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Chapter 123

Otomege Volume 4 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Insensitive Protagonist

Part 1
I left Jean and Noelle-chan inside the room and talked with Marie outside .

Marie was making a tired expression at the mansion’s backyard while handing a thick bundle of paper to me .

「Get some sleep if you’re tired from healing . 」

「I-I won’t be able to feel relieved unless I have hand this over . 」

I flipped through the documents that Pierre gathered to read them briefly . The papers were filled with various data about the items that Pierre had embezzled .

Luxion peered into the documents .

『Oh, isn’t this the transaction record with those merchants?』

「He would keep the record of illegal transactions like these around?」

『Perhaps he didn’t fully trust Pierre? He must be keeping them around as his trump card when the time he needs them ever come . 』


Apparently that merchant even dealt in the「orb」 that was forbidden to be leaked to outside .

Based on the law of the commonwealth, this was undoubtedly a crime that was worthy of the capital punishment .

「──This increased our blackmail materials . 」

『Master, you are making a wicked expression . 』

「My face has been like this since I was born, so people often misunderstood . That really makes me sad . 」

When I laughed, Marie’s gaze were wandering around uneasily .

「T-that, big bro──I-I’m sorry!」

And then she kowtowed . Seeing that made me felt regret from overdoing it a bit .

「The matter this time is my responsibility . I’ll be more careful next time so please forgive me!」

The tattoo that looked like collar around Marie’s neck had vanished . The curse of the sacred tree had been dispelled .

「──It’s good that the curse has been dispelled . 」


I lent my hand to Marie when she lifted her face and helped her to stand up .

「Did you seriously think I was angry to you?」

「Because! Big bro’s face was frightfully scary at that time mon!」

I didn’t know what to say seeing my little sister from my past life using cutesy saying 「mon!」 even though she should be an auntie at the inside .

『Luxion already obtained the information when Pierre was picking a fight with you guys . 』


Luxion nodded .

『Yes . However, the information was lacking so I decided it would be dangerous to fight at that time . At the same time it was a good chance to infiltrate Pierre’s circle of friends, so I changed side without consulting master . 』

Marie seemed to be relieved and powerlessly fell on her knees like a doll that got its string severed .

Her complexion also became better . She even became tearful .

「Say that from the beginningggg! I was really scareddd!」

「It’s better for the number of people who know something like this to be as few as possible . 」

I held the documents from Marie under my arm, but then Marie suddenly muttered 「Hah!」 with a panicked expression .

「B-but, what will become of Pierre now? I don’t know if he will be able to return to the academy after big bro crushed him so thoroughly like that . And what if this caused Alzer to go to war against the kingdom?」

Even I had thought about the risk that Marie uneasily mentioned, but I had run out of patience of just staying quiet without doing anything .

Besides . ──It wouldn’t become a war .

「I don’t think there will be any war . I showed Einhorn’s power so that it won’t happen . But, the chance of Pierre returning to the academy is low just as you said . 」

「Isn’t that a big problem!? The event of Pierre making trouble for the heroine is a major event at the middle stage!」

Certainly it was an important event in order for the heroine to decide who she was going out with .

However──I felt that it would be a mistake to make Noelle went out with someone just for that .

After all she was that close with Jean, so I thought it would be better to keep watching over them .

Besides, there was an insurance .

「No problem . After all it seems Emile is being serious in his relationships with Lelia . 」

Luxion continued my explanation in a way that Marie could easily understand .

『Emile is seriously considering to marry with Lelia . Also in regard to the sacred tree’s crest, it seems that the condition to inherit it is mostly decided by one’s bloodline . 』

「What do you mean?」

『──Noelle and Lelia are twin sisters . This means both of them have the possibility of becoming the priestess . 』

There would be no problem in choosing the priestess . And if the priestess got selected then she would be able to select the guardian next .

The problem would be solved if Lelia got chosen as the priestess and then Emile became the guardian .

If the worst case happened and Noelle got chosen, her lover candidate Jean could just become the guardian . Could he become one?

