To Walk The Mist - Chapter 9

Published at 2nd of January 2019 07:47:51 AM

Chapter 9

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Ed looked at the old man's piercing eyes for a second and looked away .

"I only heard of it in passing . Not sure where . " Ed said . How could he explain that that was where he was from? That that was home?

"Fine . I will not ask if you don't want to say . " Tie Nse let the matter drop .

"I want to test how many energies you can perceive before I give you this technique . Do you want it now?" he said slyly . Ed nodded and Tie Nse's smile widened .

"Good! Then it is time you accept me as your master . " he said and Ed stared at him blankly .

"What? What? It's simple, bow to me and say, 'master teach me . '" Tie Nse instructed as he saw Ed unmoved face .

"You really are an old pervert . " Ed said .

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"What? You don't want the technique?" Tie Nse said loudly with his palm cupped around his ear, acting as though he could not hear what Ed said . Ed sighed and made a stiff bow while sitting .

"Old Pervert, teach me . " he said and Tie Nse nodded his head proudly before he registered Ed's words and paused .

"How is that even a bow? Say master, that is the official ceremony for taking a master . " Tie Nse fumed as he instructed Ed .

"This is as far as my waist bends . This is all I'm offering, do you want it?" Ed said and Tie Nse frowned .

"Fine I'll take it . . . . . wait, you are talking as though you are selling me something . This is why I don't take disciples . This younger generation talk is too tiring . " Tie Nse complained .

"So, what now?" Ed asked .

"Come closer, give me your hand . Let me test how many Energies you are absorbing at a time . " he said and Ed did as told . Tie Nse's placed two fingers on Ed's wrist ad sent a wave of energy from his core into Ed . The energy felt like a warm hug and sharp knife as it passed through Ed . This feeling was very comfortable and prickly at the same time .

Narrowing his eyes, Tie Nse withdrew his hand with a frown . He looked into the expectant eyes of Ed in shock .

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"I feel four energies within you . How is this even possible?" he said .

"Is that good?" Ed asked with a frown .

"Good? One an not really say . Impossible? Even more so . "

"Speak clearly . Does this mean the technique will not work?"

"It will, but boy, what you can do, should not be possible . It is rare that two energies could flow within one person . Usually when that occurs, one of the energies eats the other out or the person dies . I assumed if you have stayed this long in this state, without any of these two happening, then you must have a jade body . That is why I took you as my disciple . "

"Jade body?" Ed asked .

"This is a type of body created when one has reincarnated 36 times in the same region . The person becomes almost indestructible . Even countering energies in the skin would not do anything to him . "

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"But I am not . " Ed said . He was sure of where he was from . There was no way he had reincarnated 36 times .

"I can not feel it from you . You must not be one . But looking at the energies in your core, they are existing without eating each other out, without conflict . This is impossible . " Tie Nse said solemnly .

"Then, what?" Ed asked .

"Well, this is new for me . I'd even swear that this is new for everyone . The first thing I want to see is if you will survive your spirit picking . If you do, then we will see . "

"You sound as if you are sure I will not . " Ed frowned .

"Forgive me boy, but you are canceling the basis upon which the metaphysical exist . The laws of the metaphysical insists that you will not survive this . "

"Since all these laws bear no resemblance to me, it means it's out comes are so too . I will not die, not here . " Ed said confidently .

"Fine . First of all we must make sure that you can survive the pain of a spirit picking of multiple energies . Before I give you this technique, you must train . Come . " Tie Nse grabbed Ed and they vanished .

When they appeared, Ed found himself in a forest . He was not quite sure this was the same one they were in .

"This is Baju valley . " