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Chapter 117
Otomege Volume 4 Chapter 7


Chapter 7 – The Descendants of Adventurers


Part 1

A packet from Leon arrived to the academy in Hohlfahrt Kingdom .

The recipients for it were Ange and Livia .

「That Leon, just when I wondered why he didn’t contact us for a while, he sent us souvenir like this instead . 」

When they happily opened the box, they found things like tea leaves  or female-oriented products . It was just like Leon to send them this  kind of things .

There were also letters inside . Livia got surprised when she read the letter for her .

「Ange, it looks like Leon-san got into trouble there . He wrote that  he wanted us to hand his letter to his majesty and the queen!」


Ange read the letter too . There were a few words about how he loves  the two of them before he wrote about there was a problem occurring in  the commonwealth .

In order to deal with the problem, the letter asked them to hand some letters to Roland and Mylene .

Creare was floating inside the room looking lonely . Ange turned her gaze toward it .

『──There is no souvenir for me . Even though I’ve been working so hard for master’s sake . 』

「Creare, have you heard anything? Previously Leon would contact us with mail through you, why didn’t he do so this time?」

『There is no word from Luxion so I also don’t know . Perhaps something happened?』

Ange placed her hand on her mouth and fell into thought .

「Something happened? What’s the reason Leon intentionally wrote two  letters like this? I’m also curious why he isn’t giving us any more  explanation . 」

Livia took the letters inside the packet with a troubled look .

「Should we read them?」

「I want to, but Leon intentionally prepared them separately . There  must be meaning in it . I will deliver these letters right away . 」

Creare was spinning around in the air .

『H~m, I wonder? This is master we’re talking about, so perhaps there  isn’t any deep meaning to it . Surely master separated the letters into  one that is full of complaints to Roland while the other is a love  letter to Mylene where master is trying to act cool . 』

Expression vanished from Livia’s face while she looked at the two letters .

「That’ll be a bit problematic if that’s the case . 」

Ange laughed .

「I’ll want to praise him instead if he has the guts to write a love  letter to the queen while he already has two fiancées . What’s more he is  asking me to be the one delivering that letter . ──That’s very  promising . 」

She was laughing, but she was making a face that showed how she absolutely wasn’t amused at all in the inside .

Creare tried to defend Leon a bit .

『It’s impossible for that indecisive master to do something like  that . In any case, perhaps I also should make some preparations just in  case something happens over there . 』

「What do you mean by preparations?」

Livia asked . Creare answered her in delight .

『Do you want to know? Then I’ll tell you . Actually there are these  spare parts for master’s Einhorn lying around . They can be used to  create a second ship . The second ship of Einhorn class──let’s see,  should I call it Licorne? Also, actually there is this interesting  device among the things we collected . I want to install it into the  airship too . 』

「I, is that so?」

Livia couldn’t follow what Creare was talking about so happily . After  Creare finished talking, Livia handed the two letters to Ange .

「Let’s send them quickly . ──I hope nothing bad happens to Leon . 」


Part 2

I think the packet that I sent to the kingdom should have arrived around this time .

As for me, I was taking several days off from the academy .

I had no interest to go there just to get bullied . The academy also wasn’t saying anything to me .

I came to Marie’s mansion in one of those days off and talked with Brad .

「Sorry . I’ve caused you a lot of trouble . 」

「You’re recovering quickly for someone so heavily injured . 」

「This is thanks to Marie healing me every night . I feel bad for everyone, but this is what they called side benefit . 」

「I don’t want to hear you going on about your love affair . 」

「Oh, that’s too bad . 」

He must be feeling better already if he could make this kind of talk, but his current condition still cut a sorry figure .

According to Marie, 「It was really dangerous . He only barely made it even with my healing magic」 .

It made it clear just how merciless Pierre and his gang were .

「──Brad, are the guys who did this to you strong?」

When I broached the main topic, Brad made a slightly troubled face .

「If I can be honest, I thought they were weak at first . They were  weaker than even me in close-quarter combat, and even their skill in  magic was crude . I thought that there is no way I’ll lose to them . 」

Brad’s specialty wasn’t in close-quarter combat . He was weaker than even me in that .

For them to be even weaker than Brad, was the nobles of Alzer alright?

「They used magic in the middle, so I also used magic back . But midway I became unable to use magic . 」

「You couldn’t use magic? It wasn’t because of a blunder in your part?」

「It felt like the magic reaction was suddenly gone . Even though the  magic should activate without problem, at that time it felt like  something forcefully stopped the process . In exchange the power from the  magic of that guy called Pierre shot through the roof . He freely  controlled plants that grew out from the ground . If he is a magician  than he is very high leveled, but he didn’t look anything like that from  his appearance . It was really puzzling . 」

「Was his right hand glowing?」

「Right hand? Now that you mentioned it, there was some kind of  glowing crest on his hand . It didn’t look like magic circle but──as I  thought, is there some kind of secret there?」

Brad didn’t seem to know about the divine protection of the sacred tree .