Well, he wasn’t one of the capture targets, but there shouldn’t be any problem .

In any case, the danger to the world could be evaded like that .

「Then everything will be fine!」

Marie looked relieved once more while Leon was thinking that he was glad for sending Luxion to Pierre’s side . Because of that Luxion could ask about various things from Pierre and also investigated about the domestic situation of the commonwealth in great detail .

『But, there is also one question that came out from this . 』


I asked Luxion about this question that he had, but then Noelle came running to the backyard .


I was able to guess what happened from her expression .

Noelle’s sad expression must mean that Noelle-chan had passed away .


Part 2
Jean thanked me with eyes that were red from crying while holding on Noelle-chan’s ashes .

「I’m really in your debt . I will surely pay back the hospital and healing expenses one day . 」

I looked at Jean hugging the box that was filled with the ashes and scratched my head while refusing him .

「I don’t need it . 」


「I’m already using the incident this time to obtain money . I’m going to be absurdly rich after this, so just consider the healing and hospital expenses as a service . 」

Jean looked down with a troubled look before he smiled .

「You’re really kind count . 」

「──I wonder about that . 」

I couldn’t say that this was my atonement for forsaking him .

「You took care after Noelle while I wasn’t there . Count, you’re kind . 」

I changed the topic without replying to that .

「Does it look like you’ll be able to return to the academy?」

「Yes . But, it looks like the academy will be closed for a while . That’s──it seems there are various things happening . 」

Well, that was my fault .

The six great nobles of Alzer were arguing about how to treat us around this time .

「Those matters will get taken care soon . You just get along well with Noelle . 」

Jean looked slightly surprised at my words . But he nodded .


──Could it be, this guy was really an insensitive protagonist type?

Didn’t he notice Noelle’s feeling? Oi oi, spare me from that .

「Let’s ignore the details for now, just take it easy for a while . Ask Marie to take a look if your body feels painful . 」

「Thank you very much for everything . 」

Jean bowed his head deeply . I watched him off before setting out to take care the next matter .

──Time to wring out compensations from Alzer!


Part 3
Louise was called back to the mansion of Rault House .

She got questioned by her father Albergue about the incident this time inside his office .

「Louise, why did you do something like that?」

Louise was hanging her head down . Albergue was unable to question her too harshly because he knew that the fault lay with the commonwealth . However his position as a politician forced him to criticize Louise’s decision .

「You are a citizen of Alzer Commonwealth . You have the duty to prioritize your country’s wellbeing . 」

Louise only replied 「I understand」 with a faint voice .

「Certainly Pierre had overdone it in this matter . But it’ll be a problem if the sacred tree’s sapling is staying in the possession of someone not from this country . Besides, Einhorn was it? That airship is a great threat . 」

To be honest he wished that he could obtain both of them .

If it was impossible then he wanted to obtain even just one of them, but currently both items were in the possession of Leon .

For Albergue who had to negotiate with Leon in the future, this would make the negotiation to be a difficult one .

「Father will understand when you meet Leon-kun . 」

Louise’s words made Albergue’s eyes narrowed in anger .

「I won’t tell you to forget about Leon . But, don’t forget that your attitude has also driven Serge to a corner . Listen to me Louise──Leon is dead . 」

Louise bit her lower lip and clenched her hands to hold back her tears .

(It’s rare for her to be this fixated . )

He thought that his tomboy daughter had matured to be a composed lady .

But looking at what had transpired this time, as expected it seemed that she had been forcing herself somewhat .

「Louise, there is also the matter of Serge to consider . Don’t mention about Leon too much in front of him . 」

「I know . 」

「──You can leave . 」

Albergue sighed deeply after Louise exited the office .

He put his elbows on the table and folded his arms to put his forehead there .

「There is nothing but problem . 」

After saying that he pulled a locked drawer and took out a photo from there .

There was the image of an energetic looking five years old child there . The picture was smiling .

The black haired boy was hugging Louise who was also still a child from behind in the picture .

