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Chapter 29

Have you ever worked so hard for a person?

Standing under the bright sun, Zheng Yi recalls the sentence that Bei Ye said .

Across the street, the students in grade one and grade two are having classes . The school is quiet .

He glanced at his watch . Chen Nian should be coming out soon .

When the phone rang again, Xiao Yao’s voice came: “Zheng Yi, I saw the report you wrote for Bei Ye . ”

He worked hard to write the report, saying that Bei Ye had a good attitude of pleading guilty and had key assistance and great achievements in helping the police to solve the case of the raincoat man .

After Bei Ye turned over his confession, he gave his alibi and many clues about Lai Qing: he hid in Da Kang’s home, hide criminal videos that even Da Kang didn’t pay attention to, including multiple mobile phones with stalking video and indecent video .

The one Bei Ye hid was found . When the police asked about the murder weapon, Bei Ye said that he threw it into the river . If the police found Lai Qing’s knife and could prove that there was blood on it, he might have turned over the confession . Now it’s found, but it’s been washed for too long, just barely proving that its type O blood, and Wei Cai is exactly type O .

Zheng Yi also found out that his mobile phone was in the back hill by a text message sent by Lai Qing that day . In addition, the forensic department also found cigarette butts with fuzzy blood fingerprints under the leaves in the back hill .

Various new evidences and technical analysis prove that the person who killed Wei Cai was Lai Qing . Although the corpse has been kept for a long time, the forensic medicine has made unprecedented efforts to finally identify that Wei Cai’s sexual assault were done when she’s alive .

The case is closed . Zheng Yi is rather calm these days .

At the moment, listening to Xiao Yao’s saying that he has literary talent, Zheng Yi said, “That’s what you call for?”

“No . Just now, I have trained my thinking and shared it with you . Senior Yang has a huge brain hole . ”

(T/n: imaginative)

“Huh?” Zheng Yi looks at the empty school yard on the opposite side . There was a class reading English, but there is no sign of Chen Nian .

“After this case is closed, don’t you play the conspiracy analysis game?”

As Zheng Yi knows, they will chat after the case is closed, and open irresponsible logic holes for training divergent thinking .

“Senior Yang’s conspiracy theory says that Bei Ye may have used you and deceive you . ”

“Go on . ”

“After you finished investigating Bei Ye that night, Bei Ye said that Chen Nian didn’t kill anyone . This may be a transactional psychological hint . He agrees with everything you say, but he doesn’t . At this point, you tend to believe that he is right because other parts are recognized by him . He awakens and misleads your intuition, using verbal hints to let you go in the direction he wants . ”

Zheng Yi then said, “And finally, I did my best to pave the way for him to turn over the false confession he planned from the beginning?”

“Yes, Senior Yang said, he is not the raincoat man indeed, but his words can not be verified on the death of Wei Cai and Lai Qing . Assuming that Bei Ye is meticulous and highly intelligent, with Lai Qing and Wei Cai all dead . Bei Ye controls the overall situation, and guides two identical knives and Lai Qing’s blood stained shoes, as well as various evidences . Maybe Lai Qing did the sexual assault but didn’t kill Wei Cai, he made up the knife, or Chen Nian’s fault caused Wei Cai to die and Lai Qing took off his pants to the dead Wei Cai . “

(T/n: took off his pants means he did the assault, I feel bad to rewrite it again~~)

Xiao Yao said, “Don’t you think Senior Yang’s brain hole is quite impressive? Every time the case is closed, he wins . “

“I’ll play with you next time . ” Zheng Yi said that, his mind and eyes was locked into the school .

“Yes, but Senior Yang also said that he didn’t think a 17-years-old boy could plan such a thing . He would practically be a spy . ”

“Um . ” Zheng Yi narrowed his eyes slightly to determine whether the little spot in the distance was Chen Nian . “But in a word, he is an excellent liar and actor . No matter which scheme he put out, there is no loophole . No matter how high the interrogation intensity is, he can not afford to break . His psychological quality is incredibly firm . ”

“Master of acting? This is exactly the same as what Senior Yang said . But he said that it was Chen Nian . “

“Chen Nian?”

It is also incredible that her college entrance examination has been going extremely well . She has been among the top 20 or 30 students in her grade for a long time, and has become the number one in the city .