「I see . Well, I’m glad I can ask you about all these . For now just focus on getting better . 」

「Bartfalt──are you perhaps, scheming something?」

Brad asked me just when I was about to leave the room .

「Why do you think that?」

「It’s not like you to just accept this situation and stay quiet . If  you’re really planning something, then the only thing I can say is that I  have this feeling that they are still hiding something . 」

「──I’ll be careful . Get better quickly . 」

When I left the room, there was Marie standing in the corridor hugging a single notebook .


Part 3

Marie got dark circles under her eyes . She handed me a single notebook .

It seemed she was writing in this notebook for the whole night . After  handing the book to me, Marie talked without looking at my face .

「I-I wrote everything that I can remember into that notebook . 」

I wanted to tell her that she should work this hard right from the  start, but I found several interesting information when I took a brief  look at the book .

「──Seems like you’ve been working hard . 」

「I did my best!」

There was a lot of information here compared to before we arrived in  Alzer . Looked like she went all out to make an appeal that she was doing  her best .

For example, there was information regarding the oath to the sacred tree .

By swearing an oath to the sacred tree, one could draw out more power than usual from the sacred tree .

The practical application of that was for something like the unreasonable duel that Pierre forced on Marie and others .

And then the notebook also mentioned about the crests that the sacred tree bestowed .

The guardian’s crest was the strongest, followed by the priestess . Then below them was the crest of the six great nobles .

The note kept mentioning other crests below that . The status of these  crests also influenced the standing of the nobles that had them .

They were nobles because the sacred tree recognized them──it was really easy to understand .

「──There are interesting information here . 」

There was also information that could be used for taking revenge to Pierre written here .

「B-big bro, what are you going to do now?」

Marie asked me anxiously, so I answered her with a smile .

I teased her too much that she became this fearful now, so I tried to reassure her .

「What am I going to do? That’s obvious . I’ll make Pierre pay . I’ll  also need to teach Alzer their place while I’m at it . I’ll tell them  firmly, don’t keep getting cocky . 」

I couldn’t just run away home like this .

After all the danger to the world was still remaining as before .

But, even though I was trying to reassure her, Marie was starting to tremble fiercely instead .

Tears gathered in her eyes and she kept repeating 「I’m sorry . I’m sorry . I’m sorry」 .

──Why is she reacting like this!?

Julius saw Marie trembling in front of me and ran toward us .

「Marie, are you alright!?」

「So you show up, you stupid prince . 」

After I said that with a weary expression, Julius pulled Marie to behind him .

「Bartfalt, certainly this situation is also our responsibility . But,  stop cornering Marie like this! If you have something to say then say it  to me!」

What a manly prince .

If I was a girl then surely my heart would throb──no, I guess it wouldn’t .

「I see . Then I shall ask you to work . 」


Next it was Jilk who showed up .

「Your highness! Marie-san too, both of you are safe!」

「Yosh, you come too green head . 」


After that Chris who didn’t wear anything above his waist peered into the corridor curiously after hearing the commotion .

He was sweaty . Perhaps he had just been practicing swinging .

「What is going on?」

I looked at Chris while thinking which would be better, Greg or him .

I concluded to leave Greg behind because he wasn’t here anyway .

「Yosh, I’ll take you too blue head . Marie, I’ll borrow these three . 」

After I said that, the three of them spoke angrily「Just what are you  talking about!?」, but Marie nodded . She looked like she didn’t mind if  that was all I’m asking .

「I don’t mind but, what are you going to do?」


I ignored the shocked trio and tapped the rolled up notebook on my shoulder .

「I’m going to raid the commonwealth’s dungeon . It’s treasure hunt . 」

Marie’s eyes brightened when I said that .


Julius and others also had the same reaction .

Even rotten like this, they were still descendants of adventurers .

Their mood brightened when they heard the word treasure and they looked excited .

「I don’t know what you’re planning but, there’s no way I can’t just stay quiet after hearing the word treasure . 」

「Your highness, let’s quickly prepare . 」

Jilk was also looking really motivated unlike just now .

Even Chris looked like a kid before an outing .

「I’ll prepare the sword I have been keeping in secret . Bartfalt, when will we depart?」

──These guys are looking excited . I envy them .