──The boy was his son who had passed away, Leon Sara Rault .

He passed away when he was five years old because of disease .

「──Leon, if only you’re still alive」

If he was still alive, he should be right around the same age with Leon──with Count Bartfalt .

Albergue became fed up with himself who was wondering about what if his son was still here .

「If only Serge can at least settle down」

He grumbled about his adopted son Serge who still hadn’t returned to the academy before returning the photo back into the drawer and returned to his paperwork .


Part 4
The next day at the venue of the negotiation with Leon .

Albergue was unable to hide his shock .

Fernand who was at his side was worried for him .

「Acting chairman, is something the matter?」

「N-no, it’s nothing . 」

He said that while coming to understand why Louise was lending that much help to someone from the kingdom .

Leon’s appearance was exactly like the appearance of his son if he grew up to this age .

He was a young man with black hair and black eyes and average look that felt like it could be found anywhere, but his air reminded him of his son .

There were so many similarities, but Leon himself was acting impudently toward them while holding the case of the sacred tree’s sapling in one hand .

「Eh, what did you say?」

Lambert’s face was flushed red . Leon was provocatively asking back to him .

「Don’t make me say it more than once! I’m saying that Faiviel House has received enormous damage because your airship was rampaging . I demand that you pay the compensation for those damages . 」

「I can’t hear you~」

He was acting like the heads of the six great nobles who were gathered here were beneath his notice .

The other heads were also looking irritated . But they were wary toward Leon who was in possession of the sacred tree’s sapling .

(──Did he hear something about the sacred tree’s sapling from Louise?)

Leon didn’t look nervous at the slightest in front of them who possessed the sacred tree’s divine protection .

Was his attitude based on ignorance, or was it because he was fully aware of their circumstance──Albergue couldn’t decide which was the case here .

Leon asked them with the case on his hand .

「By the way, it looks like you are asking me to take responsibility but──are you guys really alright with that?」

「It was obviously your fault!」

「Lord Lambert, we should also listen to what he has to say . Now then, Count Bartfalt, what do you mean that it’s misplaced for us to ask you to take responsibility?」

Albergue shut up Lambert otherwise the negotiation wouldn’t progress .

「Do you even need to ask? We got tricked to agree with this sacred tree’s oath thingy and our crown prince got fitted with a cursed collar . What’s more my airship got stolen, and yet Pierre who did all that and even run wild with the ship didn’t get blamed at all . Now why do I am the one who is asked to take responsibility? Even though I’m the one who stopped Einhorn’s rampage . This is what they called returning evil for good . 」

Leon complained incessantly, but he was smirking all along .

He didn’t know what this young man was thinking inside .

「──Well, let’s set aside the public pretense here . If you guys are making all these to be my responsibility then that means you guys are ready for the consequences right?」

「Consequences you said!?」

Lambert made the talk stopped, so the other heads glared at him to silence him .

Leon continued his talk while grinning .

「You guys experienced an overwhelming defeat from facing just a single ship of the kingdom . If you make this Pierre’s responsibility then it will only end as a shameful incident between yourself, but if you make it my responsibility──then won’t that means the end of your myth of invincibility? The record of being undefeated in defensive battle will end here!」

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It was Fernand who reacted calmly to that statement .

「I wonder about that . In reality you didn’t fight at all at that time, and the battle also wasn’t concluded . It was stopped in the middle . That battle was more like a draw . 」

Leon turned his gaze toward the bluffing Fernand and showed a smile of someone who had seen through him .

「Then feel free to put the responsibility on me . It will be the end for you guys at that moment . How many ships got shot down just by a single ship? Was there even one of your ships that managed to scratch Einhorn? ──Who said that the kingdom only has one Einhorn?」

Fernand tried to lighten the mood .

「You’re quite short tempered aren’t you sir hero?」

「Short tempered? If I’m really short tempered then Faiviel House would have become a sea of fire around this time . 」

Albergue briefly glanced at Lambert clenching his hands in frustration before taking Fernand’s place in negotiating with Leon .

