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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – The proud wolf on that day

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[Gah–, nothing is working!]

It was His Highness Prince Reidrick from the Endaria Kingdom, making a savage groan while pouring cold water over his head .

He carried the blood of the legendary Golden Wolf Emperor and had a very rare genetic make-up that allowed him to change into a complete wolf . He had a wild side in various aspects coupled together with an adult’s appeal . He also had a beautiful appearance with overflowing pheromones, and many ladies were said to gush over him .

And the him right now, was in a rare state where he had fallen in love for the first time at the age of 29 .

Until now his burning sexual desire was resolved without issues as there were many ladies who fell in love with him, however, because he fell in love there was only one woman he wanted .

As a male wolf who found his mate, he could not do something like sleeping with another woman since it felt being unfaithful .

Yet .

In the presence of a pure and proper love, the outrageous animal-like desires could not be dismissed like a convenient story .

Rather, the lovesickness, affection, and carnal desires were having an equal three-way struggle, and it was beyond his control to control his lower half which had become like a condition like a runaway horse .

When he got up in the morning, he had a strong lust to want to dive deeply into his beloved person . He abruptly got up and held his ‘sword’ that had hardened completely . He began to use his right hand in order to deceive it and expel the energy that could not go where it wanted to .

[The heat that remains in my body feels like it’s scorching me……]

The common lust from puberty filled him up over and over without mercy and pursued him to the point where he could not do anything . Thus, that true instinct of a living creature chased him with the thoughts of『havesex~havesex~havesex~havesex~』in order to leave behind offsprings with his adorable mate .

In that aspect, the only thing he could only try to do was exhaust his extraordinary physical strength earnestly . Even though he carried the infamy of a womanizer, he was really a faithful man who would carefully treat the person he fell in love with great sincerity . It was unthinkable to allow desire to rob his body against his will .

However, today’s training grounds could not be used due to repairs, and the knights were waiting in their own homes .

As far as it was concerned, this member of the knights who had a nickname of the devil who always trained, was unable to release his desires through this (extremely troublesome) method by knocking people down .

His childhood friend Kite who was good at socializing was very unlikely to become his sword partner since he was spending time slowly with his pregnant wife .

Reidrick was supposed to have finished ‘doing that’ a while ago, but his wild virility had once again made his thing stand up again . He sighed severely when he was unable to get out of the bath yet .

[Ahh, Sara, I really want you to become mine . Sticking close to my cute Sara’s naked body and licking all over her body while looking and touching her sensitive areas……]

And he lost himself in the delusions entirely while grabbing that splendid part of his .

[Since I will injure Sara’s narrow and small secret garden if I put it in suddenly, I will lick around the sides a little in the beginning, then thrust into shy Sara’s unprepared place and twist around with my tongue over and over, then knead on that exposed sensitive bead with the tip of my tongue and suck on it while I’m at it, I’ll then insert my finger in there and slowly move in and out, and once it gets wet I’ll increase my fingers to three . I’ll slowly churn it up well, then I’ll push my thing against it, and finally my thing that has been waiting for so long will be able to move in obscenely with a sound bit by bit, and everything will be crammed into that small crevice with no room to spare, Sara’s crimson face with her agonizing body writhing while her lips are tightly shut, and I’ll play with the pink tips of her chest, then I’ll plunge my thing inside her again and again—]

It was truly a wonderful plan that made use of his experience .

As expected of the delusion that had Sara partaking in it .

However, during today’s delusion…… .

[Inside, inside, inside, ahhh, Sara, Sara, urgh!!!]

Reidrick finished halfway before his plan was done .      (TL: The level of humiliation is over 9000!)



Reidrick felt that his second challenge at relieving himself was still insufficient, so he went running around the daytime near the palace in his wolf form . If he moved his body, his desire would be dispelled a little .

If he went out to meet Sara just like that, he was worried that he would bring her to a room and push her down and forcibly take her . With that behavior, even if the deed was done, he would never get Sara’s body and mind in the future .

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To Reidrick, as a result of his recent efforts, he had finally gotten to talk with Sara, although it was just limited to Sol . He wanted to shorten the distance between them without showing that he was burning with desire .

Thus, the changed wolf went out and started heading to the forest, though—

『Before that, I want to glance at Sara’s lovable figure . 』

It was his failure to think about his lady .