「Wait for a bit . I’ll make some preparation in the academy . I also want to secure a guide for us from there . 」

Marie tilted her head and asked me .


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「There is this teacher who is an expert of Alzer’s dungeon right?」


Part 4

When I came to the academy after not coming for several days, the  students and even the teachers looked shocked before they averted their  gazes from me .

I understood well that the six great nobles were holding great influence in the academy .

Because of that I was walking right in the middle of the corridor .

Everyone on my way stepped aside and opened the path . It made me felt a bit better .

「Now then, where is this Mr . Narcisse?」

My objective for coming to the academy was to make a request to Mr . Narcisse .

Narcisse was a capture target in the second game and the only teacher among the targets .

He was a teacher who loved to investigate dungeons and ruins . In the academy he had a class that put importance in field work .

The class was an optional special class . The person was more of a scholar than a teacher .

He wanted to live as an archeologist, but he was unable to live freely because he came from the six great nobles .

He was also a teacher who gave his help to the main character in that game .

Then I should ask him to help me .

I was walking toward the special classroom . Midway I accidentally came across Louise-san .


I waved my hand to the surprised Louise-san .

「Long time no see . It was a disaster~, my airship got taken by Pierre . 」

After I said that casually without much seriousness in my tone, Louise-san’s gaze turned sharp .

「──Come over here . 」

She grabbed my arm and led me to an empty classroom .

「Just what happened? I wanted to ask about the story in detail, but  none of you came to the academy . In addition even Noelle stopped coming .  Are these two things related?」

Louise-san asked me for explanation, so I explained it simply .

「That scum Pierre stole my ship using this oath to the sacred tree  thing . As for Noelle, apparently Loic came to her bringing a collar and  blabbered about love or whatever, so she took refuge in my house . 」

Louise-san looked somewhat relieved knowing that Noelle was alright .

「I see──then, I’ll talk to father . Just leave these matters of Noelle and Loic to me . 」

This villainess was more caring than I thought .

Setting that aside .

「Please don’t . As things are we will keep getting underestimated .  Even though I look like this I’m the hero of the kingdom, while Brad who  was injured is the former heir of a prestigious noble house in the  kingdom . ──There is also the former crown prince among the people who  got marked with the crest among their neck by that scum Pierre . 」

When I remembered the crest collar that was engraved on Marie’s neck──I felt irritated .

Louise-san’s expression stiffened slightly .

「──I understand your feeling . But Pierre is also from the six great nobles . He isn’t an opponent that you can win against . 」

I listed a lot of reasons, but to be honest not one of them was my true reason .

「Let me rephrase it . I can’t forgive that bastard for picking a fight  with me . That’s why I’ll make him go through something horrible . To do  that, can you help me a little?」

I tried asking because I got nothing to lose, but Louise-san unexpectedly agreed after worrying for a while .

「──I wish that you won’t do anything dangerous though . 」

「I’m used with fighting even though I look like this . 」

「──I see . Then, what do you want me to help with?」

「Please introduce me to someone . Also──」

Louise-san looked really surprised when she heard my second request .


Part 5

I was shown to the building where the special classroom was located .

There, I found teacher Narcisse Calse Granze sleeping on a sofa inside a place that seemed to be a preparation room .

The preparation room was largely crammed with documents . There were few places to step on .

Louise-san who brought me here looked exasperated and knocked the door loudly to wake up Mr . Narcisse .

「Are you awake, Mr . Narcisse . 」

Mr . Narcisse sat up hearing that sound . His hair style was a simple one where his gray hair was left to flow behind .

He got stubble on his face while his shirt was wrinkled and stained .

He was tall and slender but with muscles on his body .

His appearance was a bit worn out, but this teacher was handsome enough .

He put on the glasses that was placed on the low table before looking our way .

「Oh, Louise . It’s unusual for you to come to this kind of place . 」

The two of them were apparently acquainted .

「I came bringing a guest today . 」

「A guest for me?」

I greeted Mr . Narcisse .

「Nice to meet you . I am Leon, an overseas student . Mr . Narcisse, actually I wish to consult you about dungeon──」

Mr . Narcisse suddenly got up from the sofa while I was talking and hugged me .

「I’ve been waiting, adventurer!」

「Ha? Eh?」

Mr . Narcisse who was reeking of alcohol strongly hugged me while I was in confusion .

Louise-san forcefully separated me away from Mr . Narcisse .

「Narcisse, what are you doing!?」

Louise-san stopped treating him like a teacher, but Mr . Narcisse paid it no mind at all .