「I understand what you want to say . And, what are you demanding from us?」

「Some compensation for the start . If you can’t prepare money then I’m fine with accepting goods . I’ll report what happened this time as mere quarrel between yourselves, so you should also include hush money along with the compensation for the damage we received in this incident . Of course you have to include a formal apology too . 」

「──I see . 」

Leon was saying that 「I’ll protect your honor and pride . So give me money」 .

Lamberg slammed his fist on the table .

「This bastard has been saying whatever he like just because I’ve been staying quiet! We have never lost against Hohlfahrt until now!」

Leon’s smile still didn’t break down .

「Then let’s have at it for real next time, ──commonwealth-san that is only undefeated in defensive battle . Ah, if you guys put the responsibility with me then I guess you’ll also get black mark in your defensive battle record . Your legend of invincibility is going to be finished with this!」

The heads’ expressions turned bitter hearing those words .

If it became known that they lost against the kingdom, other countries would also look down on them .

The demerit from such thing would be immense .

In addition now that there was the possibility of other countries developing powerful airship, they couldn’t easily try to solve their problem through war anymore .

Albergue considered the incident this time as a good opportunity .

(Hmm, it’s not bad . Rather, this is convenient . )

「──Very well . Alzer will prepare monetary compensation for you . 」

Fernand protested at Albergue who accepted the conditions easily .

「Acting chairman, are you planning to accept his demand as it is?」

「The fault of the incident this time lies with Alzer . Alzer will sincerely apologize . 」

It was a bad decision as the acting chairman, but personally Albergue wanted to make a good use of the incident this time .

──For the sake of his own objective .

But, Albergue apologized to his daughter inside his heart .

(Louise, you must be feeling like this too . )

The image of Albergue’s son overlapped with Leon in front of him . He slightly regretted that it caused him to soften when dealing with him .

He couldn’t criticize his daughter like this .

Leon was surprised .

「──Eh, you’re really going to accept my terms?」

It looked like he didn’t expect for all his demands to be accepted .

「Is it surprising?」

「──Well, yeah . 」

Seeing Leon’s impudent attitude from just now going away made Albergue thought that this might be Leon’s base attitude .

「We have made you gone through unpleasant experience while studying here . My apologize . Also, this is only a suggestion from me as an individual but──」


Part 5
Fernand drew near Albergue after the negotiation with Leon was over .

「Acting chairman, the kingdom will grow bold with this . Please think it over again . 」

Fernand was young and extremely capable, but he had a strong patriotic feeling .

Because of that he was sensitive in the matter that brought disadvantage for the commonwealth .

「We should close our eyes to this little loss . We have just obtained a good opportunity to reform our awareness . 」


「The thinking that we will forever be prosperous by relying on the sacred tree is old . 」

Fernand was shocked .

「Acting chairman, isn’t your statement just now too controversial?」

「What’s controversial about it? The assessment of foreign countries toward Alzer that has been completely relying on the sacred tree while looking down on them is terrible . At the same time our sense of danger toward foreign countries is too lax . 」

Fernand too seemed to have some idea about what Albergue was saying . He was unable to argue back .

「──It seems you’re inviting that person to your mansion, but will that really be alright? He is a man who would pick a fight even with us . 」

「He is in the possession of the sacred tree’s sapling . I wish to have another angle where we can negotiate with him . 」

「That’s certainly necessary but, it doesn’t have to be the acting chairman dealing with it personally isn’t it?」

「I’m also personally interested with him . 」

He listed various reasons, but he personally wanted to talk with Leon .

(He keeps appearing in my mind even though I know he isn’t my son . Is it because the two of them is just that similar?)

Albergue recalled his son .


Part 6
I was invited to come to Rault House’s mansion several days after the negotiation .

The reparations for me had been paid immediately while Alzer was also holding negotiations with Hohlfhart Kingdom between the officials of both countries . It would be funny if Roland got saddled with hard work because of it so I didn’t touch that side at all .

