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Chapter 12
Book 1 The Immortals by the River

Chapter 12 Thousands Concealed Weapons (unedited)

Once out in the hallway, Sese knew right away that today they wouldn’t be able to get out easily, because she had found out that in the hall downstairs, sat Ye Wuyan.

The first floor of Yanzhi Lou was a lounge, there were numerous big and small round tables in the middle of the hall. At the corner area slightly to the west , there was a special built stage where the girls of the building would showcase their talent and skill. Currently, on the stage, stood a girl playing a song on a chinese lute.

Ye Wuyan sat at the round table farthest away from the stage, by the window.

Smooth creamy shu brocades were hanged at each four corners of Yanzhi Lou’s lounge, they were in pale pink, vermillion, light yellow, full of alluring colours. Because of that, Ye Wuyan who was clad with the dark purple brocaded robe was particularly eye-catching, Sese spotted him in one glance.

In a split second, Sese did a lot of thinking.

It’s quite obvious that Ye Wuyan’s appearance was definitely not a coincidence.

So to say, today, at Mount Xiangmiao, although Feng Nuan had clearly been able to safely escape from his hand, but in fact, he had dispatched his men to follow Feng Nuan. Perhaps he wanted to use a long line to catch a big fish, to take a look at the person behind Feng Nuan. And she actually walked right into the trap. It seemed that she still had underestimated Ye Wuyan’s scheme and strength, this man was not easy to deal with.

Sese looked back and saw Feng Nuan who was awfully intoxicated. Even if she still hated Feng Nuan, she wouldn’t abandon him in spite of that. Sese immediately turned around and whispered to Bei Dou and Nan Xing: “Be careful, Ye Wuyan is here!”

If one couldn’t retreat, then one could only welcome the enemy.

Tonight, she soon had to meet with the military distinguished and outstanding Xuan Wang.

However, beforehand, she had to disguise herself first, so as to avoid being recognised by him. As to how to disguise, as Sese was just worrying, unexpectedly, just around the corner of the corridor, there was the green clad Miss Xia He who was waiting for her. As she saw her, she delicately and gracefully approached and said with a lovely smile:” Gentleman, do you want to go? Xia He still hasn’t serve Gentleman well!”

“Miss Xia He, is this gentleman not here to accompany you?”

Sese faintly smiled and used her hand fan to hold up Xia He’s jade face, causing Xia He to lovingly smile again and again. She took this opportunity to dive into Sese’s embrace and got very intimate with Sese, and occasionally stole kisses on Sese’s face.

When Sese came out from the corner of the corridor, her had been covered with traces of red lipstick, even her bright and clean forehead was not spared. Now, even if her parents had been standing in front of her, perhaps they also wouldn’t have recognised her.

Xia He, seeing kiss marks all over Sese’s face like that, couldn’t help but to cover her lips and smiled. She took out a handkerchief from inside her sleeve and stood on tiptoe, wanting to wipe clean Sese’s face.

Sese held Xia He’s white wrist and lightly said: “Let it be!”

Earlier, she had seen the red rouge that covered Xia He’s lips was extremely thick. Therefore, only then, had she gotten intimate with her, exactly for this kiss marks, this was exactly a natural veil. Now, how could it be wiped away?

Miss Xia He naturally didn’t know Sese’s thought, hearing Sese’s words, her heart were raging with love. Merely those three simple words, “Let it be”, already let her be wild with joy.

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Sese hugged Xia He and strolled through the lounge. Sese was taller than the average woman, her disguise with man’s clothes was outstanding and elegant, extremely ethereal.

Bei Dou and Nan Xing closely followed behind Sese. They were supporting Feng Nuan, who was constantly raving, toward the doorway.

“This gentleman, my family’s Gentleman wants to befriend you. Asking Gentleman to do me the honour.” At the doorway of Yanzhi Lou, Jin Zongguan of Xuan Wangfustopped Sese and stated with his deep voice.

Sese slightly smiled, her clear eyes quickly swept a glance at the outside. She sensed a lot of elite troops lay in wait, far and near. It seemed that Ye Wuyan insisted to capture them.

Sese raised her brows and said with smile: “May I ask, where does your family’s Gentleman sit?” She pretended not to know and asked.

Jin Zongguan pointed at Ye Wuyan, who sat at the round table by the window, and said: “Please!”

Sese hugged Xia He’s slender waist. She was wantonly teasing Xia He as she was walking over to Ye Wuyan.

