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Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Mission Complete

The air surrounding Shadow has changed .

Violet magic rages around him .


“What an unbelievable amount of magic……”

Kotsu, kotsu .

With his jet-black boots ringing out crisply with every step, Shadow nonchalantly approaches the Queen of Blood .

But there is no way the Queen of Blood would allow such impudence .

A dreadful number of tentacles encircle Shadow in a split second, then assault him simultaneously .

With only his sword, Shadow deflects those tentacles .

Then, kotsu .

He nonchalantly takes another step .


“How can he just——?!”

How incredible that one step is, everyone present understands full well .

Then, one more step .

Kotsu .

Shadow nonchalantly steps further in .

This time, he does not even use his sword . The tentacles, in their unbelievable numbers, seem to be evading him of their own accord .

As if they are merely here to show a magic trick, the tentacles swing wide .

Shadow fully perceives the movement of every last strand of tentacle .

Then he evades using the minimal amount of movement, closing the distance one step at a time .

It is almost as if —— nay, he is declaring that the tentacles are not even worth his attention .

Even when a Queen of Blood appears behind him, he casually dodges as if he had already seen it coming, his gait not showing even a hint of delay .

He does not counterattack .

Because he understands the futility of doing so .

That is why he only walks on, ignoring everything .

The only thing in his eyes is the main body of the Queen of Blood .

Kotsu, kotsu, kotsu .

The sound of his boots sound frighteningly loud .

Then Shadow stops .

At the same time, the tentacles also stop .

The distance between the two is now within arm’s length .

The beautiful Queen of Blood and the jet-black Shadow stare at each other for a while .

Behind the Queen of Blood is the deep crimson Red Moon . All around Shadow is his violet magic .

The entire place is seized by silence, as if the intense fight just now was but a lie .

Within the silence, the two seem to be conversing .

“You wish for release in death……”

Like a reverberation from the depths of the earth, his voice rumbles out .

“Very well……”

Then an incredible amount of magic begins gathering towards his jet-black sword .

The violet magic draws a spiral as it converges .

The Queen of Blood extend her claws .

Why is it so? Why do those claws that used to instill such fear now look so frail and unreliable……

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That is why Milia jumps out .

“Elizabeth-sama is a gentle person!! I’m sure she can start all over again!!”

She dashes . Because she has promised to grasp a future where everyone can laugh together after everything is over .

That’s why——!


She reaches out with desperation, with everything she has, with everything she is .

Shadow looks at Milia for a fraction of a moment .


Tentacle of blood throw Milia back .

“I AM……”

His voice rings out mercilessly .

From where she has fallen on the ground, Milia’s head jerks up . The tentacles could have stabbed Milia, could have torn her apart . Despite that, Milia is unhurt .


Milia thinks she caught Elizabeth looking her way for a split second .

Those red eyes that she glimpsed were filled with kindness, just as they had been so long ago .


Red claw and jet-black blade clash, then the world is dyed pure violet .




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It seems that she had lost consciousness .

When Beta wakes up, she finds a still night illuminated by the light of the Red Moon .

Everyone around her are still unconscious . Beta was apparently the first to come to .

The figure of her master is nowhere to be seen .

He has surely already departed for the next battle . How busy he is…… and how kind-hearted he is .

“Thank you so much, Shadow-sama……”

Realizing that all her wounds have been healed, Beta naturally breaks into a smile .

Looking over, she observes that the wounds of 664, 665, and even 666 are all fully healed .

It hardly needs to be said that her master’s sister and Milia are also without a scratch .

As an aside, it seems that Juggernaut and Yukime have been healed too .

“It appears that Eta’s hypothesis was indeed spot on……”

Beta retrieves a sample of blood from the Queen of Blood into a small flask .

Then she focuses on her own blood that’s staining her own bodysuit…… and manages to make it float .

“Could I make use of this if I train it……? Haah, I have a sense of foreboding that I’m going to be made into a sample myself…… ei . ”

Beta shoots off the blood under her control to wake up her subordinates .

“Ow . ”


“Where is this……?”

“How long do you three plan on sleeping . We’re going back . ”

“Y-, yes, ma’am!”

Upon being roused, the three get up in a fluster .

“Kuh…… what happened……” (Juggernaut)

“What is it that happened……?” (Yukime)

The two from Outlaw City seem to be getting up also .

Then a quick pan around induces blank amazement .

“Wha-, don’t tell me, this was done by that guy……?!” (Juggernaut)

“Shadow-han, who are you……” (Yukime)

The Red Tower has been pulverized .

The two of them look up at the sky from the ground where the Red Tower once stood . As if to burn into their eyes and hearts that man’s power and strength……

“Alright, we’re going . ”

So saying, Beta turns her heels .



That moment, Claire and Milia also wake up .

Beta shoots a quick glance behind her, and sees Milia rushing towards and embracing someone within the rubble .

“Elizabeth-sama——! Oh thank heavens…… I thought that I would never again……”

Then, with her sobbing in the background, Beta murmurs .

“This time for sure, it would be great of if you can truly find it…… a Land of Peace……”

Then she begins melting into the night .

“With this, it’s ‘Mission Complete . ’”

Leaving behind a soft giggle, Beta’s figure disappears entirely .