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Chapter 28.1

The teenager just shook his head and said, “She didn’t kill anybody . ”

“You’ve only miscalculated a little — she didn’t kill Wei Cai . ”

“Officer Zheng, I’m sure of that . ”

How did he determine where, when and who?

Zheng Yi suddenly stared at Bei Ye, and he also looked at him .

He immediately got up and closed the door of the interrogation room, drew the curtain, unplugged the camera, and shut down all means of communication with the outside world .

He sat back in front of Bei Ye and said quickly, “If my analysis is right, there’s only one other option: Chen Nian didn’t kill anybody . When you go to the back hill, Wei Cai was already dead . You think Chen Nian killed her, so you plan what I said before . You prepared everything, but later found out that there was someone else who killed Wei Cai . ”

Bei Ye did not reply, his expression was calm, unlike someone who had been questioned several times .

He pleaded, “Bei Ye, please believe me at least this once . ”

But the teenager’s eyes are so strange that it’s hard to say that he believes in anything right now .

“I know you don’t believe me, and I can’t explain the procedure or the law to you right now, but Bei Ye, only I can help you now, and I want to help you . No, I have to help you!”

“You know there are four cases of rape done by the raincoat man and a Second Degree murder charge by Wei Cai . How many years are you going to be in prison? Even if you have a good attitude and conducts, it will last for at least twenty years, longer than your life now! Let alone it’s possible to be a life sentence!”

Bei Ye was silent .

The light flickered .

Zheng Yi stood up and said, “What about Chen Nian? Don’t you want to never see her for the rest of your life?

“… No, she doesn’t matter . ” He spoke, quiet but not indifferent .

Only the mention of Chen Nian can pry open his mouth .

“Do you want to see her?” Zheng Yi asked, “Do you want to meet her now? Or in 20 years?”

“She can’t see me . ” Bei Ye replied .

“Can I ask you what you think? Do you want to leave this hole and go out early to find to her? It doesn’t matter if she can’s see you, just stay behind her . She’s alone now . Don’t you want to protect her like before?”

Bei Ye bit his lips tightly .

Zheng Yi asked, “How did you tell her that you killed Wei Cai by mending the knife, that you killed Lai Qing, and that you used this to break her back so that she could not withdraw the confession?” [Unsure here]

Bei Ye was astonished .

He remembered that he had told her what he wanted most and that she had to give it to him . No matter how difficult it is for her to be alone in the future, she has to carry on and give him what he wants most . He knew she was tough and she could do it .

“You’ve taken it all down . So what about her?”

“Bei Ye, take responsibility for your mistakes, but don’t answer for what you haven’t done . It’s not love, it’s simply obsession . ”

“You can’t see it inside, but I can see that she’s completely changed now . She’s going to suffer for a lifetime . She’s going to become silent and withdraw from everyone . ”

“You are willing to take responsibility for her, and your heart will feels satisfied, but you have blocked all her exits, she does not know how to tell the truth of the case, she may not even know what is true . ”

“She doesn’t believe me . She doesn’t believe in the police . The only thing she trusts is everything you say to her . ”

Bei Ye’s chest fluttered slightly, still silent .

“Bei Ye, since Chen Nian did not kill Wei Cai, I promise she will be okay . ” Zheng Yi knows what he worries about, and he says vigorously, word by word, “No one will hear our conversation, I will help you . On the premise that she will be all right, let me give you a hand, I swear on my name!”

“Bei Ye, everyone on this interrogation room seeks to live on, why not you!”

“…” Bei Ye remain silent .

Zheng Yi heaves a long sigh . How could the teenager be as firm as a stone?

He almost lost his way . “Do you want to protect her?”

Zheng Yi spoke in a low voice and said, “Me too . So please believe me . Believe that I will do my best to protect her . ”

Bei Ye eyes look at Zheng Yi deeply as if he was about to sink into it . However, Bei Ye watched him for a long time and slowly shook his head . “Officer Zheng, thank you . But you can’t save us . ”

Zheng Yi was stunned: “Why? What you mean by that is–“

“I want to see a lawyer . I have nothing else to say,” interrupted Bei Ye .

Every thing cease abruptly .

Zheng Yi quieted down . He kept looking at him, but Bei Ye did not return his gaze . After a dozen seconds of silence, the door was pushed open and he was taken away .

Zheng Yi walked slowly to the door and saw Bei Ye turning around and glancing at the adjacent interrogation room . Chen Nian is no longer there .

The boy was quiet when he was leaving .

Zheng Yi felt like he just ran a marathon and his legs were weak .

Xiao Yao was stunned: “Zheng Yi, why your face so pale?”

Zheng Yi rubbed his face vigorously and beat up his spirit: “What about Chen Nian?”

