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Chapter 28.3

Zheng Yi sat in front of Bei Ye, then the teenager continue to speak .

“Chen Nian’s wound to Wei Cai is not deep, Wei Cai was killed by Lai Qing . Chen Nian can’t be convicted . ”

Before Zheng Yi spoke, the lawyer raised his hand: “I seem to understand what it means . You can rest assured, I can guarantee to help Chen Nian win the lawsuit if the police ask for trouble . ”

Zheng Yi hesitated for half a moment and said, “The following sentence, in my capacity, should never be said . But – at the moment, the police have no evidence that Chen Nian injured or even killed Wei Cai . Even if she admits that she hurt Wei Cai, we can’t prove it . ”

Bei Ye nodded .

Things are the same as Zheng Yi thought . That day, when Bei Ye went to the hill, Wei Cai was dead .

Bei Ye examined Wei Cai and found only one wound .

Wei Cai’s jacket left Chen Nian’s blood fingerprint . He compared the size to his hand, knew that it was Chen Nian .

Lai Qing had several raincoats of the same type . He borrowed one and didn’t return it, so he picked up some evidence with Wei Cai’s fingers . He also took his mother’s shock and moving stick from the drawer of the bathroom at home and forged the false image of Wei Cai being sexually assaulted .

Bei Ye did not speak much . Zheng Yi asked a few questions and he answered with a few words .

Zheng Yi asked: “Burying her in the swamp is that in case of being found, you can keep the forged evidence, so that the police will think that the suspect is the raincoat man?”

“Yes . By connecting the raincoat man’s serial case I can also cover up the motive of the crime,” Bei Ye said .

“When did you know Lai Qing was a raincoat man?

“When he committed a second crime . ”

The girl did not report the case . He accidentally hurt himself with a knife . He dared not go to the hospital and asked Bei Ye to help him buy gauzes to stop his bleeding . Bei Ye scolded him and told him to stop messing around . But he did it again .

Zheng Yi: “Then, when Wei Cai’s body was found, you looked for Chen Nian several times, and think a crisis is coming . To cover up as soon as possible, you get ready to kill Lai Qing to put the raincoat man’s accusation on yourself completely?”

Bei Ye nodded: “You’re right . ”

As Zheng Yi speculated last night, he could have avoided killing Lai Qing .

But he feared that Lai Qing would commit another crime in the future, and that the identity of the real raincoat man would be exposed .

“But there’s another reason . ” Bei Ye said .

He perceived anomalies from the instinctive reaction of Chen Nian . He had a vague suspicion that night, Lai Qing was among the passers-by who molested Chen Nian, but he was uncertain .

Late one night, he went to Lai Qing to complete the most important step in his plan .

However, he couldn’t do it .

Lai Qing is drinking beer and eating barbecue in the middle of the night . Seeing his long lost friend, he hugs his shoulder and calls him “Bei Ge” . He pulls him to drink together .

Lai Qing is actually the oldest in the three of them, but he has no relatives or friends . He is always bullied in the welfare home, only Da Kang and Bei Ye cared to him . He always asks Bei Ye about something, and he doesn’t know whether he should call him brother instead .

Bei Ye was younger than him, but he was always called Brother instead . He was used to taking care of him . He was too attached .

Eventually he couldn’t kill him . Bei Ye said to Lai Qing, run .

He told Lai Qing that if he stayed in Xicheng all the time, the raincoat man could not be concealed . He told him to leave, abandon his raincoat identity, and never commit a crime again . It’s providence in the dark that criminals will be caught one day . Don’t wear a raincoat even if you can’t manage to provoke women one day . If you’re caught, don’t confess the raincoat case you committed in Xicheng .

Lai Qing listened to him and agreed . At that time, he called Da Kang to say goodbye .

They drank together for the last time .

Chen Nian was still at home and Bei Ye wanted to leave . Before he left, Bei Ye suddenly wanted to ask him if Chen Nian had been bullied that night, whether he was on the sidelines, whether he was indecent and molested her .

Before Bei Ye can open his mouth, Lai Qing put his hand in his shoulder and said, “I listened to you . But ah, I’m lucky . There’s no trace of what’s going on, and it’s not found out . ”

He flaunts his tone: “The raincoat man was there after, but the killing was done before hand . ”

Bei Ye asked, “Killing?”

“Yes, it was Wei Cai . ”

Lai Qing put down his glass and said, “Wei Cai has a hot temper . It must be interesting to do it . She always bullies people and has no face to call the police . Otherwise, she can’t hang around in the bullies circle . ”

At that time, Wei Cai was injured and her chest was bleeding . She was about to call someone . Lai Qing appeared, blocked her mouth, tied her hands and feet, and violated her .

