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Chapter 27

The discussion drag on until night time . Late at night, all the police men and the examiners were exhausted . It’s like they were just waiting to see who will resist until the end .

This two teenagers, even though their body is thin, they have hard skulls . It’s so difficult to break and dig out more about their testimony .

Senior Yang rubbed his red eyes and said to Zheng Yi, “There is one way to prove your conjecture . ”

“What method?”

“The Prisoner’s Dilemma!”

The so-called Prisoner’s Dilemma refers to the tendency of two conspirators to disclose or confess facts because they cannot trust each other or are told that the other party has betrayed them in isolated conditions .

Typical criminals can never survive such psychological warfare .

The interrogations soon began separately .

Chen Nian sat in the interrogation room alone . Her attire are bland, with only a red rope on her wrist which is particularly bright, like a bloodstain .

The expressionless policemen walked in . His expression was not yet stable while Senior Yang threw folders on the table with a snap . The old detective eyes like a burning torch, blazing with anger, looked at her and said, “Bei Ye has confessed . ”

Chen Nian looked at them didn’t utter a single word . There was no surprise or panic in her eyes .

“Chen Nian, you and him are accomplices . ” Senior Yang said .

Chen Nian shook her head: “No . ”

“On the day of Wei Cai’s disappearance, she asked Xu Miao to go to the back hill . That’s just a cover . In fact, you are the person she asked for . Don’t deny it, because she told you the day before . The last lesson is P . E . class . It’s convenient for you to go to the back hill . You hurt her when you went there . On that day, you mentioned that movie tickets were difficult to buy at school and your classmates Li Xiang wanted to watch that . He asked you to go to the movies that night . When you watch the movie, Bei Ye goes to deal with the aftermath again . ”

“No . ” Chen Nian shook her head . The light fell to the top of her head, and her eyelids casts long shadows, swaying under her pitch black eyes .

“That’s what Bei Ye himself said . Chen Nian, if you don’t admit it you will be punished more severely . ”

Hold on, you have to hold on .

She gazed at them with deep, terrible eyes . After half a minute of silence, she asked, “Do you want to lighten my punishment?”

“Yes, we want to help you . ” The detective replied .

“Since you want to help, does it matter whether I confessed or not?” Chen Nian coldly said, “When I plead guilty, only then will you lighten the punishment for me?”

He was silent .

After all, Senior Yang continued: “Do you want to confess?”

“No . ”


“I don’t know why he said that, but I don’t know him . ” Chen Nian said .

“He said you were accomplices . Just three hours ago, he offered another testimony in order to buy time to keep you from doing examination . ”

Chen Nian still shook her head .

“Perhaps he was too bored, or unwilling to make another testimony to plead guilty and do the time, so he’s dragged me into the mud . For the sake of my exam he’s buying time and it makes me guilty too . But think carefully, what’s the meaning of confessing the act itself and involving me? I’m already involved . If it’s possible that I’m convicted, what’s the point of me taking an examination? There is a lot of contradiction . So, it’s incorrect if he said that I was an accomplice with him, it wasn’t credible . ” [ED: Yea I havn’t read the previous chapters, so I can’t edit this part too much]

Her logic is so clear that it makes some policement release cold sweat . [ED: not to me lmao]

Her remarks undoubtedly provided another possibility for the intricate case . Perhaps Bei Ye was unwilling to be caught in her hands and tried to frame her .

“You mean that, what he said was false?”

“Yes . ”

“Chen Nian, the last chance, if you don’t want to confess, Bei Ye’s sentence will be reduce for cooperating with the investigation . On the contrary, your guilt will be aggravated . ”

“He’s lying . ” She calmly stated .

“Are you sure?”

“I will stake my life on it” she said, her eyes clear and her tone absolute . “Otherwise, let me meet him and confront us together . ”

“You think we’re not going to do that?”

“Let him come!”

Under the white burning light, her pale skin and cheekbones further accentuate her deep black eyes…

They have failed, and she has survived .

The last hope for them is to put pressure on Bei Ye .

In Bei Ye’s further interrogation, the opening was solemn and oppressive:

“Chen Nian admitted that when Wei Cai was killed, she was on the scene and was an active participation . ”

“Heh, is that woman braindead?” Bei Ye said .

The situation on this side is the same as that on the other side; offers of aggravating or mitigating the sentence, leniency for cooperation to the severity of resistance; has not been able to pry Bei Ye’s mouth open .

“You mean what she said was false?”

“Yes . ”

“Bei Ye, this is the last chance, if you don’t admit it, Chen Nian’s punishment will be reduced for cooperating with the investigation . On the contrary, your punishment will be aggravated . ”

“She’s lying . ”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure . Otherwise, let me meet her and confront her . ”

The white light that shone on Bei Ye’s face shows an unprecedented three-dimensional line, as sharp as knives and axes .

His eyes are as tough as nails . [ strong and very determined ]

Zheng Yi felt that his colleagues had tried their best and could not pry any further .

Maybe they can try a few more times, but he knows they can’t break it .

These two children, they’re surrounded by a city wall, trapped, isolated, are still unbreakable .

