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Published at 14th of July 2019 09:27:47 AM

Chapter 125

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Sensing the danger, her Solar Star activated but she was injured, still she moved with rage brewing in her chest, how ungrateful .

No sinner is worse than the ungrateful one . In that instant they were horrified to see her sudden fierce composure, they succeed to flee with their comprehensive clout .

Jen did not went to race them instead she extended her hand at her back and pull off the dagger which was lunged at her upper waist, the woman whom she helped to drink water and saved her life paid back backstab with dagger .

She was ascended in the air to fight back but they fled so she landed on the next sand dune and tried to examine her injury with the touch of her hand .

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She was under sharp astral rays and it was not safe for her, she looked around only to find slightly better place .

She saw deeper but shady desert ridge, its exact occurrence was strange for her; just look for shade and shade was in front of her, she confirmed with her contemplation that it was safe then go down . She needed to dress up her wound immediately either it would be late .

She felt jerk of dizziness again, she make paste of few herbs and applied on her wound and covered it with cloth strip which she fold around her upper waist to keep the ointment on place, thanks to her interest at Thousand herb mountain where used to sit and learn about herbs diligently back then .

She drank some water and fell on the stone slab which was placed in the shade; this particular area was strange if compared to whole desert and it was center of desert too .

She woke up in the midnight with dearth and dry she felt in her throat, she drank water and eat some fruits to tackle her hunger .

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At night desert usually got cool but she felt equal warm in this ridge shade, she came out of it, outside desert was calm and bearable cold .

She went to check the ridge again but it was still equally warm like day, she was tucking her hair in confusion now, she went out and came in but it remained same .

She was flustered with her toil and eager to find the reason behind this weird situation, because she was absorbed in running to and fro that she neglected her wound and it started flow, when she noticed it was bleeding, "Ah, I am ruthless to myself," she cried in pain .

Cool dry and silent atmosphere heard her cry but it seemed to agree to her presumption that she was hard-nosed to herself .

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She administered some healing and there was no way cure than to give time for healing .

She binge her cloth sheet and lie in the open on sand dune staring at the night, she could see several thousand tiny dots shining in the sky, giving life energy to onlookers without discrimination of whoever it was onlooker .

She drank some liquid herbs to hasten her healing process .

She was sitting on the big dune of sand and staring in surrounding now .

What made the ridge strange out of desert, she was thinking and fell asleep, early morning she felt excruciating heat of early dawn in the desert after cold night, she woke up sluggishly and slowly walked deep down in the ridge, it was better to stay in the ridge in bright day because she consumed herbal liquid she was still half-sleep .

She took some eating and felt that for more sleep though it was uncomfortable but she activated her Peace Armor with Nobility Stage, this way she could feel any disturbance in her surrounding in case someone appear here . It was next day night when she woke up due to overheat of this ridge and dehydration of her body .

When she walked from Defender Hacienda, she was in good spirit but these days proved tiring and shattering for her age, if her great grandfather had seen her in such condition he would definitely brought her back and would have never allowed her in future to go on any exploration, she thought it and smiled with pity for herself .

She did not check her wound and slowly came out from ridge; her condition was opposite to this calm night .

Not long latter she sensed that dainty air was getting hefty, she noticed air piercing wind with gales of sand was on its way, it was common in desert site to carry sand storms and shift sand dunes somewhere else, it was common to lost track in desert .

She hurried to hide in the ridge, it was horrible sand storm, big sand dune which was close ridge got shifted somewhere else overnight and here remained carpeted sand plain without crest and turf, she sighed .

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