The World Online - Chapter 680

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Chapter 680: 680

 Chapter 680-Mongol Empire

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The matter with Xunlong Dianxue had spoiled Ouyang Shuo's mood .

The matters of the world were just like that .

When Shanhai Alliance first started out, they were all small Lords, with dreams, drive, and goals .

At this date, they were all famous .

Their greed and pride swelled, internal conflict and splitting up was unavoidable .

The lessons of history showed up time and time again; of the startups in real life, very few ended nicely . In the end, it was unavoidable that animosity would start, and even good friends would turn into enemies .

It seems like even Shanhai Alliance could not avoid this cruel part of history .

Ouyang Shuo pressed down his emotions and asked, "What about the other members?"

"Consonance City has totally solidified their rule of Kunming Prefecture and are getting ready . If we don't move, they would act alone on Dongchuan Prefecture on the north side . " As he spoket, Black Snake smiled, "Lord, Yunnan Province doesn't have any big problem . "

"Okay . "

"Fallen Phoenix City is progressing at god speed in Taoyuan Province; they have already taken the center and north portion of it . The 20 odd Lords in the north have gathered together to resist their attacks . From an optimistic viewpoint, at most, they can succeed in defending . As for Fallen Phoenix's position as a superpower in the province, it is unshakeable . "

Ouyang Shuo nodded; Feng Qiuhuang was really amazing . As expected, she did not let him down .

"There is only one thing I need you to look over . " Black Snake stopped .


"Based on the reports from the Black Snake Guards, the alliance leader of the Taiyuan Province north region Lords is Feng Qiuhuang's brother, Feng Tianlie . Under the support of the Yanhuang Alliance, Fengxiang City has been developing well and is of a great scale now . Di Chen even suggested to raise the speaking rights of Fengxiang City in the alliance . ”

"That isn't surprising . " Ouyang Shuo was rather calm .

Ouyang Shuo was pretty familiar with all of Di Chen’s schemes .

Two years ago, with Ouyang Shuo's support, Feng Qiuhuang had broken free from the Feng family and kept Fallen Phoenix City . The remaining members, under the support of the Yanhuang Alliance, rebuilt a new territory in the north known as Fengxiang Village .

Their consideration then was to just place down a chess piece since they could do so .

Hence, in the following one to two years, although Fengxiang City was a member of Yanhuang Alliance, they did not have a presence . Even Wandering Magic's Fallen Leaf City was more eye-catching than them .

Currently, Fengxiang City had suddenly become the castle to sniping down Fallen Phoenix City . Hence, attention was paid to them by Di Chen and the others, giving them speaking rights was just an act .

These aristocratic sons and daughters were truly cold to the extreme .

It seemed like the Feng family had been really hard done over the past year or two . Who knows whether they had started to regret the decision they had made two years ago .

"One more matter . " Black Snake reported, "A month ago, Feng Tianlie stepped on some dogsh*t luck and managed to form relationships with a noble in a Mongol tribe to the north . He obtained a batch of elite Mongol Warhorses . They even sent men over to train their cavalry . "

"What?" Ouyang Shuo leaped to his feet in shock

When Black Snake saw his reaction, he was a little confused, asking carefully, “Lord?"

Ouyang Shuo's eyes were unsettled, and he only sat back down after a while .

The scenes from the last life once again appeared in his mind .

The strong Mongol Empire has already started to act? Ouyang Shuo muttered in his heart .

In this life, probably only Ouyang Shuo was aware of the terrifying strength of the Mongol Empire . This giant was laid in wait since the start of the game and remained truly low profile .

The only time the Mongol Empire dealt with players was trading goods, especially the Mongol warhorses that the players loved .

All the while, the Mongol tribe seemed exceedingly calm and friendly . They did all deals that came their ways and did not disturb the neighboring territories .

It was like this was a genuinely gentle nomadic tribe .

Hence, the China region Lords had totally no defenses against the Mongol tribes .

Only Ouyang Shuo knew the catastrophe this nomadic emperor would cause for the entire north side, and it even affected the country war .

Black Snake's words jolted him to his senses .

In the last life, Ouyang Shuo was just an adventure gamemode player; he had limited contact with information . He only remembered that in the 5th year, when the iron Mongol cavalry went down south, the neighboring territories all fell within a night .

Only a month later did news spread that the Lords at the borders had led them in .

