This Time You Are Mine - Chapter 326

Published at 30th of June 2020 09:05:04 AM

Chapter 326: 326
(SPG – There are some scenes inappropriate for 18 years old and below)

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"Did I do well at the dinner meeting, King? " Yve asks sitting beside her husband .  

"Very much . You were really outstanding out there . " Vince replies to Yve but when she failed to answer, Vince looks around and sees his wife asleep .

 He smoothly pulls his coat from the backseat and places it on Yve's legs while driving carefully . As soon as the traffic light turns red, he makes sure to properly cover his sleeping wife with his coat . Drive back to the house is smooth and with their arrival Vince carries Yve to their room smoothly and gently in his arms .  

Inside their bedroom as she lies down on bed, Vince wants to really remove the dress off her seeing how it's making her uncomfortable . But the thought of what she might feel the next morning if she's not wearing anything other than her underwear . So with that in mind, he leaves her with the dress on . He walks to the bathroom to get himself washed up and ready for bed .  

Right when he comes back though, he sees his wife removing her clothes right there on the bed . He gulps an invisible lump from his throat as he looks at Yve showing some skin while removing her dress . He admits silently that he is liking what he sees but it also ended too soon because just after removing and tossing the dress aside Yve covers herself with the comforter .  

'What was I even thinking? She's your wife but more than the body-contact you need to respect her . Don't give in to the lust, Vincent Gray . ' Vince tries so hard to convince himself resulting in leaving the room and sleeping in a guest room .

As dawn comes, Yve wakes up comfortably and sits up with her back on the headboard but freaks out the second she sees nothing but underwear beneath the comforter . She rumbles around just to cover herself while checking her husband . For good or bad, she doesn't find him beside . Seeing in just her undies by her husband now out of the picture she calms down and walks into their bathroom to get a robe that she can wear .  

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Yve decides to look for the Vince around the house . Thinking that he must be working on some important papers, she walks down to their study but discovers it empty . She continues to look around the living room, dining room and kitchen but his husband nowhere to be found .  

'Where could he be?'

She looks up and sees a number of CCTV cameras and then an idea suddenly hits her .

'Chrysthe! I can ask for his help by reviewing the cameras inside the house . ' 

With this thought, she walks towards Chrysthe's room just outside their house .

"Young Madam, good morning! How may I help you?" Chrysthe greets his Lady Boss upon seeing Yve outside his room .

"I was wondering if you can help me check where Vince could be? I can't find him anywhere . " 

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"Oh, the boss is sleeping in the guest room on the far end of the hallway . " Chrysthe reports .

"Guest room? But why would he stay there?" Yve innocently asks yet the man she's talking to have an idea on the reason .

'Young Madam, based on what you're wearing, I believe the boss chose to sleep in another room to avoid giving into lust . ' Chrysthe silently answers but denies it in front of Yve by saying things differently .

"I'm sorry but I don't know the answer, Young Madam . Why don't you ask the Boss yourself by going to the guest room . "

Realizing that Chrysthe's idea is the best option, Yve thanks the man before walking inside the house to go to the said guest room . Upon entering, Yve sees her husband sleeping comfortably . Impossible to ask him the question now and feeling a little bit sleepy herself, she climbs the bed and sleeps beside her husband .  

Vince wakes up to the usual coldness beside him and knowing that it's his wife, he hugs her more and the wife snuggles deeper into his embrace . Then he opens his eyes wide and sees his wife beside with nothing but a bathrobe on . Due to movements while asleep, her robe is in disarray showing some of her smooth and white skin near the chest . Vince licks his lips and bites them . Then his sudden movements startle Yve causing the latter to open her eyes .  

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"Is there anything wrong?" Yve asks Vince as she rubs her eyes in a sleepy state without any sense of awareness that the left side of the robe has fallen off her shoulder and is now in her arm showing more skin and her left breast a little .  

Giving in to his lust, Vince pushes his wife back to the bed causing shock to Yve .

"VINCE!!" Yve exclaims seeing Vince on top of her body .

"My dearest Queen, may I ask what are you doing?" Vince whispers so close to Yve's ears making her shiver . Yet she can't say that she doesn't like it .

"I… could… ask you the same thing?" Yve stutters in her response .

"You have been seducing me since last night and I have been trying to avoid giving in to lust . But then you came here wearing nothing but this robe . Now, I wonder…" 

Vince licks Yve's ear causing her wife to shiver once again and even in the darkness of the room, thanks to the thick curtains, the redness of her face is quite visible .  

"That's not what I meant by my actions…" Yve stops in the middle of her sentences as Vince pounces on her lips with a kiss .

Yve's eyes grow wider in shock and lies down stiff as Vince continues to ravish her lips . In his kiss, she can sense hunger and frustration . It's like he's a totally different person . She tries to push Vince but it fails because of Vince's strong build and strength .  

"Vince, please…" Yve mumbles in between the kisses .

Then Vince stops and looks at Yve with lust evident in his eyes . Both are catching their breath before Vince moves closer and whispers in Yve's ear again .

"I'm sorry . I just couldn't wait anymore, not when you're seducing me in a very innocent way . " 

He plants a short kiss on her lips before pulling back to whisper,

"It turns me on . "