“She’s down there, I can’t drive . I want someone to take her home . ”

“I’ll go . ”

Zheng Yi was very tired . On their way home, nobody said a word . She is as cold as a ghost .

He knew that he couldn’t break their bond, but in the end he still didn’t give up: “Chen Nian, can you believe me just once?”

But she just said, “You can’t save anybody . ” Then she goes up the stairs and didn’t look back .

Zheng Yi stood on the open ground in the middle of the night, with a tired and aching body . He just wanted to rest and fall asleep on the ground already .

Xiao Yao called .

“Zheng Yi, go to bed early, we’ll have the last meeting tomorrow . ”

Zheng Yi suddenly felt awake .

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Tomorrow morning, the last meeting will be held . After the case has been sorted out in the team, the records and evidence will be sent to the prosecutor’s office .

At that point, Bei Ye’s records will be confirmed as evidence, and even if he repents and overturns the case, what he says will not be credible .

“Xiao Yao!” Zheng Yi shouted, “You must help me!”


Inside the conference room, at three in the morning, Xiao Yao was sleepy after looking at the recording for so long . But all she saw was evidence that Bei Ye was the criminal . She had some doubts about why she was coming here in the first place .

Under the white light, Zheng Yi was still looking through the evidence .

Xiao Yao held her head and said, “Zheng Yi, let’s go home . We need to rest . ”

Zheng Yi simply ignored her .

He suspected that Lai Qing was the raincoat man, but after Lai Qing’s death, his colleagues went to his home to search the murder scene and extract evidence .

At this moment, Zheng Yi opened the information of the investigation at that time . There was nothing unusual in the record of Lai Qing’s room . No one could suspect that he was the raincoat man .

Zheng Yi looked at the photo of the scene .

Xiao Yao came and took the paper in his hand . Zheng Yi raised his head . His eyes were red . Like blood .

Xiao Yao was stunned, sighed helplessly and advised, “Zheng Yi, listen to me . Sometimes people’s intuition is not always right . ”

Zheng Yi’s sore neck shook for a moment and said, “So, why did you still sit here to look through information with me?”

“Because you’ve been crazy recently!” Xiao Yao snapped .

Don’t go overboard, breath in, breathe out, calm down again .

She looks at him and saying, “The information that Bei Ye confess are exactly in line with the evidence chain . You always say intuition, but you rely on logic to speculate that he’s not the raincoat man, nor he killed Wei Cai . But he killed Lai Qing, the true raincoat man . To tell you the truth, I heard what you said . I think this set of logical reasoning is reasonable and has a little possibility . But it’s just only a little, because we still have no solid evidence!”

Zheng Yi tried to say, “I suspect it’s true . The raincoat man is Lai Qing . ”

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“Your suspicion is full of uncertainty . ” Xiao Yao retorted, “Lai Qing is dead and there is no evidence of his death .  Dead men tell no tales . Bei Ye can confess that he wasn’t the raincoat man, but Lai Qing . But why didn’t he say that? You are illogical . “

“He didn’t want to tell the truth . He was afraid that Chen Nian will be involved . ”

Xiao Yao raised her voice: “You said that he murdered Lai Qing . Why would Chen Nian be involved?”

Zheng Yi fiercely stopped and choked .   He said, “I have to think about it . ”

Xiao Yao looked at him for a while and shook her head tiredly . “Zheng Yi, I think you are too tired . Go back and rest . Stop wasting your time . ”

Zheng Yi catches up with Xiao Yao who picks up her bag and ignores his words .

“Let’s go back to the beginning . Chen Nian was bullied by Wei Cai at school . She won’t go to school if there’s nothing to do . So she suggested watching the movie, while taking advantage of physical education classes to go to the back hill . She went to see Wei Cai so she could have hurt her . ”

Xiao Yao dumped her bag and looked at Zheng Yi with restraint: “Did you see the forensic report? Wei Cai had only one wound, and it was fatal . ”

“…” Zheng Yi was rendered speechless .

“You’re totally unreasonable now! I wonder why I wasted a night listening to you . ” Xiao Yao carried her bag and left without turning her head .

Zheng Yi froze in place like a statue .

In the empty building, late at night, he was as lonely as the only Moon in the night sky .

He slowly walked back to his desk, bent down to sort out the information, and suddenly he smashed the paper on the desk, scattered all around . He gasped, his feet losing its strength and his body was ridden with fatigue .

Suddenly he collapsed on his chair and stared at the ceiling .

Yes, that’s right . Wei Cai only has one wound . How could Lai Qing kill her?

Bei Ye said Chen Nian was not the murderer . Was it Bei Ye? No, Bei Ye did not deny his other speculations . When he went, Wei Cai should have already died .

What on earth is this?

How can we get out of this dead end?