Later, Lai Qing was ready to leave . The cloth strip on Wei Cai’s mouth somehow loosened . She bit off his mask and vaguely swore that she would castrate him .

After a short ten-second blank, Lai Qing inserted the knife into Chen Nian’s stab wound and gave it a sharp stab .

“Bei Ge, are you surprised? My knife just fits the wound . ” Lai Qing holds a bamboo stick for barbecue, pokes at the small gap on the table, and vigorously inserts it . The bamboo stick pierces the gap between the tables . He laughed . “What a lucky knife we bought together . However, with blood, I threw it into the river . You don’t blame me, ok . ”

“That’s lucky . Later the body disappeared, presumably buried by the family of the girl who think she killed her . ”

Bei Ye no longer knows what he felt after that .

It wasn’t Chen Nian, it was Lai Qing .

“If I were to be found, I would say that I was just raping Wei Cai, who was bleeding to death . ”

Lai Qing was very proud . “That girl is my scapegoat . She died for it . The bruises on Wei Cai’s hands and feet had been there the night before . Ha-ha-ha . ”

Keeping his head heavy with alcohol, Bei Ye, after a long silence, asked, “What did you mean the night before?”

“The night before, a lot of things happened the night before . ”

Lai Qing was so drunk that he did not notice Bei Ye’s gaze and laughed .

“The night before, when Wei Cai told the girl to go to the back hill the next day to find her, I heard it . ”

“The night before yesterday, I passed by the alley . Fortunately, a group of girls dragged a girl all over, shouting that she was selling at a low price . ”

“There are a few embarrassing things to see, some people just peek a bit and go . Some of them are just as shameless as me, and I have also recorded videos . Do you want to watch them? ” Lai Qing touched his mobile phone, played it, and heard the arrogant and shameless laughter and curses of the youth .

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—— Bring her over to kiss Lao Zi .

(T/n: Lao Zi is referring to call himself)

—— Fuck, it’s down again . Mom, can’t help it . Did you play dead?

—— This woman seems to have been knocked unconscious by the girls just now . She has not responded after touching for half a day . Like dead pigs, so disappointing .

—— Oh, her breast is so springy .

The following sentence is Lai Qing’s voice .

Lai Qing heard it, laughed, and recalled how delicate her body was . Just touching and kissing a few times would hurt her for thousands of miles .

There was useless ones, which was ejaculate on his companion’s hands and made several people fight and break up in displeasure; only Lai Qing was the worst, and he ejaculated on her face .

He described the girl’s soft body and skin lightly . He didn’t know that she was Bei Ye’s precious treasure .

He did not notice that Bei Ye’s eyes were red .

Nor did he know that when he got home that night and took out his cell phone to enjoy himself for the first time, on the other side of the city, Bei Ye held Chen Nian, who had slipped off the motorcycle like a dead woman, and cried in the storm .

Maybe because of alcohol, when Bei Ye got up, his thin body was trembling .

Lai Qing stared at the screen, his voice was wild as he shouted in the video: “Push her mouth open”

He did not notice that Bei Ye stooped down to pick up a wrench from the toolbox . When he raised his head, tears streamed down his face . Bei Ye turned and have his revenge .

Zheng Yi listened and remained silent for a long time .

When Lai Qing died, the accusation turned out to be deadended without proof . Some people would think that he was blaming the dead for mitigating his punishment .

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And Bei Ye is a teenager who conforms to the portrait of the raincoat man . His mother is **** and his father is **** . He should be a criminal . There is no credibility in his words .

(T/n: well it’s been censored in the original, so just think it’s a bad person~~)

The same wound was stabbed by two people one after another . Who would believe him in such a strange thing?

It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe him . But he can’t let Chen Nian take risks .

Only for one in ten thousand possible dangers, he would bite and deny it, even at the expense of his life’s freedom .

In the end, in for a letter, in for a word .

(T/n: in the original, the character is to trust and to protect)

Zheng Yi admitted that he had lost to him .

The lawyer was relieved that there was little evidence in the case, mainly a confession . Now that the confession was retracted, the police would have to be distressed .

Zheng Yi did not relax completely though . He had to rack his brains to find more promising evidence .

At that time, the mobile phone rang again, Xiao Yao’s voice was very light: “Zheng Yi . ”

He wasn’t familiar with her tone, then saying, “What’s wrong?”

“The intern in the forensic department found a pair of shoes . They found some suspicious blood in the mud on the sole of their shoes . I’ve taken it back for DNA and soil comparisons . The captain said to search the back hill again . ”

Zheng Yi clenched his fist and takes a long sigh .

She said, “Zheng Yi . ”

Zheng Yi waited for a moment, listening to her silence, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing . I think your name sounds good . ”