「No, I apologize . I was looking forward to it when I heard that  overseas students from the kingdom would come here this year . After all I  heard that the students in the kingdom’s academy are all adventurer . I  was hoping that you will be able to help me in exploring dungeons . 」

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Looks like he was a person who would become high-tensioned when it was about his hobby .

「More importantly Mr . Narcisse, you are going to have spare time for a while aren’t you?」

「Hm? Well, I guess . I had just returned from a ruin after all . But  the academy might be lecturing me if I don’t hold a class soon . 」

「──The number of student who wish to take your class is zero you  know? You should take care of that problem first before figuring out  when to hold a class . 」

「Eh, is that true? What a problem . Even though I could only continue being archaeologist because I’m a academy teacher」

It seemed he was a very easygoing person .

He also seemed uninformed about the situation in the academy .

「Forget about that Mr . Narcisse . Can you listen to what I have to say?」

「Ah, wait . I’ll prepare some tea first . If I remember right, there should be a tea set around here──」

Mr . Narcisse fell down inside the room after saying that . Then he got buried under a mountain of documents .


I looked toward Louise-san .

「This person, he is really from the six great nobles right?」

「That’s right . The eccentric Narcisse . He often got made fun of among  the young generations, but I heard that he excelled as a scholar . 」

When I looked at Mr . Narcisse who was buried under the documents, I could certainly see why he was called an eccentric .

We helped Mr . Narcisse out of the mountain of papers .


Part 6

I explained about what had happened until now to Mr . Narcisse after digging him out .

Mr . Narcisse made a pained look when he heard about Pierre .

「What should I say here, what happened was truly inexcusable . Let me apologize to you as a fellow six great nobles . 」

「Could nothing be done about Pierre? From what I heard, he has been a problem student like this from a long time ago . 」

Mr . Narcisse looked troubled from my obvious question .

「We introduced ourselves as six great nobles, but each of them is  like a royal family of their respective domain . This might sound like  exaggeration but, it might be perceived as interference to the affairs  of another country if I give him a warning . 」

Perhaps it couldn’t be helped because the commonwealth was a gathering of countries that gathered under the sacred tree?

Well, it wasn’t really my business .

「I’ll take care of Pierre . Putting that aside, can you help with the other matter?」

「──You mean about exploring the dungeon in Lespinasse territory? I’ll  be happy to do so, but it will be very dangerous . In Alzer, the closer  the dungeon is to the sacred tree, the more dangerous it tends to be .  The dungeons in Lespinasse territory that is right beside the sacred  tree are all dungeons with high difficulty . 」

「There is no problem . 」

Louise-san seemed to be worried for me .

「I wish that you won’t do anything dangerous though . It seems you have confidence, but it’s not good to be overconfident . 」

──It would be great if this person was really my big sister .

If it was my big sister Jena or my little sister Finley here, the  most they would say would be 「Don’t forget to bring back souvenir」 .

I felt like crying .

「W-what’s wrong!? Why are you crying, Leon-kun?」

「No, I just feel that it’s wonderful there is a girl who will give me such kind words . 」

Right now I had Ange and Livia, but that one year I spent in the kingdom’s academy was really horrible .

──It was really horrible .

I wiped my tears with my sleeve while asking Mr . Narcisse to be our guide in the dungeon .

「Will you accept my request?」

Mr . Narcisse folded his arms and looked like he thought about various things──then he nodded .

「Got it . I’ll be your guide . However, I’ll have you pay me the  promised reward properly . Recently I’m troubled because I don’t have  enough research fund . 」

「Please don’t worry . I will pay you the proper reward . After all the  dungeons in the commonwealth is reputed to be profitable . I’m looking  forward to it . 」

I was really looking forward to it .

This would be a good chance to secure a lot of resources, like the magic stones with exportable quality .

I could also make those five idiots work with this .

「Then let’s depart immediately . 」


I grabbed Mr . Narcisse’s arm with a smile and made him stood . I then dragged him with me right away .

Before I left, I turned a smile toward the astonished Louise-san .

「Please help me with that other thing too when we return . 」

「Y-yes . 」

Then I left the room with a faint smile on my lips .

──Pierre, I’ll make you regret making me angry .


Part 7

The location was the academy’s courtyard .

There were many lovers who spent their lunch time there .

Lelia was having lunch together with her lover Emile, but from her expression she looked distracted .

The reason was her big sister Noelle .

(Just where have she gone to)

She was worried for Noelle who didn’t come back . She was also annoyed at the same time .

(Even though she just needs to go out with Loic immediately, what is she hesitating for?)

Emile was worried seeing Lelia’s distracted look and talked to her .

「Lelia, Noelle-san still haven’t returned home yet?」

Lelia smiled toward the kind Emile .

