The World Online - Chapter 934

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Chapter 934: 934

Chapter 934 – Dali

Hearing Di Chen's depressing words, Zhan Lang frowned, "Wouldn't such an approach be a little too much on the back foot?"

"Then what suggestion do you have?"

Zhan Lang said, "Why not leave a portion of our forces in our cities? When the war starts, we can send reinforcements . "

"Let's do that!" Di Chen nodded in agreement .

Xiong Ba continued, "Apart from our alliance, we could get help from the outside . "

"Are you referring to the two City-States?" The one who spoke was Chun Shenjun, who shook his head, "Those two are terrified of Great Xia . As long as Great Xia does not attack them, they would be thankful, much less take the initiative to attack back . "

Along with the various troops all moving into position, the tip of the blade was pointed right at the Yanhuang Alliance . The direction of this battle had made the two City-States feel really at ease .

Just yesterday, Great Xia sent out two envoys to the City-States . On the surface, it was to discuss trade, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the Cross Mediterranean trading agreement .

Although they did not make it very obvious, their actions sent a clear signal . With that, the Lords of both City-States were totally at ease . As such, why would they join in the battle between the two giants?

If they really joined in, they would not even know how they died . Yunnan City-State and Xunlong City were clear examples .

Obviously, Great Xia was trying to pull a diplomacy card, and they were getting better and better at this .

Great Xia, which had suffered several loses due to this, was not a solo player like before . They have learned how to use economy and diplomacy to serve their war needs .

It would be difficult for the Yanhuang Alliance to find some scapegoats to take the bullets for them .

Xiong Ba was really optimistic as he smiled, "It's time to use the hidden pieces that we buried there . Even if they do not strike out, to lock up a portion of their army is good enough . "

As expected from Xiong Ba . Although he was not calm, he did not lose his rationality and his sense of direction . He was trying his best to save the future of his territory .

Such shocking toughness was even greater than what Di Chen possessed .

Although Xiong Ba said that, Chun Shenjun was not much happier, and he said bitterly, "Chess pieces? After so many changes, how many have not been revealed? Great Xia probably has more say in the two City-States than us . "

The damage to their reputation caused by the Xunlong Dianxue incident was still affecting them till this date .

Chun Shenjun was not planning to leave even a little bit of face for Xiong Ba . The Xunlong Dianxue incident was Xiong Ba's greatest humiliation .

" . . . . "

Xiong Ba's face turned ugly .

When Zhan Lang saw that, he said to Chun Shenjun, "No matter what, let's just contact them . " Like that, he got Xiong Ba out of the awkward situation .

When Chun Shenjun heard these words, he nodded .

Zhan Lang was playing the role of mediator . He had calmed down Di Chen, Xiong Ba, and Chun Shenjun . His role in Yanhuang Alliance was becoming more and more important .

Hence, even Chun Shenjun did not dare to piss him off, and he gave Zhan Lang a lot of respect . One had to say that Zhan Lang's way of handling matters was truly not like that of military personnel .


Xiong Ba took in a deep breath as he tried his best to calm down . He said calmly, "The outside help I mentioned, apart from the two City-States, there are others . "


"The owner of Dali Prefecture . "


Di Chen and the others looked over .

Xiong Ba explained, "When we were fighting Great Xia in Yunnan Province, although Yunnan City-State fell, many Lords inside Dali Prefecture were protected by the Dali Imperial Court and survived . "

"You want to make use of them?"

Xiong Ba nodded, "After the system upgrade, although we cannot form any alliances, the territories near the imperial city can request for the imperial city to send troops to help . We should buy one of them out and get them to seek protection from Dali . Can we do that?"

"Most definitely . " Di Chen was really confident .

Zhan Lang asked a question, "Based on the rules, the imperial city will not send troops exceeding the number of troops the territory possesses . With the number of troops they have, what problem can they cause?"

Xiong Ba smiled deviously, "Then let's make it a little bigger . Let's buy over all of them and merge all of these territories . We will provide them with a way out too . "

Zhan Lang was shocked, but his face still remained expressionless, "That would cost a lot . "

The so-called way out was just using their family resources that were set aside to plan for their stay on Planet Hope .

However, to do so, their families had to pay a huge price .

"For the safety of our territories, no matter the cost, it is worth it . " Xiong Ba had set his mind to it . If King City fell, everything would be lost .

