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Published at 17th of May 2016 11:26:05 PM

Chapter 4

Boy Number Four: The Chinese Fist Kung Fu Boy

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When I saw Boy Number Four, he was practicing some sort of Chinese Fist Kung Fu

There’s a hill behind the boy’s dormitory at school . Boy Number Four stood on the green slopes, wearing a white T-shirt and white pants while practicing a set of slow fist routine . I’ve never seen a teenage boy move so slowly before, so I thought it was quite strange, like watching someone sleepwalking .

When I came to again, I was startled to see that he had sleepwalked all the way over to me .

“Hey, do you wanna practice with me? I can teach you,” he proposed .

“… not really,” I answered, “your fist routine is very slow, and only old men would practice this sort of thing . ”

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“So what? My grandpa taught me this fist routine,” he replied .

“Yeah, your grandfather’s an old man, isn’t he?”

“What does it have to do with old men? Are they not human?” He questioned .

“When people get old, they stink,” I said .

“But you’ll get old too,” said the boy .

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“I won’t, I’ll die after turning twenty-five,” I answered .

“Idiot . ” He said to me, then left to practice his sleepwalking fist routine .

The next morning at five o’clock, someone quietly came to my bedside and shook me awake .

“Wake up, wake up … . ”

I opened my eyes and saw that it was Boy Number Four .

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“Get up . I wanna show you something … . ”

He pulled me out of bed and dragged me to the rooftop of the dormitory while I was still half asleep .

“What did you want me to see?” I asked .

“Shush—” He hushed me gently . His eyes fixed on the skyline, so I followed suit .

There in the distance, the sun peeked out from behind the horizon, then, it stayed there for a few seconds, before finally leaping out entirely . I watched and gasped in amazement .

Then, the light from the sun became stronger, so the two of us had to squint our eyes .

“I can’t look anymore, or else I’ll go blind . ” He turned around, with his back to the sun, the light outlining his white T-shirt .

“Hey, this is my first time seeing the sunrise,” I told him .

“I know . ” He replied . “You said you didn’t want to live more than twenty-five years . So I thought you should see the sunrise . ”

“Yup, and now I have,” I replied . Sunrise is one of those things that you simply had to witness and experience for yourself .

“How was it?” He asked .

“I can perhaps live a little longer” I answered . And we both laughed .