongue .

The muscles on the back of her hand spasmed, and she withdrew it as if to snatch it away from him .

[Well then, now that the regular greeting is over, shall we chat while we watch the real roses?] (Reidrick)

Reidrick spoke as though nothing had happened, and Sara wondered if that outrageous behavior was her imagination .

[Then, would you give me your hand?] (Reidrick)

[……] (Sara)

He stretched out his big palm and when her slender fingertips were placed on it, he enveloped her soft and white fingers as if to grab them .

She glared at him reflexively as if to reproach him, but Reidrick’s face came near to her as if he was drawn by her violet eyes, and she turned her eyes away in a panic .

[Sarah, what’s wrong?] (Reidrick)

[N, nothing, nothing is wrong . ] (Sara)

Sara blushed when her ears were suddenly whispered to .

[No way, this voice, it resembles…… . ] (Sara)

There was a sweet voice in her dreams where she was being confessed to when she lost consciousness .


『I love you』


『I desire all of you』


『Would you become mine』

Love was begged passionately as every part of her body was caressed lovingly, that voice did .

Sara became embarrassed when she remembered that, and could not look at his face .

[Is that so? Then let us go . ]


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『My cute Sara, I won’t let you run away—』

Reidrick leaked out a broad, nefarious grin .



[What exactly is the topic? Things regarding about Soru?] (Sara)

Sara hinted that she had no ears for any discussions other than things about Soru .

[……Lady Sara . You probably know about Shuudel’s bride has been decided, right?] (Reidrick)

[Correct . I have heard it from Mianna . ] (Sara)

[Then it means…… You will return to your hometown Irukia soon . ] (Reidrick)

[Yes . ] (Sara)

Reidrick involuntary grasped Sara’s fingers .

[Then have you thought about the feelings of Soru who has been left behind?] (Reidrick)

[Eh? I did,] (Sara)

[Lies, you have not thought about it!] (Reidrick)

Sara flinched at his strong tone that denied her words, but she managed to make a reply .

[That isn’t true . I consider the things about Soru precious—] (Sara)

[No, Lady Sara, you don’t understand . ] (Reidrick)

He spoke with desperation and a completely broken tone .

[Soru, he knows the pleasure that you give to him . He’s no longer the former Soru . He knows the pleasure around his neck, being rubbed softly on his paws, and the stroking on his body and being sniffed at the stomach……] (Reidrick)


『Eh? T-that’s detailed……』


Was that how a typical master care for their dog?

Or, did Prince Reidrick do the same thing like sniffing Soru’s stomach?

Sara imagined Reidrick burying his face in Soru’s fluffy stomach, but she ended up remarking to herself 『Something feels wrong about it……』

[Soru has been treated so affectionately by you, that his heart and body have been entrusted to you . If you’re going to disappear of all of a sudden……] (Reidrick)

Reidrick’s face was distorted with pain .

[He would be, searching for you . The lady with gentle hands who hugged him and gave him love for the first time, who gave him a name and called out sweetly to him, holding and rubbing her cheeks against him . He would be wondering where you would be, where you’re hiding and searching for you while pacing up and down—] (Reidrick)

[Stop……] (Sara)

Sara could imagine the golden wolf’s figure crying with sad eyes, and frantically searching for her in the room where she used to stay . Her chest hurt terribly .

[Where have you gone? Why did the person who was nice to me disappear?] (Reidrick)

[Stop, please, that’s enough!] (Sara)

[Did she leave for the night, and will return tomorrow, or perhaps she will never return—] (Reidrick)

[Stop, please I told you to stop!] (Sara)

[He will search for your scent in the palace, in the forest, the river’s downstream—] (Reidrick)

[Stop, stop, stop—] (Sara)

[That lady would surely come out to meet and rescue me when I’m in a pinch with pained eyes—] (Reidrick)

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[No, cut it out!] (Sara)

[It couldn’t be that she abandoned me, right? Even so, I have to find her with every effort I could muster, but even then I couldn’t find her, and still I search while crying—] (Reidrick)

[No, shut up!] (Sara)

[Searching for her with even stopping to eat, finally, I reached my limits…… The wolf that could only think about Sara…… his body becomes cold…… and his final thoughts are about how he met Sara for the first time and the things that she did with him……] (Reidrick)

[Noooooo!] (Sara)

Sara cried as she collapsed to the ground .

Because she covered her face as she wept, she did not notice that tears were gathering in Reidrick’s eyes .

[Soru…… Soru… . . ] (Sara)

[A pitiful wolf… . . He never suspected that he would be thrown away and left alone……] (Reidrick)

[No! I didn’t abandon him!] (Sara)

[Then, are you leaving?] (Reidrick)

[…… I will bring Soru with me . I will take care of him my whole life . I will definitely give him a happy life in Irukia . There are forests too, and he can run freely and live—] (Sara)

[Unfortunately, Soru cannot leave this place . He cannot leave me . ] (Reidrick)

[Why? Why can’t he do that?] (Sara)

[Ahh, why indeed . ] (Reidrick)

[Then, Reidrick can come to me to Irukia-] (Sara)

[Are you really saying that? Should I leave the kingdom’s defense behind? Run away from the responsibilities of the royal family’s works?] (Reidrick)

[…… Then…… What should I do? I can’t do this to that child…… I can’t… . . ] (Sara)

Sara’s tears were spilling from her purple eyes .

