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Chapter 28.2

The door which was opened by the cleaner staff made Zheng Yi suddenly wake up from his deep sleep . When he looked at his cell phone, cold sweat formed on his forehead . It was 7:50 a . m . !

The last meeting will begin at eight o’clock . But he still had no idea how to solve this mystery . Zheng Yi ran to the bathroom to wash his face . He forced himself to be calm while held the washstand, but his heart beats like a drum .

Let’s go to the meeting . We’ve tried our best . It’s time to disclose the evidence .

But that damn intuition keeps screaming in his head:

This is wrong .

This case is wrong .

This case is injustice .

He grabbed his hair, and his tired, dull brain was forced to run at high speed .

He was thinking hard about every moment of last night’s conversation with Bei Ye alone . No, his intuition would be right . There must be something wrong with it .

There were others who killed Wei Cai .

Why didn’t Bei Ye admit it?

All he wants is to protect Chen Nian . Zheng Yi has promised to protect Chen Nian and even confess that he likes her . But, why doesn’t he let go, even if he is sentenced by severe punishment?

Why don’t they believe him?

Zheng Yi suddenly turned around and kicked hard at the door . Suddenly the last expression of Bei Ye flashed in his mind, when he said with a faint smile, “Officer Zheng, thank you . But you can’t save us . ”

No, Bei Ye believes in him! But for some reason he was stopped and helpless .

Zheng Yi’s heart suddenly stirred up . He will take charge of this matter .

But there’s another horrible sorrow in his heart . Although his intuition was stronger, the evidence was still far away .

The fear spread . He gritted his teeth and hurried out the bathroom .

What on earth should I do?!

This case was stonewalled by Bei Ye, there is no more lead .

Why doesn’t he telling the truth- Stop! The time is pressing, don’t tangle with his psychology, change the angle, Zheng Yi, change the angle .

Don’t think about Bei Ye, don’t think about Chen Nian . Start with the real murderer, Lai Qing!

Zheng Yi rushed out at once . He ran down the building quickly and bump into Senior Yang at the door .

“What are you running for? The meeting is about to begin!”

Zheng Yi got into the car, started, accelerated and hit the steering wheel . He picked up the phone and called Xiao Yao:

“Xiao Yao, I need your help . This is the last time . You help me delay the meeting and please don’t send the files . Just give me one morning . ”

On another side, “What are you going to do now, Zheng Yi?”

“I don’t know now, but if my reasoning is correct, I will find the evidence . ”

“Zheng Yi, I beg you not to…”

“Xiao Yao, I beg you, please!”



“… I don’t know how long I can hold them back . ”

“Thank you . ”

As soon as Da Kang opened the curtain door of the auto repair shop, a car came almost crashed in . After a sudden brake, Zheng Yi jumped down and asked, “Is there any other place for Lai Qing to live except the one that the police searched?”

“You ask this fo…”

“Do you want to save Bei Ye?” He interrupted .

When Da Kang saw his grim face, he dared not ask more questions . He rushed to the co-driver and said, “I’ll take you there . ”

The car was driving so fast that Da Kang dared not to do too much movement . He saw Zheng Yi look at his watch again and again . Every time he looked at it, he stepped harder on the accelerator .

“You… Do you really believe Xiao Bei is not the raincoat man?” Da Kang asked tentatively .

“But he doesn’t say that he is . ” Zheng Yi sneered angrily . “The raincoat man committed so many crimes, even if it’s once, he must have left some evidence . But he’s not . ”

Da Kang said nothing .

“10 p . m . on April 10th, 11 p . m . On April 21st ,and 10 p . m . on May 1st . ”


“You have to remember these dates for me . ” Zheng Yi said coldly, “I don’t know Bei Ye’s habits, nor do I know his friends . Many of your acquaintances have graduated and gone out to work .   Try to contact everyone, to see if anyone has seen Bei Ye in these three periods . ”

Da Kang’s eyes brightened . “As long as he’s seen by them, he’s not the raincoat man?”

“You find it first . ”

“Good . Ah-turn left!”

The landlord opened the door with a key, and the smell of dust and plastic poured out . The room was small, a single room and toilet, but the house was messy with things like old bicycle, old rice cooker model and so on .

Zheng Yi let Da Kang stay outside, and he put a cover on his shoes .

“He doesn’t come here very often . ” Da Kang leaned his head and whispered, “He keeps this place as storage . ”

Zheng Yi ignored it . The policeman’s face looks much more horrible than the last time .

Zheng Yi is walking around the house . It’s too messy here . He had no clue . His panic rises up again . He breathed in a mouthful of rotten air, went to kicking open the wardrobe door and was stunned .

The wardrobe was full of old boy clothes from small to large . There was no more space, but half of the hanging space on the left was empty . Several other long-style clothes were squeezed together, but this space was clear .