She was frighteningly calm . So many things happened; humiliation, interrogation, scorn, wave after wave; but these things looked it like never happened to her . Zheng Yi did not know if she was as cold and indifferent in front of Bei Ye as she was in front of his teachers and classmates .

It shouldn’t be .

“What did Senior Yang say?”

“Senior Yang said that she was the kind of person who didn’t show any impression when she met brutality . Either she is isolated from the outside world in the simplest way, and only lives in her own world; or she is extremely complex and ruthless in her heart; and she sets hard procedures and cruelly orders herself to execute them correctly like a robot to achieve a certain goal and belief . “

Zheng Yi listens to such cold content, his heart is in pain . The shadow became bigger . It’s Chen Nian .

“Senior Yang also said that such a person, like Bei Ye, would expect her to be a good person . Because if she grows up to be a bad person, we may never catch her . “

“They will be a good people . ” Zheng Yi said .

He saw Chen Nian coming from the school and said, “Xiao Yao, my intuition is calming down . I believe in Bei Ye and Chen Nian . ”

Hung up the phone, he looked at the school gate, looked at Chen Nian, suddenly thought, this is the position .

Before, every noon and evening, the young man stood here watching, what is the feeling .

Summer sun roasts the earth, washing with the hot air, like a sparkling lake .

Zheng Yi squints and sees Chen Nian’s white skirt in the steaming heat . She walked down the steps at the school gate, looked at him far away, and did not come to him .

Zheng Yi goes over and handed her her iced tea .

On the wall of the cup, there are lots of cold water droplets . Chen Nian took it and inserts a straw to drink .

The sun was shining through the branches of Chinese parasol trees, and a bit of the light fall through them .

Zheng Yi remembered that in this road, the young Bei Ye never had the opportunity to walk with her side by side . He will always watch her back .

Zheng Yi asked, “Have you filled it out?”

“Um . ”

“Where is the school?”

“Hong Kong . ”

“Hong Kong?” Zheng Yi asked .

“There are scholarships,” said Chen Nian . “A lot . ”

“What subject, mathematics or physics?”

“It’s law . ”

Zheng Yi was stunned again . After a long time, he nodded slowly and said, “Good, law is good . ”

Chen Nian didn’t answer . Zheng Yi asked again, “When is the train?”

“Six in the afternoon, tomorrow . ”

“So early?”

“Uhm . ”

Zheng Yi said, “When you get there, I’ll write letter to you . ”

Chen Nian doesn’t say anything .

Zheng Yi says, “We’ll have dinner together later, and then we’ll go to the court . ”

She did gave falsified testimonies, the judge gave the judgement, but no punishment . However, in Bei Ye’s trial, as a witness, she needs to appear in court . When she can see Bei Ye, Zheng Yi thinks she will be happy, but…

Chen Nian shook her head: “Later, I will go to the court myself . ”

Zheng Yi was surprised and won’t allowed it, Chen Nian said, “Are you afraid that I will run away?”

“No…… You’re leaving . I want to treat you to dinner . “

Chen Nian mumbled for a moment and said, “I have something to do . ” She’ll see Bei Ye later . She needs to prepare .

“Farewell, there’s no need for a meal,” she said, holding up her tea . “A cup of tea is enough . ”

Zheng Yi felt another arrow in his heart .

After walking half a step, he was afraid that he would never get another chance . “After the judgment, he will have to do serve time but you can still go for visitation . ”

Chen Nian didn’t say anything .

He added: “You go to Hong Kong, and study with peace of mind . Here, I will go to see him from time to time . ”

After a long time, Chen Nian said, “Thank you . ”

“No problem . ”

“Thank you for your persistence . If it wasn’t for you, he would have been plead guilty of something he didn’t deserve . You saved him – and me, too . “


“Officer Zheng, you are a good policeman . ”

Zheng Yi took a deep breath .

No more words .

At the cross of the road, he clearly have a lot to say, but not a word to speak .

At the cross of the road, she simply said, “I’m going . ”

Zheng Yi was disappointed . He could only “hm” and nodded . The water on the paper cup condensed into a trickle and fell on the tiles like the drop in his heart .

She was as quiet and pale as ever .

He thought of the time when he sent for her . He was a little soft hearted . He wanted to stretch out his hand and pat her on the shoulder to encourage her, but she didn’t turn away .

His hand was hanging in the air, bitter and harsh .