At the back, Bei Dou and Nan Xing were curling their lips while thinking, they had thought that Boss wasn’t fond of women and therefore had forbid them to go to the brothel. As it turned out, they had been wrong. The Boss right now was a complete casanova!

Sese let go of Xia He, gracefully sat on the elegant seat opposite to Ye Wuyan, and leisurely said with a faint smile: “This humble one is a nameless junior, didn’t know wherefore does this gentleman want to meet with this humble one?”

elegant seat: seat located at v.i.p. table

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“Just then, Gentleman broke the red pillar in the building into pieces with a slap. Remarkable skill which no nameless junior can do!” Said Ye Wuyan with raised eyebrows.

A lock of ink black hair from the back of the head was loosened from the bind, the white jade hairpin was inserted obliquely, the outer corners of the long and narrow phoenix eyes were slanted upward, the corner of the mouth seemed to be leisurely withholding a smile.* The current him didn’t wore the battle armor from when he returned to the capital, nor the splendid palace gown from the night banquet. The current him only wore a casual article of clothing, it looked as elegant and outstanding as before.

*(T/N: I tried my best, but I still have no idea what the author was trying to say…( •᷄ὤ•᷅)? )

Sese raised her black-dyed eyebrows, pretended to be surprised and asked: “Unexpectedly, this humble one’s vulgar side inside the building, was also heard by Gentleman. This one is truly ashamed!”

“This gentleman really admires Gentleman’s martial art, really want to befriend Gentleman!” said Ye Wuyan casually. He swept a glance across Sese’s face, saw the kiss marks all over Sese’s face, a trace of peculiarity flashed through his eyes.

“To befriend Gentleman, this humble one might be climbing the social ladder.” Said Sese with faint smile.

“Gentleman is being modest. This gentleman salute you with a toast!” As Ye Wuyan had hardly finished speaking, his fingers lightly flicked the cup in front of him,

Sese merely saw a cold flash of light, the transparent glass cup filled with red wine came straight to attack her.

Sese didn’t expect Ye Wuyan to make his move this early and fast. The distance between them were close, the wine cup approached at tremendous speed. Sese’s face couldn’t help but to turn slightly pale. She knew that her own martial-art skills lay in light body skill and concealed weapons, was absolutely no match to Ye Wuyan’s internal force. This situation was hard to handle, even if she caught it, the wine was also bound to be spilled all over her body, she didn’t want to be embarrassed like that.

She suddenly got a solution. She lightly swept away the wine cup with her sleeve and said with a smile: “Gentleman is being modest. Unfortunately, this humble one never drinks wine, why not give it to this servant of this humble one instead?”

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The glass cup that Sese swept away was forced to change its direction toward Nan Xing, with much lower speed than before. Just then, Sese had secretly solved most of the internal force that the cup carried.

Nan Xing was cunningly smart. He followed through, with his fingers, he lightly flicked the approachingly slower glass cup, and said: “Grateful for Gentleman’s hospitality, however this small one is rather unwell today. The good wine is right ahead, yet cannot drink it. What a pity, what a pity!”

Following his words “what a pity”, with a shot, he took an opportunity to solve the internal force in the wine cup.

The internal force in the wine cup had been solved in succession by both Sese and Nan Xing, already not as powerful as before. By the time it was in front of Bei Dou, he reached out to the already slowed approaching cup and lightly held it, secretly used force, and the remaining internal force was completely obliterated.

Bei Dou gently and skillfully held the wine cup, drained the cup in one gulp, and said: “Grateful for Gentleman’s good will!”

Ye Wuyan clearly saw Sese’s trick. The cup of wine was solved together by him and his men, he really admired Sese’s flexibility to adapt.

“This humble one is grateful of Gentleman’s goodwill and gives a plate of peach pastries in return!” Sese lowered her eyes and saw a plate of peach pastries on the table, then said those with a smile. She lightly waved her sleeves to cover the plate. Her hand however, was not idle. The peach pastries were placed in between her jade fingers and one by one, flew away.

peach pastries

She talked with all smiles, but her shots were ruthless. Naturally, it was because of today, at Mount Xiangmiao, he had been ruthless to her. Her shots were extremely fast, the angles were extremely tricky, each peach pastries flew toward Ye Wuyan’s major pressure points.

Her name as “Thousands Concealed Weapons” was exactly as it meant. If she had concealed weapons, she was really not afraid.