Rault House went as far as preparing an airship for me to bring me to their territory──into their stronghold in their floating island for a dinner .

It was a fortress city . It had a different atmosphere from the former Lespinasse territory .

「This place feels like it belongs to the king of a country . 」

I muttered that in a small voice . Luxion who was camouflaging itself whispered into my ear .

『──Master, I believe the risk of assassination is low, even so please don’t let your guard down . 』

Luxion was going around investigating the huge castle while he was waiting in the waiting room .

It thoroughly investigated various things like whether the food that would be served was poisoned or not . The result──it seemed that Leon was really invited just for a dinner .

「Are they trying to win me over because they desire the sacred tree’s sapling?」

『That’s the likely possibility . It seems they are also considering about exchange of technology . ──However, the situation seems strange even despite that . 』

「Strange? Is there some kind of problem?」

『The servants who saw master’s face would get agitated . Many of the veteran servants are especially flustered . 』

The servant who showed me around was also like that .

He looked really surprised .

「Louise-san was also looking surprised when we first met . At that time──she asked me “call me Onee-chan” or something like that . 」

『Is she someone with that kind of hobby?』

「If she is serious about becoming my big sister than I hope I can exchange Jena with her . 」

I shed tears when I recalled my biological little sister who must be having it hard right now in the kingdom .

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If I could really exchange her with Louise-san, I was confident that I would instantly say 「Change please」 .

A servant came to inform me that the preparation had been finished while I was talking with Luxion .


Part 7
Inside a room with very high ceiling .

I was eating dinner with three other people around a large table . It was a really strange sensation to eat like this .

There were servants on standby around us . They would assist us with our dinner .

Albergue-san was sitting right in front of me . Louise-san and Albergue-san’s wife were sitting at his sides .

The two of them were wearing dress .

The dinner atmosphere was truly like the dinner of noble──no, the dinner of royal family even .

The dishes had become a bit cold but they were still delicious .

「Do the dishes suit your taste?」

Albergue-san asked me . I spoke of my impression without any flattery .

「They’re delicious . The sauce is different from what we have back in the kingdom, but I like this foreign taste . 」

Food seasoning would differ based on the country, but I could eat without any problem .

The soft meat was accompanied by a kind of vegetable that couldn’t be found in the kingdom .

When I tried eating it──it had a bitter taste .

I could eat it, but it wasn’t something that I would want to eat by my own initiative .

I forced myself slightly to put it into my mouth along with some meat to cover up the taste . But then I noticed the three in front of me were staring fixedly at me .

「Eh, err──is my manner bad or something?」

「N-no, that’s not it . Do you perhaps──dislike that vegetable?」

It seemed he had sensed from my expression that I disliked this vegetable .

「It’s a vegetable that I had never eaten in the kingdom . I dislike its peculiar bitterness, but I still can eat it just fine . 」

「I-I see . 」

I was getting dubious seeing Albergue-san’s flustered look, but then his wife suddenly shed large drops of tears . She said 「Forgive me . I have to leave my seat for a bit」 and stood up .

Louise-san talked to me as she left the room with a servant accompanying her .

「Sorry for that . Mother will return soon . She doesn’t leave because she hates Leon . I hope you can understand that . 」

「──Can you tell me the reason?」

I was feeling dubious with the atmosphere of this place . Then Albergue-san talked to me while casting his gaze down slightly .

「I had a son . 」

「Do you mean Serge-san?」

「I don’t mean my adopted son Serge, but my biological son . His name was──Leon . 」

──Another story that I never heard before came out . But I felt some puzzle pieces falling into place hearing that .

That must be the reason Louise-san was lending me her help cordially, because I was similar with that son .

「So it’s something like that . 」

「I hope you don’t take offense . I myself never thought that you will be this similar with that boy . 」

「I’ve heard a saying before that in the world there would be at least two people who look just like yourself . Well, this is surely just a coincidence . 」

Albergue-san smiled sadly while muttering 「You’re right」 .

Louise-san smiled at me .