Zheng Yi glanced at the length, it was probably few raincoats that were originally hung here .

His hand shook, and he was more certain, what the fucking evidence was .

His mobile phone rang . Zheng Yi picked it up and found that it was already nine o’clock .

“Zheng Yi, I’m afraid the case is settled . ” Xiao Yao’s voice was low, and she seemed to be in the corridor . “The evidence chain is complete, there is no loophole at all . ”

“You help me talk to the captain, to leave Bei Ye’s confession . ”

“How is that possible?”

“Don’t hand in that file first…”

“The case has been dragging on for a long time . The captain won’t listen to me when I say that . ”

“Xiao Yao,” Zheng Yi said with a deep breath, “This case is too special, there are little physical evidence and key witnesses . Because Wei Cai and Lai Qing were dead and there was no evidence of their death, Bei Ye’s confession was decisive . If it handed in as evidence, it’s impossible for him to retract his confession . ” He almost crushed the phone . “Once this became evidence, every word he said later that was contrary to his confession was not credible! He’ll probably be in prison all his life!”

“Do you still expect him to retract his confession? His lawyer was invited by his uncle, and even his own lawyer could not pry his mouth open . Why don’t you believe that he’s so firm because he’s telling the truth?”

“No . ” Zheng Yi grabbed his hair and blushed . “I don’t care . You can’t hand in the files . Give me some more time . I will certainly find evidence . ”

He was going to hang up, look at the room full of debris, resist the feeling of powerlessness, suddenly said: “Guiye Street 237, you let Forensics come over . ”

“They’re all in a meeting!” Little Yao can’t stand it .

“Then let the intern come over!”

“I hanging up . ”

“Xiao Yao!” Zheng Yi shouted at her, “I just saw it!”


“Lai Qing is the raincoat man . He is . You promised me this morning, and for the last time, you believe me . Let the interns in the forensic department come and help me find the evidence .

The meeting will be over at 11 o’clock . I think they can find something . ”

Beep . Beep .

Zheng Yi put down his mobile phone and his chest fluctuated .

He rummaged through everything in the room, including adult magazine, adult goods, porn film, new underwear, clothes, a bunch of clues, but none of them was the evidence .

Time pass, minute by minute, seems to be able to make people hear the sound of it ticking .

He found himself sweating and stopped .

The indication of the raincoat man identity is only raincoat, all of which have been disposed of . There are no other signs left .

If we can’t start with the raincoat man, change the angle .

Wei Cai’s cause of death .

He looked at his watch and it was half past nine .

To sort it out, if we want to prove that Lai Qing killed Wei Cai, he must have been to the scene . His clothes and shoes would be stained with blood and soil . He would wear his raincoat back to keep the evidence away . He shouldn’t throw the clothes and shoes away, he’d just cleaned them up . He didn’t have that much money so he won’t throw them .

Then there’s the weapon, the knife . Bei Ye said he threw his knife into the river .

Wait a minute .

It’s back to the dead end again .

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The reason why Bei Ye dealt with Wei Cai was that he thought that it was Chen Nian who killed her at first, which indicated that Chen Nian at least hurt Wei Cai . But he later determined that it was not Chen Nian .

So why is there only one wound on the deceased?

It’s no use saying anything unless the problem is solved .

He stood in the middle of the hot and dreary room, sweating a lot, thinking . Only one stabbed wound . He replayed in his mind the wounds of the body that he had seen countless times, but suddenly a picture flashed before his eyes .

This morning, when he was tired and drowsy, Xiao Yao took the information out of his hand . At that time he saw a table at the photo .

Zheng Yi’s heart was tense . It was the desk at Lai Qing’s crime scene . There was a wooden stick in the crack of the desk .

The idea ran through his body like an electric shock .

It’s unbelievable that such a weird crack was there!

Zheng Yi strode out to Da Kang and said, “Has Bei Ye and Lai Qing ever bought the same knife?”

Da Kang is like, what the hell .

“I’m asking you a question!”

“How do you know?” Da Kang sentence is stopped . People in the authentication department enter the corridor . Zheng Yi rushes down the stairs and shouts, “Room 301, you should search clothes, shoes and so on . ” He said then brush past them and run downstairs .

Zheng Yi hurried all the way to the detention house to see Bei Ye .

He paced along the empty corridor, his mood was not calm . Look at his watch . It’s half past ten .

The door opened, the guard came out and said, “The lawyer hasn’t come yet . You’ll have to wait a little longer . ”

Zheng Yi pushed him aside and rushed in . When the guard went to pull him back , Zheng Yi turned back and held out his hand to him: “I will not do anything to him . Please make this an exception . ”

The guard actually knew him too, turned a blind eye, closing the door .