「Ye, yeah . I think she is alright though . But I wish that she would tell me where she is staying at least . 」

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Then Emile made a worried face .

「There are many troubles recently after all . I want to believe that  even Pierre won’t do anything horrible to Noelle-san in consideration of  Loic . 」

「You’re right . This is because big sis is stubborn . Even though all the problems will go away if only she go out with Loic . 」

Lelia was trying to get her big sister Noelle hitched with Loic .

In order to make that happened, she did various things like giving Loic advices . Emotionally she was Loic’s ally .

「──But, recently Loic is somewhat strange . It feels like he has this scary aura around him . 」

Emile was feeling danger from Loic, but Lelia didn’t agree with him .

「Really? I think he is just impatient because things don’t go that  well with big sis, but he isn’t that scary . Though it’s a problem that  her desire to monopolize is a bit strong . 」

Emile made a conflicted face at Lelia’s words .

「It’ll be great if it’s really just a bit . ──Eh?」

Emile took off his gaze from Lelia toward Leon who was pulling Narcisse’s arm at the distance .

「It’s unusual to see the overseas student coming to school . Where is he planning to bring Mr . Narcisse?」

Emile was looking puzzled . In contrast Lelia’s eyes widened and she stared at Leon in fixation .

She dropped the bread that was her lunch, but she didn’t even notice it .

「──Those guys」


Part 8

I dragged Mr . Narcisse to a cave in former Lespinasse territory that was also a dungeon .

We boarded a small ship to come here . When we arrived at the  entrance, I removed the plank that had the writing ‘forbidden to enter’ .

I had properly asked for permission .

You could enter even the restricted dungeon if you brought up the name of a six great nobles . It was convenient .

It was what I brought Mr . Narcisse for .

「What refreshing weather! This is the perfect day for an adventure!」

「Indeed your highness!」

Julius was high-tensioned from the morning . Agreeing with him was Jilk who had a rifle on his back .

Mr . Narcisse who was dragged here half forcefully looked up to the sky while carrying a large rucksack on his back .

「No, today the sky is cloudy . 」

Julius kept smiling even after hearing Mr . Narcisse’s retort .

「It’s the problem of feeling, teacher . 」

「No, you were talking about weather just now weren’t you!?」

What a happy-go-lucky bunch .

As for Chris, he was comparing several swords that he brought here . He was hesitating to choose which sword to bring .

「As I thought perhaps it should be this one? No, it’s hard to discard this one too . Eei! Then I’ll bring them both!」

──Are these guys misunderstanding dungeon exploration as a picnic?

I wished they would think about my feeling for having to lead this bunch of idiots .

「Let’s go in already if you guys are finished with the equipment check . 」

I was bringing a device that looked like a smartphone with me . I used it to confirm the map of the area .

There was a bit of noise running on the screen . It might be due to the influence of the sacred tree .

「Oh, the kingdom has some strange tool . 」

Mr . Narcisse peered onto my device .

「Aa~, this thing is a lost item . I’m using it because it’s handy . 」

「Lost item! That’s amazing . Please let me take a look at it . 」

「It’ll broke if you disassemble it so better not . Anyway, let’s get inside the dungeon already . 」

I was carrying a shotgun and a heavy rucksack .

Mr . Narcisse looked puzzled seeing that .

「Leon-kun, why are you bringing explosive with you?」

We tilted our head hearing that question .

「Eh, it’s necessary isn’t it?」

「We also have the proper knowledge of explosive so please don’t worry . We won’t allow the treasure to be damaged . 」

The one who agreed with me was Jilk who was also skilled in handling explosive .

「No, the interior of a dungeon is also a part of the ruin! You must not use explosive inside such place!」

Chris laughed .

「It’ll be fine . We will keep the destruction to the minimum . The  value of the treasure will decrease if it got damaged after all . 」

「By value you mean the historical value right!? Do you guys really understand how important the ruin here!?」

I laughed while persuading Mr . Narcisse .

「Please leave it to me . I will stop them if they go too far . Besides,  this time our objective is more of something else rather than the  ruin . 」

My objective was a key item that originally didn’t have any effect in the game .

It was a necessary item for the story progression . It had no value at all as a tool in the game .

But, it would become an item with absurd value when it was in reality .

「Something else?」

Mr . Narcisse was confused, but I ignored him and entered the dungeon .

「It’s dungeon exploration in Alzer . Put some spirit into it you guys!」

After I raised my voice, Julius, Jilk, and Chris also raised a gallant yell in respond .

「Will it really be fine?」

Mr . Narcisse hung his head down seeing us acting like that .