「Leon──my little brother also hated that vegetable . Lion-kun looked just like him when you forced yourself to eat it . It must have caused mother to remember many things too . 」

There was a boy who had the same name with me who died when he was five years old .

Now that they mentioned it, I recovered my memory from the past life was also when I was five years old .

It felt like there was a connection here, or perhaps it was just a coincidence?

「Which reminds me, Serge-san isn’t coming to the academy right now isn’t he? Where is he right now?」

I tried asking because I never caught sight of Serge, but then Louise-san’s expression clouded slightly .

「He went out during spring break and never returned until now . He would get in touch periodically, so at least we know that he is alright . 」

「He is out?」

Albergue-san said 「He is a troublesome child」 while explaining slightly to me .

「I heard that the job of adventurer is deemed acceptable in the Hohlfahrt . But it cannot be said as a respectable job here in Alzer . 」

This place was different from the kingdom, the social standing of adventurer here was low .

「Serge──my son has a longing for the adventurer job . When the holiday came he used an airship and went out for an adventure . If it’s you can you understand Serge’s feeling?」

「I too obtained my current position by achieving success as an adventurer, so I can understand him somewhat . 」

──In my case my life would be in danger unless I succeeded though .

I couldn’t understand the feeling of someone who was born in a rich family and went to an adventure because of his own liking .

I guess Serge would have better affinity with Julius and others rather than with me .

「Perhaps if he talk with his highness Julius and the others, they will hit it off with each other . 」

「Then I should provide them a chance for that, for the sake of the future too . 」

Louise-san showed dissatisfaction to Albergue-san’s reply .

「──I won’t recognize Serge . For him to aim to become something like adventurer even though he will be the next head of Rault House, he is unsuitable . 」

Albergue-san warned Louise-san for her words .

「Louise, the way you say that is rude toward Leon-kun . 」

「I-I’m sorry . 」

「It’s alright . But, won’t it be problematic that he hasn’t returned even the academy has started?」

Our plan went out of order because Serge wasn’t there .

I wanted to at least heard the reason .

Louise-san looked down .

「That child was just in his rebellious phase . He just wanted to make trouble for us . 」

「──Louise, enough with that . I’m sorry, we are exposing our family’s shame to you like this and ruined the dinner . 」

Albergue-san apologized to me, so I replied 「It’s fine」 and returned to my meal .

Even so, was I really that similar with his son who had passed away?

I felt refreshed now that I understood the reason of Louise-san’s request to call her Onee-chan, but it seemed there was still something deeper about the relationship of Rault House with Serge .


Part 8
「How nice! Big bro went to have an extravagant dinner by yourself, I’m jealous~!!」

When I returned, Marie welcomed me with an undisguised jealousy .

Several weeks had passed since I was intruding in Marie’s mansion .

My days here were filled with a lot of boisterousness .

「I didn’t go to play you know?」

「But, the meals were luxurious right?」

「It was delicious~」

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Marie bit on her handkerchief with a frustrated look when I told her my impression .

That was why I handed her the cake I brought back as souvenir .

「Here, souvenir . 」

「Wa~i, I love you big bro!」

It was easy to handle Marie seeing her mood brightened like this by giving her cake .

I didn’t want to believe how there were five idiots whose life got messed up because they got seduced by this kind of woman .

I entered an empty room with Marie who was holding the cake and prepared tea .

「Big bro, where is Luxion?」

「He is repairing Einhorn . Luxion’s main body is coming to this side, so it will finish in several days . 」

Luxion also mentioned about overhauling Arroganz .

Apparently he would remove the spiky decorations and cleaned the cockpit that had been used by Pierre .

Einhorn too only got its interior dirtied, so rather than calling it repair, it would be mainly cleaning and resupplying the ship .

「His main body wasn’t already here before?」

「Before this it was floating in the middle of Alzer and Hohlfahrt to act as relay . But the main body is sent here because of the troubles that occurred at this side . Thanks to that I now also cannot send mail to Ange and Livia . 」

Right now I couldn’t send any mail because the communication signal was extremely bad .