To separate, yet there is still a knot in his heart, curiously he asked: “Chen Nian, I heard from Bei Ye, that day when you came back from the back hill, you want to turn yourself in, but he stopped you . ”

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“I didn’t do so . ” Chen Nian said .

He was surprised .

Chen Nian glanced at him and looked back . “Officer Zheng, are you curious? How did I communicate with Bei Ye?”

Zheng Yi looks at her .

Chen Nian points to her head, and slowly, points to her heart .

“Officer Zheng, a lot of what he said is not true . You’re a policeman, don’t you understand? “

Zheng Yi is stunned . People are subconscious . There are two kinds of lies: lies of the mind and lies of the heart .

“He always knows what I want to say and what my heart want to say . ” Chen Nian said, “It’s the same for me . ”

Zheng Yi was so surprised . They communicated with their mind and heart, so he knows what the other party thinks with a single glance, so even if she doesn’t speaks, he knows what the other party really thinks, and even can see through the subconscious of the other party who is temporarily in the dark .

“That… when I pulled you to the interrogation room that night, what did his mind said?”

Chen Nian did not answer, biting the straw and looking at the front casually .

She really has to go .

Zheng Yi’s heart was very bitter, and his voice almost choked .

“Chen Nian . ”


“Live well in the future . ”

“… Which one is good? “

“There is only one life . ”

“Only once . ” Chen Nian said, “But if you are right, one time is enough . ”

“What if it’s wrong?” Zheng Yi said .

“No way . ” Chen Nian said .

Zheng Yi bits his lip slightly and doesn’t know why . His smile is bitter, gradually he conceded, and said: “I’m sorry, Chen Nian . ”

The girl shook her head and said, “It’s not your fault . ”

Zheng Yi’s mind encounter twists and turns, pulling out the arrow in his heart . Relief .

However, he didn’t tell her that Luo Ting and other children who left early that night still didn’t receive severe punishment, but got the education and psychological intervention to them so their parents were very cooperative, their families changed, renewed and full of hope .

He can’t tell her yet . He doesn’t know whether she can accept it now or whether the law student can accept it four years later .

It is the kindness of the society to be tolerant to children . But when children hurt children, what should adults do?

What about the injured child? Why is it that their pain can only become a stepping stone for the growth of other children; a sign of their prodigal son turning back?

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(T/n: someone who has gone astray turns over a new leaf)

Chen Nian left . Zheng Yi watched her figure getting smaller and smaller, and finally disappeard in the crowd .


On the night when she and Bei Ye were interrogated, and on the night when she was all grumpy, Zheng Yi asked her when he sent her home, pretending that he didn’t mean to mention the movie ticket, whether he wanted to hint at Li Xiang and use him to make the alibi .

She replied, yes .

Zheng Yi asked if she wanted to kill Wei Cai in his mind when he went to the back hill with a knife .

She replied, yes .

The day after she was humiliated, she was able to show up at school as if nothing had happened, just for an appointment with Wei Cai .

And Zheng Yi asked, does Bei Ye know these thoughts?

She replied, he is much smarter than you .

That night, she was grumpy, unlike today, she was quiet and covered everything . As Zeng Hao said, she is a very good at hiding, hiding secrets, hiding emotions, hiding her ruthlessness .

Zheng Yi knew that she was so frank on purpose that night . He knew that there was a gap between thoughts and actions, and that evil thoughts did not necessarily lead to crimes . She could have argued so that he believed she was still kind, and no matter what kind of suffering she experienced, she never had bad intentions for Wei Cai .

But she did not, she let him see her changes, quietly slapped him in the face, stabbed him in the heart, and then let him watch her walked away .

When he first met her, she promised to call on him as a policeman . But as a result, she fell into a deeper disaster .

If he doesn’t lose her trust, she will call him after stabbing Wei Cai . Tragedy can be avoided .

There is everything in the world, but there is no “if” .

Fortunately, he didn’t give up on Bei Ye, he tried hard to stick to it, no more mistakes .

He can only comfort himself in this way .

The sun is so bright that it blinds him .

Zheng Yi watched Chen Nian’s small body being surrounded by the gray steel and concrete traffic .

For a moment, he seemed to see another person behind her, a young man with a white shirt, following her forever .

He knew that she was with him forever .

And you, have you ever worked so hard for a person?

Yes .

But it seems like, it’s too late .

Zheng Yi watched her white dress disappear completely and never see her again . He lowered his head and covered his wet eyes with his hands .

ED: Bittersweet… .