Zheng Yi sat down in front of Bei Ye, and his breath was unstable . His face was rather tired and he could see that he had stayed up all night .

Bei Ye looked at him calmly .

Zheng Yi was quiet for a long time . Suddenly, he felt sad . He could not imagine that the teenager who’s facing him would not free themselves, even in the face of life imprisonment, he would not let go, just to prevent one in ten thousand dangers for Chen Nian .

After a long time, he asked softly, “Are you afraid we’ll be treating Chen Nian unjustly?”

Bei Ye’s eyelash quivered slightly .

“I’m right . Bei Ye, you’re too cautious . When I exposed your whole plan last night, when I exposed Lai Qing as the raincoat man, you wanted to tell me the truth for a moment . —— Yeah, if you sit in prison all of your life, anyone will be afraid . When I told you that as long as Chen Nian did not kill, I would surely protect her, you were weighing whether to tell the truth or not, so you unconsciously said a few more words to me . Your sincerity . ”

“If it weren’t for your words, the case might have been as settled as you planned . Bei Ye, is this what you want to see?” Zheng Yi leaned over and looked into his dark eyes across the table . “No, after I said I would protect Chen Nian, you actually wavered a bit . You want to tell the truth and try to get rid of some of your crimes . You want to go out and see her earlier . ”

“But you finally gave up . Because you don’t want to risk Chen Nian . ”

“You can’t admit my whole set of reasoning . Once you admit it, Chen Nian will be involved . The wound cannot be explained . You knew the truth, but you can’t say it because you have no evidence . If we believe it, you can clear the charges that are not yours; but if we don’t believe it, Chen Nian is in danger . ”

Bei Ye’s eyes moved slightly .

“Yes, I found out why there was only one wound . ” Zheng Yi urgently said, “I can think of it, which means that we won’t be wrong . Bei Ye, maybe you think my assurance last night was weak, but now I have proved to you that I can find the wound problem . I assure you once again that Chen Nian will not have…”

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The phone rang again before he done speaking .

Zheng Yi looked at Bei Ye, who had dropped his eyes .

Zheng Yi picked up his mobile phone and went into the corridor . The door was half covered . “Hello?”

“Zheng Yi, the meeting will be over ahead of schedule . ”

Zheng Yi shocked and said directly, “You give the phone to the captain . ”

Xiao Yao didn’t dare, suppressed her voice: “What do you mean?!”

“Give the cell phone to the captain!” Zheng Yi kept his voice steady .

The other’s mobile phone changed hands .

“Zheng Yi,” the captain’s voice was very displeased, “I heard about what you do, you as newcomer has to learn to testify…”

“Captain, Bei Ye is not the raincoat man . ” He interrupted his superior’s remarks, but he did not tremble with fear . “I beg you to hold the file again . ”

The captain only said, “You have no qualifications and sufficient reasons . ”

“I have! I’ll find it in a moment! Please give me half a day, no, just half an hour! “

In the crack of the door, a pair of black eyes looked at him quietly, and saw him bowing, as if this gesture of prayer could be sensed by the other side . The dull eyes faded away .

The captain was very dignified: “If you have any proof, when you find it you can add it to the judge . ”

“You know the importance of that confession, Captain!” Zheng Yi almost shouted, “It’s easy to add evidence, but it’s hard to retrieve a confession! The nature of this case is different, if that confession was negotiated to be true and valid and then handed in, it would destroy the person!”

He gasped: “Captain, Bei Ye is not the raincoat man . Please give me half an hour, I promise…”

“The meeting is coming to an end . ” The other party is going to hang up his cell phone .

“I’ll return my police officer certificate!”

Dead silence .

In the crack of the door, Bei Ye turned his head and stared at the narrow profile of police officer Zheng . He did not bend down, and the posture stood straight as if they were marching salute . His head was sweating and his hands were trembling violently .

“Captain, give me some time . If I’m wrong…” His voice slowed down . “I’ll hand over the police officer certificate and resign . ”


Zheng Yi pushed the door in and his face was gloomy . Since morning,  his sweat has been dried up several times .

Bei Ye didn’t look at him . He stared at the table and seemed to be thinking about something .

Zheng Yi hasn’t walked past . The door is opened and the lawyer comes in .

The lawyer was dissatisfied for a long time . Bei Ye’s uncle hired him to act as an agent for Bei Ye . However, Bei Ye pleaded guilty, to the lawyer’s ignorance . He could not help but bear the pressure of Bei Ye’s uncle every day . Now when he saw the police meet his client without permission, he was even more angry .

“You go out, my client doesn’t want to see you . You’re violating the laws!”

Zheng Yi wanted to explain that when the lawyer grabbed him and pushed him out, he suddenly heard Bei Ye calmly say:

“I want to retract my confession . ”