They exchanged a look, ready to leave the interrogation room, but Zheng Yi did not move, he still grasped the last trace of his “intuition” and did not let go . When he threw Chen Nian in front of Bei Ye, that look in his eyes can not be false .


He looked at Bei Ye and caught the same look on his face as Chen Nian in the next room, a kind of almost miserable cruelty .


Why are they so difficult to overcome, why are they so confident that the police on the other side of the cross-examination failed, that the other side will not confess?

Zheng Yi’s intellect was almost going to go against him except for his intuition which he could not explain in his heart .

Otherwise, he did not understand what actually had happened, not in the least . How can two people without any interaction create such a strong bond?

Is it possible for two children, fragile and young, to trust each other so much in the face of pressure and threats?

What kind of contract and survival relationship do they have?

They were on the same ladder, either falling together or cutting the rope on one side . His wish was to get rid of all obstacles for her to leave without blemish, so she resolutely climbed up the road he had paved? Who suffers more from the falling? The falling one or the surviving one? [ED: unsure cuz I dont know their relationship here]

Is that a relationship?

Impossible .

Unimaginable .

Is he wrong?

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He thought about what Xiao Yao had said . He was struggling, about to collapse .

Senior Yang and the others got up, and they left the interrogation room . The development of the case was just what they thought .

There were only two young people left in the narrow room .

Seconds by seconds, Zheng Yi thought abruptly .

Collision, tracking, movie, back hill…

His thoughts were convoluted and confused .

His mind is in utter disorder . He can’t help to lean forward and ask the teenager, “Chen Nian is an accomplice! You feel anxious so you undress and take Wei Cai’s clothes . It’s because she left a key evidence on her clothes, which is the bloody fingerprints!”

Bei Ye looked at him coldly, silent and speechless .

“To bury Wei Cai in a remote but suitable place for the preservation of corpses is also indicate preparation . Just in case of discovery, in the absence of evidence, without the suspect of raincoat man, the most murderous motive is the idea that she was a bully before she disappeared . So you have to keep all the evidence she put on Wei Cai!”

He doesn’t stop, miscellaneous thoughts voiced aloud: “Bloody shirts, raincoats, you intentionally did not burn them up, to prove that you are the raincoat man! On the way, you deliberately bumped into Li Xiang in order to make him suspect you . ”

Bei Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes were cold .

But no, what’s wrong?

When Bei Ye offered the exchange terms, Zheng Yi doubted the usefulness of winning the examination time . He exposed his concern for Chen Nian . Once he was strictly interrogated, he would probably dig out more secrets . If she was guilty, she could not attend a college . What was the significance of winning an examination time?


Why is Bei Ye so confident that they will overcome the interrogation test? Was he didn’t want to confess because he believed that Chen Nian would cruelly let him take the blame?

Where did the confidence come from?

Zheng Yi grabbed his head on the table . Suddenly, a flash of light flashed across him . He suddenly stood up .

“You – you’re not the raincoat man!”

But where did Wei Cai’s “defensive injury” come from in the autopsy report? His hypothesis… The so-called defensive injuries all came from the resistance against Chen Nian’s abuse the day before Wei Cai’s death… Is it true?


He’s not the raincoat man!

Who could it be then?

Similar teenagers, the flowing height and weight on the roster, the well-being of the repair shop, Chen Nian rushed down the street and pulled the white-dressed teenager back, with another face .

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“Da Kang! –

Wait .

Who is it?

His brain is like a high-speed machine . Video images of the abuse are replayed .

The face in the video is similar to Lai Qing’s .

“Lai Zi! —— Lai Qing!”

Lai Qing is the raincoat man, and Bei Ye’s understanding of the raincoat man comes from Lai Qing .

That night of abuse, Lai Qing also participated, and he also violated Chen Nian . Bei Ye hates him .

Why, why on earth, would he dress up as a raincoat man——

Zheng Yi was stunned . His body and soul trembling stood still for a moment, absolutely terrified, grabbing his neck with his hands and falling slowly .

He was shocked and looked at the youth who was almost melting in the white light, incredibly creepy .

No, such a sophisticated and intricate scheme would not come from such a teenager . [ED: Man I really need to read up on this one]

Zheng Yi is like a patient who got excessive perspiration after a high fever . He feels cold and empty . He stares at Bei Ye without soul .

Zheng Yi staggered up and grabbed Bei Ye’s collar and lifted him up . He said with a very low voice, which was limited to him to hear, as if it were from the soul:

“You have to be the raincoat man . Only by dressing up as a raincoat man can you hide the real cause of Wei Cai’s death .

Because Chen Nian is your accomplice; when you get to the scene——

Wei Cai is dead .

It’s Chen Nian! And you’re not even there!

You hate Lai Qing, but you don’t want to kill him . You have to make sure that he won’t divulge the secrets and commit crimes in the future . So you become a definite “raincoat man”, so that the “raincoat man” can never be overturned! Now that you have become a criminal, you cut off the possibility of Chen Nian’s confession .

Are you crazy, Bei Ye?!”

He gritted his teeth, grabbed his collar and pushed him back to his chair .

Zheng Yi was breathing heavily . Bei Ye rubbed his wrist pulled by the iron handcuffs, raised his eyes and curled his lips .

“Officer Zheng, I admire you very much . But -“