[It would fine if Sara stays here forever . ] (Reidrick)

[…… Me staying here? How?] (Sara)

By working in the palace?

[Are you going to introduce me to work? Ahh, do you mean I should join the knights?] (Sara)

Sara was more than qualified .

But as expected, that was definitely not going to happen with Reidrick .

[There’s a better way . Marry me . ] (Reidrick)

[…… Eh?] (Sara)

Sara stood up and looked up blankly at the tall Reidrick’s face when she heard that unexpected answer .

Even though he wanted to just kiss the excessively adorable Sara, he endured it and continued his words .

[Once you get married to me, you would be able to get close to Soru all the time . In addition, it’s a good story for the Griosta family to be tied with the royal family, and the Endaria Kingdom’s royal family would be thankful if the ties with the Griosta borders are strengthened . How about it?] (Reidrick)

[…… Erm, this conversation is going so fast… . . I……] (Sara)

[Sara is 18 right? It’s not surprising if there’s talk of a political marriage with a noble from somewhere anytime soon . There’s a little difference in age since I’m 29, but it’s not to an extent where it’s strange . ] (Reidrick)

[Yes…… but-] (Sara)

[Are you uneasy over my bad rumors? But I’m still a member of the royal family, and I won’t make an insincere act of playing around when it comes to taking a wife . I swear I will become a husband who will settle down…… Hmm? What’s with that eyes?] (Reidrick)

Reidrick was flustered to see the pair of eyes looking at him with full of disbelief .

[Are you really telling me this? Prince Reidrick, are you not going to the place of some aristocrat’s daughter every night?] (Sara)

[N, no! That’s a misunderstanding! I’m not doing anything that would make for a guilty conscience! That’s the truth!] (Reidrick)

[That’s fine, I’m not criticizing prince Reidrick . It’s fine so you don’t have to make up a lie like that since you have become what your reputation is . ] (Sara)

[I haven’t slept with anyone since the selection of the brides! …… Ah…… . . ] (Reidrick)

[Erm……] (Sara)

[No, that…… I did not do that, okay?] (Reidrick)

His formal declaration of abstinence made their eyes wander as they wondered what to do in this uncomfortable atmosphere .

[Well, regardless of that, I want you to believe that I won’t do dishonest things that would upset my wife…… How about it? Erm, Sara, it can’t be helped if you can’t accept me no matter what…… Maybe it’s because of a psychological problem…… Like I’m not good-looking…… . or I’m much too old… . . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick teared up gradually while he spoke . He was becoming considerably unsure of himself .

[Erm, I will work very hard to try and do something in order to make Sara’s wishes to come true . Would you please, by all means, marry me?] (Reidrick)


『Eh? What? What is this? This is Endaria’s number one lady-killer, who’s incredibly confident in front of women…… . Right?』(Sara)

Reidrick looked like a dejected dog in her eyes .

[No? Is it a no? Can’t it be me?] (Reidrick)

She could see nothing but a dog in front of her .

[Sara? How about it? C-can you give me a good reply… . . Sara?] (Reidrick)

And thus, Sara who was weak against animals .

She sighed and spoke .

[If you are fine with me, I accept your words… . . Kyaaa!] (Sara)

[Alright! You mean it right! You’re marrying me, I get it, I get it okay! You’re staying with me for life, erm, along with Soru! You won’t leave me, and Soru! I will make you happy, along with Soru!] (Reidrick)

[Prince Reidrick! Please stop this! Why are you running around!?] (Sara)

[Hahahaha, maybe it’s instinct?] (Reidrick)

[What do you mean by instinct, please stop this!] (Sara)

It was a dog’s instinct .

[Hahahaha, I’m marrying Sara!] (Reidrick)

[My eyes, my eyes are spinning, I feel… . . ]

Sara was feeling faint, and Reidrick stopped running in a hurry .

[Sorry, sorry! I was a little too excited . ] (Reidrick)

[It’s…… fine……] (Sara)

Sara who being carried like a princess leaned her body against Reidrick, and she thought that he was being affectionate to Soru as she could smell Soru’s scent on him .

[I’ll report to my older brother soon . The engagement announcement must be prepared . ] (Reidrick)

He kissed Sara’s lips .

And she stiffened of all a sudden .

[Wha… . ] (Sara)

[No worries, Soru is also delighted . I’m glad it turned out this way . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick was so delighted that Sara accepted his proposal that he forgot the most important of telling Sara that he loved her; he was such a blundering goofball .

(TL: 残念なレイドリックであった。 Zannen 残念, the slang meaning is applied here . “He was really a too-bad-bro-you-nearly-got-it Reidrick” or “Reidrick with this unfortunate boo-boo otherwise kinda perfect move?”, or similar sentiments . )

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