[Oh, isn’t this Soru puppy! Is it okay? To be here even though it’s in the day-time . ]

『Waaaaah I got seen!』

The daunted wolf showed his surprised back .

Even though he was looking at Sara stealthily from the shades, the latter had spent a long time hunting the magical creatures breeding at the borders, and instantly noticed Reidrick’s figure .

Sara who had been strolling in the garden, half-ran out towards Soru and clung to Soru’s neck tightly .

[Soru, let me stroke your fur today too . diligently

While Sara rubbed her face against his neck with pleasure to feel his soft fur, Reidrick was shaking his tail furiously before he realized it .

『Sara, Sara, you’re cute today too, you smell nice, I love you love you Sara~~~!』

And his thoughts were that of a dog .

He whined as Sara stroked him .

[According to His Highness Prince Reidrick, you shouldn’t go under the gazes of other people? Why is that, and does Prince Reidrick know that you’re here?]

『Of course, because I’m Reidrick! Oooh, call me by name one more time Sara! Hurry! Hurry!』

Sara stroked him with a ‘good boy, good boy’, as the excited wolf huffed and puffed .

[I’m troubled hmm, what should I do…… Should I bring you to His Highness? But you might be seen by others . Hmm—]

Reidrck was delighted from having his fur stroked by a satisfied hand, and became nothing but a stupid dog shaking his tail, panting with a sluttish face . Incidentally, he was unable to think of difficult thoughts .

[I guess I should hide you in my room…… Ah, someone’s coming!]

Sara got up .

She was alert to people’s presence and noticed someone walking to the garden .

[What should I do, I must hide Soru! Hmm… . . Right, you can come in here . You’re fine with it right, 『wait』 here okay?]

After saying that, Sara lifted up her skirt’s hems .

Reidrick had stiffened up when he heard 『wait』 .

『Eh? Eh? No, wait, you wait, Sara, EHHHHHHHHHHH!?』

[Alright? You must not move from here okay—]

[Woahhhhhhh, it’s such a wonderfulllllll scenttttt!]

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Sara was lifting up her skirt to a perverted male who was horny for her, and of all things, it ended up with him entering her skirt .




[Huh, Lady Sara! My greetings!]

An energetic voice called out to her, and it belonged to Kite who was always flirting with his wife .

[…… My greetings . ]

Sara knew him as the knight who was often with Reidrick and greeted back politely with an expressionless face .

[Has Lady Sara come to see the roses? I came to get a few roses which have the fragrance that my wife loves . With pleasant scents and music, the baby in my wife will also relax . Ah, my wife will give birth to our child soon-]

Kite who was proud of his baby did not mind what the other person thought and smiled with a ‘ehehe‘ as he spoke .

[Oh, is that so . Congratulations . ]

[Thank you very much! Does Lady Sara likes babies too?]

[Yes, I like them very much . ]

The ice-like expression was melting a little .

[If you are going to stay a little longer, it would be fine if you come to see the born baby . My wife’s a female knight, but because she’s an open-hearted person she has a lot of friends, and I’m sure Lady Sara would get along with her . Lady Sara is good with the bow right?]

[Yes, you know quite well, hmm . ]

[That’s really because of the rumors . ]

Perhaps it was because he was a married man, women were not really guarded against him and the rumors entered into his ears . It was especially so since his childhood friend had fallen in love with Lady Sara, and so he paid more attention to things concerning her .

[Well, I will certainly meet with your wife……]

Sara’s body trembled .

[Lady Sara, what’s wrong?]

[N, no, erm, I suddenly had a hiccup……]

Sara covered her lips and her face turned red .



Sara’s strange behavior was, of course, not due to hiccups .

[Woaaaaaah, is this heaven, or is this a hell’s trial!?]

He was in the dark skirt and the sexy smell of the person he was fond of entered his nose .

Reidrick was sitting down behind Sara’s legs, and was『waiting』 there .

Just behind her legs!

In front of Reidrick’s eyes were exposed bare legs with smooth white skin, and that sleek skin was saying nothing but 『lick me』 .