I wondered if the two of them were alright right now .

Marie took out the cake with sparkling eyes .

「This looks delicious!」

「Don’t eat all of them . It’s also the share for the others . 」

「I know that . 」

Marie took out the cake and waited for me to prepare the tea while talking about the plan going ahead .

「By the way big bro, how was the talk going?」

「──It’s going too well that I’m getting scared instead . Everyone of Rault House took a liking to me . 」

To think that they had a dead son who looked exactly like me──I still couldn’t believe it .

「Is it going to be okay? They’re the last boss . 」

「I’ll be on my guard . 」

I finished preparing the tea and enjoyed the cake together with Marie .

I watched her eating the cake while taking out some cash that was placed inside a brown envelope from my breast pocket .

「Marie, I’ll give this to you . 」

Marie’s eyes widened the instant she saw the money .

Her excitement surpassed her excitement for the cake .

「B-big bro, this is!」

「This is because I managed to extort a lot from Alzer . Well, this is pocket money for you . 」

Marie had worked hard too this time, so this was her reward .

I also learned something from living together with Marie .

──She is a bit, no, not just a bit, she was simply pitiful .

She had to take care of those five, in addition she had to economize in order to make do with the available household budget . I couldn’t hold back my tears seeing that .

Marie took out the cash and started counting it .

「I-i-i-i-is it alright for me to receive this much!?」

The amount of money I gave her was around ten million in the form of commonwealth’s paper money .

But, even that amount was a bit insufficient in order to live in Alzer while taking care of those five .

「You guys have worked hard too this time . Use the money carefully okay?」

Marie cried while clinging on me .


But she did that only after carefully putting the money into her pocket .

「Oniii-chan, thank youuuuu!」

I shook off Marie who was clinging on me .

「L-let go! Really, you are still a calculating girl just like in the past life . 」

Marie wiped her tears .

「With this I won’t need to worry about the money for summer clothing . 」

The season was going to change from spring to summer .

「Summer huh? There will be a lot of events there . For now Lelia is our priestess candidate, but depending on the situation Noelle might become the one, so we’ve got to be careful .

When I said that, Marie stopped her hands that were counting the money she took out from her pocket .

Marie looked at my face and tilted her head .

「Big bro? Why are you considering Noelle a priestess candidate?」

「Ha? Because Noelle like Jean right? But you know, that Jean is really insensitive, he still hasn’t noticed Noelle’s feeling for him . It will be a bit difficult for them to become lovers like this, but they will manage somehow if we give them a push in the back . 」

I wished that insensitive protagonist Jean would be a bit more proactive .

If he liked her then said it clearly to her .

「──Big bro . 」


「I don’t think Noelle is in love with Jean . To be more exact, she likes him but not in the romantic sense, just normal like . 」

「Eh? But, they are close with each other . 」

「They are just being friends with each other aren’t they? Noelle isn’t that conscious toward Jean . 」

──What is she saying?

「Eh, but Jean himself, toward Noelle he is really──」

「From what I see, the two of them are just normal friends . Rather──big bro, could it be you really haven’t noticed? You’re joking right?」

I didn’t understand what Marie wanted to say .

「Eh, don’t tell me the two of them are just friend with each other?」

Marie looked at me with a cold gaze when I said that .

「──I don’t care anymore . 」

「No, tell me! You are making me concerned here!」

Marie put the money into her pocket once more and started eating the cake .

「It will become troublesome so I won’t say it . Also, it’ll be better for big bro to properly think about what to do now . Something that cannot be undone will happen if you keep living together with Noelle like this . 」

Something that cannot be undone?

「Don’t tell me, you are thinking that I’m going to fall in love with Noelle? Too bad . I have two wonderful fiancées waiting for me back home . I won’t do something like cheating . 」

Marie scoffed at me .

「──I wish big bro the best with that . I don’t like trouble after all . 」

What’s with this girl?

Just what is it that she wanted to say?