Digging deeper into the matter, all these territories had a similarity; before the war, they had made friends with the Mongol tribes and had gained their help .

More than half were helped by the so-called nobles of the Mongol tribe .

It was obvious that the Mongols had been preparing for this war since the start . However, Ouyang Shuo had not expected for them to start acting already in the 3rd year .

The peculiar Fengxiang City caused Ouyang Shuo to link it to that .

Ouyang Shuo tried to calm himself down and said in a low tone, “Let the Black Snake Guards follow this lead and investigate all the way . Also investigate the neighboring territories to see if there are similar situations . "

"Understood!" Black Snake nodded .

The Lord's reaction showed that there was something hidden behind all of this .

However, Black Snake was a smart person and naturally knew when to act dumb . Especially as an intel organization person, he couldn't have too many thoughts and opinions of his own .

"This intel, pass Fallen Phoenix City a copy . " Ouyang Shuo instructed .

"This . . . . " Black Snake suddenly hesitated .

"What, is there a problem?" Ouyang Shuo frowned .

Black Snake gritted his teeth, “Lord, I want to report something . Our sources show that the people from the Feng family are trying to persuade Lord Feng Qiuhuang; they hope that she can return . For this, they were willing to give her huge power in the family and remove the gender discrimination . "

"Eh, the rough method can't work so they are trying the soft one?" Ouyang Shuo felt amused, “How did Feng Qiuhuang react?"

"She rejected the offer . " Black Snake nodded, “Even so, I feel that we have to defend against them . "

"Understood . " Ouyang Shuo nodded, “Remember, do not to cross the line . No matter what, they are our allies and our friends . Without proof, don't let cracks form in the alliance because of your investigations . Understood?"

Ouyang Shuo spoke seriously because he did not want the whole alliance to have internal distrust . He did not want to the alliance to suspect each other just because of Xunlong Dianxue .

If that happened, that would be dangerous .

"Don't worry, I know what to do . " Black Snake nodded .

"Focus your investigation on the Feng Family, don't touch Feng Qiuhuang . Remember, you are an intel organization, not the special ops, and definitely not white terror . " Ouyang Shuo reminded .

Under the support of Ouyang Shuo, Black Snake had already become an important person and his influence covered the entire world . His current achievements far exceeded those he had as a mercenary group leader .

Sometimes, he felt fortunate, fortunate about the choice that he had made . At that time, he had hesitated to disband the mercenary group and merge into the Shanhai City system; how would he know that he would have the position and achievements of today?

Such power was truly unbelievable .

Hence, Ouyang Shuo had to remind Black Snake . It wasn't that he suspected his loyalty, but it was to prevent the Black Snake Guards from using their power for personal use .

"Understood, Lord's lesson, I will remember; I will follow all rules . " When Black Snake heard these words, he decisively replied, his face tense .

In truth, Black Snake was not the only one that had changed .

He was not the mercenary guild leader from back then, and Ouyang Shuo was not that sharp and rash Lord .

The current Ouyang Shuo, no matter where he went, would place an immense pressure on his subordinates . Before which, Black Snake could still guess what the Lord was thinking about, but now, his heart was only filled with respect .

There were many times that Black Snake forgot that both of them were players .

It was like they were truly in an ancient country, facing a Lord with absolute power . He had full respect and worship toward him .

To outsiders, it was weird, and even could not be understood .

To the players in Shanhai City, especially to the players that held roles, they felt that it was to be expected .

No one was certain of when this eye-catching Lord slowly transform into a true overlord . Especially after his return, this feeling became even thicker .

Who else in the whole world could cause such a storm just by returning?

No one .


Ouyang Shuo did not know what kind of waves had been started in the heart of this subordinate, and he asked, “What about Stone City?"

In the end, what concerned Ouyang Shuo the most was the north . If not, he would not have sent the city protection legion over .

Black Snake suppressed the emotions in his heart and replied, “Temporarily nothing . In this half a year, the busiest in China has to be Handan City . Under Di Chen's leadership, they struck out, either attacking, using schemes, or using baits . Under the support of his family, Di Chen claimed territory after territory . "

"Jingdou Province, apart from Stone City in the north, is all under the rule of Handan City . If it wasn't for the city protection legion helping in the defense, Stone City probably couldn't have defended themselves . "

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