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『Ah…… If I just stretch out my tongue a little, Sara’s leg will…… furthermore, since her conversation partner is Kite, I can clear things up with him later on…… Just a little, Sara, just a little……』

The good wolf Reidrick sat there『waiting』 while he stretched out his tongue and licked Sara’s leg from the bottom to the top . Sara’s body involuntarily shook from the rough tongue of the wolf licking her skin .

[Oh…… How can this be so delicious……]

Reidrick completely lost himself .

He licked Sara’s legs over and over again, till they were glistening as a result of the wolf’s saliva coating them, and licks were continued to be given .

Sara leaked out a small [Hauu] from her lips and covered her lips, desperately enduring and not giving in to the naughty mischief .

[Lady Sara? What’s wrong? Do you feel unwell?]

[Eeek, n, n, no,]

Her voice jumped up . Her face was completely red and there were tears in her eyes . If Kite was not someone completely in his wife, it would have been an appearance that would stoke the flames of desire .

『Delicious, tasty, Sara, Sara, gaaaaaaah!』

Reidrick suddenly thrust his face into upwards, and reached into Sara’s important place with the tip of his nose and thrust it in .


Sara’s violet eyes widened and somehow managed to prevent her body from collapsing over . If she moved from the spot, it might expose the wolf .

Nevertheless, why did Soru had to act so badly at this time!?

Thus, Reidrick became excited .

There was an underwear across Sara’s secret garden where he had made delusions dilligently every day .

He breathed in with all his heart .

Ahh, what a sweet scent!

He grinded and rubbed the tip of his nose against it .

Every time he rubbed against it, the moisture increased bit by bit .

Let out more, Sara, more!

He relentlessly tortured the hole that was starting to leak out the secret dew .

Sara’s underwear was starting to be covered with fluid .

Reidrick extended his tongue and licked Sara’s taste from the top of the fabric .

『The cloth is a hindrance! Should I tear it off with my fangs?』

He ripped it, then licked with everything he had and thrust it in with his tongue……



There was clearly something strange with Sara’s behavior and Kite tilted his head, spotting Sara’s dress to be shaking unnaturally .

When he looked at it, he saw something that was somehow familiar as it fluttered in and out of sight .

『Erm…… Isn’t that Reidrick’s tail!』

Yes, while he『waited』, his excited tail was shaking violently and could be seen from the hem of the dress .

Kite noticed that his childhood friend was doing something bad in Sara’s dress .

『Erotic! Reidrick, this is too erotic! And you’re a pervert! Just what are you doing slipping into a girl’s dress!』

Kite spoke to the poor victim who was squirming with tears in her eyes .

[Well, I will excuse myself, so it’s good if Lady Sara rests a little! I’ll see you again!]

He said in a loud voice and Kite ran away from the place with a few roses .

『I always thought he was a bad person for having no self-control to the ladies, but to do such a thing to a serious girl like her, you’re seriously bad, Reidrick! You’re a pervert!』

Because of the things progressing to such a state, he had to report to the queen, and he sympathized with Sara . (TL: 事と次第によっては、王妃にチクるのもありだな、とサラに同情するカイトだった。Not sure if TLed right . )


『Into this hole into this hole my weiner my weiner my weiner』

Reidrick who was in an excited state and was licking Sara’s important place noticed that the outside world that was closed by the dress was suddenly lifted .

While his stuck-out tongue was continuing its sticking out movements, he saw Sara’s face and became afraid .

『Ah…… Uh…… That…… . That is』

If the wolf had sweat glands, then his back would probably be streaming down cold sweat .

Sara had a deeply flushed face and tears in her eyes, and she was glaring at Reidrick with a gaze that would strike fear into his heart .

[…… . Soru…… . ]

TrembleTrembleTrembleTrembleTrembleTremble .

Life or energy was leaking out from Reidrick’s body .

[Soru, you idiotttt! I don’t know you anymore!]

Sara yelled and made an extreme dash and left the area .


『…… This is…… Very……』

Reidrick who did not have his 『wait』 command released and simply waited there, feeling his crotch shrank in fear .




That night, on Sara’s balcony .

『I’m really sorry, I apologize, I won’t do it a second time, I’m reflecting, so open this pleaseeeee, Saraaaa, forgive me, Saraaaa!』

A golden wolf was showing his belly as his front paws were going pitter-patter against the window and knocked on it for a night .