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Published at 26th of February 2018 10:09:20 PM

Chapter 11
Book 1 The Immortals by the River

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Chapter 11 Jade Palm Thunder (unedited)

As soon as Sese entered the building, about four to five girls came together and gather around her.

These women of places of wind and moon were accustomed to be able to identify people. Once they saw the clothes Sese was wearing, they immediately knew that Sese was an aristocratic gentleman. The sight of Sese’s noble bearing, which was both pure and handsome, couldn’t help but to make their heart beat.

These brightly coloured dressed women were gathering around Sese, trill of an oriole-song of a swallow, how very lively. Yet, Sese had no time to pay attention to the women who surrounded her, her clear and cold line of sight was directed at the hall, looking all the way around. She couldn’t see Feng Nuan’s figure, it could be assumed that he must be at the elegant room on the second floor.

trill of an oriole-song of a swallow: the sweet delicate voice of a woman

“Dear jiejie(s), have you seen a black clad gentleman, with an extremely grave and stern appearance?” asked Nan Xing who had smeared his mouth with honey.

smear one’s mouth with honey (not lit.): sweet-talk

“There actually is black clad gentleman, there also is man with extremely grave and stern appearance, however there are more than one. This jiejie doesn’t know which one do you guys want to find?” A red clad woman —saw that they came not to seek pleasure but rather to look for a person— said with lack of interest.

“He is a customer!” Said Bei Dou, half persuading half unable to endure from sneezing a dozen times. Facing a burst of fragrance flowing all over the place, he was a little too overwhelmed to endure.

“It seems there is a person like that, although truly handsome, yet with an extremely cold look. I saw him went to Miss Qiu Rong’s room.” a green clad woman handsomely laughed and said, “Gentleman, why don’t you let Xia He escort you?”

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The green clad woman persuaded and then pulled Sese’s hand. Sese seamlessly brushed away her clothes, got away from her touch. Sese smiled and said: ”Then, one will be troubling Miss Xia He!”

Xia He was rather disappointed for not holding Sese’s jade hand, dazely thought; so handsome brother, but she couldn’t touch.

Sese came to the second floor with Xia He, Xia He pointed to an elegant room and said: “Gentleman, that is Qiu Rong’s chamber, however, currently, Qiu Rong and that gentleman might be in the middle of… We go in like this, will disturb other people’s good thing, it’s rather bad, Gentleman should go with this servant instead, this servant will definitely make Gentleman happy. “ Xia He persuaded, her warm jade white-hand had reached out to explore Sese’s front jacket.

Sese opened her hand fan to block and said with smile: “Miss Xia He, don’t worry, after a while, this gentleman will personally look for you.”

Sese made signal with her eyes, ordering Bei Dou and Nan Xing to go ahead and knock the door. This two comrade of her was also dauntless, they extended their legs with all their strength to kick the perfectly alright door open.

Sese faintly smiled and walked into the room to see, yet her smile suddenly came to a halt.

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The light in the room was extremely dim, filled with ambiguous atmosphere. Above a large mahogany bed, hanged a pink muslin drapes. Under the faint light of coloured glass lamp, the pink muslin drapes projected clear and neat shadow of two embracing figures.

coloured glass lamp

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Sese was stunned, her jade face couldn’t help but to blush.

She had thought that Feng Nuan was in the elegant room with Miss Qiu Rong to drink tea and listen to music, apparently her way of thinking was still too innocent. A man went to a pleasure place, naturally did not simply want to listen to music.

Sese bowed her head in humiliation and anger, her sight met with a shallow hickey on her own neck, her expression suddenly became cold. This man who had engraved hickeys on her neck at daytime, was now in the middle of having fun on other woman’s body.

Feng Nuan ah Feng Nuan, one really had misjudged you.

The man on the bed, having heard movement inside the room, suddenly tore open the muslin drapes. With a hoarse voice, he asked: “Who… are… you?”

It’s no more than a narrow small opening, then the feel of boundless spring scenery inside came out and spread.

From Sese’s standpoint of view, she happened to clearly and neatly saw the unrestrain rummage of red quilt embroidered with mandarin duck, saw Feng Nuan’s languid bearing. The current Feng Nuan had a different amorous feeling than the daytime Feng Nuan who had molested Sese.