"What do you all think?"

Di Chen asked the others . If they were to act, the costs would naturally be split up .

Who knows what Chun Shenjun was thinking as he said, "Dali Prefecture only has a few Lords . Apart from Wandering Magic, Sha Pojun, and Feng Qingyang, each one of us take one . "

"Ok . "

The four of them were the top of the alliance . As such, to take such a responsibility was as expected .

The matter was settled like that .

"Since we are spending so much, why not make it bigger? Do you think Xiao Nianying would step into this?"


Xiong Ba and the others fell silent as they contemplated .

Xiao Nianying was the leader of the Xiao Alliance . During the Satellite City battle, he used Silver Hand to clean out Qingfeng Pavilion and became the Guardian of Dali Satellite City .

Xiao Alliance took this chance to rise up, and they became the biggest guild in Dali .

Xiong Ba took a glance at Di Chen . In his heart, he admired Di Chen's foresight . He said, "I think he will . Dali is like Quanzhou, surrounded by Great Xia . The moment a dynasty moves in, Dali would lose its system protection, and their situation would be similar to Quanzhou . It seems like their days would be numbered . As such, they have enough reason to help us out, only . . . "

"Only what?"

"They can only act as a support, and the main part still has to be achieved by us . After all, he would not be so decisive seeing that Xiao Alliance is not under hit yet . "

Di Chen nodded, "You do not need to worry about that . Since we are doing it, we must do it beautifully . I'll tell my family to contact the higher ups of the Xiao Family . One must not forget that the reason they are able to get to this level is because of Silver Hand . Now, it's time they paid it back . "

"That's right . " Xiong Ba rarely agreed with Di Chen, "This time, Great Xia taking the initiative to strike is not a good omen . We have to go all out to fend off this wave . If not, and we lose this, the future fights would get harder and harder . "

When Di Chen and the others heard these words, their hearts beat quickly .

Even Chun Shenjun, who was calm and settled, got solemn .

If Great Xia continues to rise from this, they would be unstoppable, and the strength of the two alliances would be tipped in his favor .

One could say that the Yanhuang Alliance had no way out .

Following which, the seven of them had a detailed meeting before going their separate ways .
Shanhai City, Xia Palace .

The newly appointed Guards Legion Corps 4th legion Legion General Er'Lai rushed over to meet Ouyang Shuo .

The 4th legion was formed from war elite soldiers gathered from the three other War Fighting Legion Corps . They used the cover of the disarmament to gather toward Yunnan Province .

Hence, the outside world knew nothing about this legion .

Being moved from the City Protection Legion Corps to the Guards Legion Corps and going back to the frontlines, Er'Lai was evidently really excited, "Greeting king!"

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "You are going to Yunnan Province with a really heavy responsibility . You must listen to Yunnan War Zone commander Baiqi, understood?"

Er'Lai was originally from the Guards Legion, so Ouyang Shuo was afraid that he could not accept it .

"Do not worry my king . " Er'Lai beat his chest and asked, "My king, am I going to Yunnan to attack the Shu Lands?"

Before coming over, Er'Lai had only received orders from the Privy Court to rush to Consonance City . He did not get any specific battle plans . As such, it was no wonder that he had his doubts .

Ouyang Shuo said, "Commander Baiqi will naturally give you your mission when you arrive in Consonance City . "

This military operation involved too much, and it was not something that could be said in a few words . Luckily, there was Baiqi in the Yunnan Warzone, and he could help split the burden for Ouyang Shuo .


Er'Lai scratched his head; he knew that he could not get any information out of this .
  . . .
After sending Er'Lai away, Ouyang Shuo moved to the front of the window and looked at the sky in the west . His eyes seemingly passed through thousands of miles as he looked at one city; it was one of the cities that were the key to this battle .

"Let's hope the things I prepared can be used . "

The Grand Council had simulated this battle hundreds of times and considered all factors . This battle was not only to take down Swordsman City but also to create a huge net .

How many big fish this net could catch would depend on how the battle went . Even Ouyang Shuo did not know, and it would rely on Baiqi to execute .

"No matter what, this will be the most exciting battle in the 4th year of Gaia . " As the person who planned this battle, Ouyang Shuo was really calm, and his eyes were clear like water .

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