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Published at 26th of September 2017 02:28:23 AM

Chapter 9
Book 1 The Immortals by the River

Chapter 9 A Life Was Spared (unedited)

Sympathy, Jiang Sese didn’t need it . Someone who bled their heart for her, she did not even asked for that extravagance . Now, all Sese asked for was to be able to survive .

She knew that Feng Nuan would not kill her for the time being, he still needed her as hostage . Or else, for him to escape safely and unscathed from the encirclement of Ye Wuyan’s massive military force .

It’s just, afraid that her life and death was not on Ye Wuyan’s mind, that would be bad . Then she as a hostage wouldn’t be threatening, if Feng Nuan became anxious, he might really killed her .

Right now, Sese really regretted it, just then, she should have told Feng Nuan that she precisely was Gentleman Xianxian . Then she might have a slight chance of survival . Right now, she could only pray for blessings from Heaven to let Ye Wuyan and Feng Nuan engaged for a while again, in order to give her enough time to break open the pressure point .

The ice cold bent-blade was placed on Sese’s neck, she felt the chillness to her bone, yet she didn’t feel any pain at all .

Ye Wuyan looked at the blood that was flowing down on Sese’s neck, still with a cold face, he indifferently curled his lips and lightly said: “Do you think that Ben Wang will care about a single woman’s life or death? Then you are gravely mistaken! Xiangxiang, let’s go and ask for (inscribed) bamboo stick . Jin Zongguan, you stay and cut off this assassin’s head!”

He stared at Sese with ice-cold eyes and turned around, he took Yi Yingxiang’s hand and then departed .

Jin Zongguan accepted the command and waved his hand, the imperial bodyguards of wangfu then came and were closing in . Holding bow and arrow, they surrounded and aimed their target at Feng Nuan .

Wangfu: prince’s or vassal king’s official residence

“Wang ye, please save my Young Lady!” Qing Mei the maid had regained her consciousness, seeing the situation before her eyes, she anxiously knelt to beg Ye Wuyan . Upon seeing this, the imperial bodyguards of Jiang residence also knelt down to the ground .

This assassin’s martial art was impressive, they couldn’t rescue the Young Lady from his blade, if Xuan Wang had also given up, then what about Young Lady’s life!

“Wang ye, you save Jiang-jiejie!” Yi Yingxiang let go of Ye Wuyan’s hand, she walk up to in front of him and plead .

Ye Wuyan’s cold eyes were looking at the people kneeling on the ground, indifferently said: “You all could also see the present situation, if you want to safely rescue your young lady, it is by no means easy, excuse Ben Wang for unable to help however much one would like to . ”

unable to help however much one would like to (idiom): My hands are tied; Willing to help but unable to do so; Although we sympathize, there is no way to help you .

Born with the most handsome and flawless face, yet said such hash and ruthless words .

Sese had known earlier that he was like this, she was not the least surprised .

On the contrary, Feng Nuan raised his head, laughed heartily and said: “Unexpectedly, Xuan Wang is this ruthless, is this heartless to his own cefei . ”

As his voice fell, he pressed down the bent-blade in his hand .

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Everyone cried out in alarm, they all thought that Sese’s life would be difficult to preserve .

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The pressure point had already started to break open, Sese was just about to use force to retreat and escape from the bent-blade, yet unexpectedly the bent-blade didn’t press down on her, but rather swung forward .

In the blink of an eye, the present situation had greatly changed .

Feng Nuan’s bent-blade was still placed on a person’s neck, it’s just that that person was no longer Sese, but rather Yi Yingxiang .

Didn’t know when, Yi Yingxiang actually had moved several steps to this side, shortening the distance from Sese . And just then, everyone’s attention was on Sese and Feng Nuan, no one noticed her at all .

Just then, the moment happened too fast, when Ye Wuyan realised, he had been one step late .

Sese had broken away from captivity, her body shook and she collapsed on the ground . Her line of sight inadvertently swept across Ye Wuyan’s face and found that his handsome face instantly paled, bloodless .

Sese couldn’t help but to bitterly laughed . From this, the difference between her and Yi Yingxiang on his mind could be seen, really wasn’t only a little bit . On the contrary, Feng Nuan quickly adapted, he knew that he as kidnapper would have face certain death, unexpectedly the hostage was switched to Yi Yingxiang .

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In that case, she didn’t have to reveal her martial art then, she could just obediently lay down here to watch the play .

“Xuan Wang ye, this humble one is already tired of playing with your cefei, (I) wonder how the taste of your zhengfei is!” Feng Nuan coldly stated, one of his hand was holding the bent-blade on YI Yingxiang’s neck, the other hand was pinching Yi Yingxiang’s powdered cheek .

Ye Wuyan’s already cold and ruthless face, at this instant became even more ice-cold . Everyonce could feel the anger that was emitted from his whole body .

“Let her go, Ben Wang promises to let you go!” Ye Wuyan still coldly stated, but his sound actually had an unnoticeable quiver .

“Let her go? So, this humble one finally grasped Xuan Wang’s weak spot!” Feng Nuan’s voice had a trace of mockery, yet it didn’t have any happiness at all, on the contrary, there was a trace of bitterness .

He cautiously and solemnly seized Yi Yingxiang, went along the mountain road, and walked slowly downward .

“Although this humble one know that Xuan Wang is a man of his word, however this humble one still somewhat doesn’t feel reassured, troubling your zhengfei to escort this humble one for a short distance!”

Those imperial bodyguards who was armed with bow and arrow, upon seeing this made way one by one, when Feng Nuan had passed by, the ones armed with bow and arrow followed closely behind .

A group of person were engaging, went along the mountain road neither too fast nor too slow, descended the mountain .

Sese knew that Ye Wuyan wouldn’t let Yi Yingxiang met with any mishap, she also knew that nothing would happen to Feng Nuan . She really wanted to watch the play again, unfortunately, those people had already walked more and more distant . There was only her, lying on the mountain road, seemed to be abandoned .

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Alas… once done being useful, the only fate was to be discarded .

“Young Lady… Young Lady…” Qing Mei ran over like a wisp of smoke, lend her arm to support Sese to stand up from the ground .

Sese was looking at Qing Mei’s tears that was incessantly dripped from her eyes, her heart also slightly had some sourness .

She was filled with laughter and said: “Foolish girl, still hasn’t taken of your outer garment to drape over this Young Lady, are you waiting for someone else to see me?”

Qing Mei immediately flusteredly took off her outer garment and draped over Sese . Just when both of her hands touched Sese’s body which was covered with hickeys, her tears dripped even more vigorously .

“Young Lady, let’s descend the mountain!” Asked Qing Mei .

“No, we shall not descend the mountain, we shall climb the mountain and ask for (inscribed) bamboo stick!” Said Sese with smile .

“Young Lady, you… you haven’t gone mad, have you? Do we still have to climb the mountain?” Asked Qing Mei incredulously . After such a great matter, Young Lady still wanted to climb the mountain? Could it truly be that Young Lady had suffered from excessive shock, to the extent that she begun to speak nonsense .

“Qing Mei, I’m fine . I exactly have to climb the mountain, This Young Lady has such bad luck today, naturally has to climb up the mountain and ask for (inscribed) bamboo stick . Fortunately they all are gone, I still really don’t want to go and ask for (inscribed) bamboo stick together with them! Today, a life was spared, (I) should offer an incense stick in front of Buddha, to show my regards!“ Said Sese with indifferent smile .

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