At that time, he had been cold, detached and ruthless toward her. He had completely forced and violated her, insulted her. Now, he actually had a face of enjoyment and satisfaction, enjoying the embrace of warm, jade, soft, fragrant, full bosoms.

This— is this still the Feng Nuan she knew?

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His clothes was half opened, there was a flush on his handsome face, the messy ink-black hair was scattered over his shoulder, the previously cold freezing pretty eyes revealed the look of bewilderment.

Sese merely felt that her heart was thrown into disarray, she angrily glared at him.

Although Nan Xing was quick-witted, yet he never met this kind of situation, for a moment he stood still. Bei Dou was even more so, he was staring with a blank expression, especially the woman’s bare white thigh that were seen through the small gap of the muslin drapes, and his eyes were also filled with anxiousness.

Right in the middle of the stalemate, the Madam of Yanzhi Lou walked in. With a lovely smile, she said: “Gentleman, how could you be at other people’s room? Could it be to visit our Qiu Rong? However, currently she is occupied. Our building has many other remarkable girls, each and every is bright and beautiful!” She ceased to speak and gave a meaningful look.

Several girls who had been at the entrance rushed in, they gathered around Sese, and also Bei Dou and Nan Xing who had not gone downstairs. Nan Xing was still fine, however Bei Dou sneezed again and again because of the fragrance, he was unable to say even one word since.

Those girls with seven hands and eight feet, tried to pull Sese out.

seven hands and eight feet: great hurry and bustle; all flurry and confusion; with a lot of people/ everybody lending a hand

Suddenly, Sese’s cold voice was heard: “Let me go!” The tone was cold like the freezing ice in the winter night.

Bei Dou’s and Nan Xing’s hearts trembled, raising their head to look at Sese, but to see Sese’s cold expression that they had never seen before.

“Oh my! This gentleman, if you come here to seek pleasure, I, this Mama, will welcome you. If you come to pick a quarrel, then don’t blame me for being rude.” The Madam ruthlessly stated.

Sese didn’t look at her, merely swept her glance at the girls who were pulling her clothes. Those girls, under the gaze of Sese’s pure cold eyes, slightly loosened their grips, yet with an intimidating cough from the Madam, they strengthened theirs once again, dragging Sese out.

Sese grit her small teeth, suddenly lifted her sleeve, with one slap to the mahogany pillar beside her with her palm, a sound “bang” was heard, echoing inside. The pillar shattered into small pieces, the wood shavings swirled in the air.

Those girls were instantly scared silly, forgot to move for a short while until Sese swept her glance one more time, only then, they shrieked and loosened their grips. Even the Madam’s expression also quickly changed, she didn’t expect this gentle and frail-looking gentleman to actually capable of martial art. Furthermore, it seemed that her bodyguards in the building were also not his opponent, immediately, without care, she retreated out.

Sese also didn’t pay attention to the Madam, her long sleeve fluttered once again, as if forming a green flash, attacked Feng Nuan who was on the bed.

Feng Nuan muffled a groan, then fell down from the bed. The pink muslin drapes were blown up by Sese’s sleeve, floating in the air, fluttering, and then fell down, exposing the figure of the woman on the bed with her undergarment in disarray. That woman thought that Sese wanted to take her life, fearfully only covered herself with a muslin cloth, then dashed out of the room.

Sese lowered her eyes to look at Feng Nuan, who lazily lay down on the floor, his white silk underpants were still worn neatly in order, apparently he hadn’t done the matter with that woman yet.

She stared at Feng Nuan’s misty black eyes, only then just knew that he was heavily intoxicated. On the table inside the room, there were several wine jars. Apparently Feng Nuan had drunk a lot of wine. A man who possessed martial art, if one did not want to get drunk, after drinking a lot of wine, one could also use internal force to drive it out. Yet Feng Nuan, severely intoxicated like this, it seemed that he deliberately got intoxicated.

What exactly is the matter, that actually let the previously cold him to lose his self-control like this. Sese suspected that it certainly had to do with some kind of situation.

“Get him dressed, take him away!” Sese coldly instructed.

Bei Dou and Nan Xing obeyed, both of them, one on the left, one on the right, supported Feng Nuan and went out of the room.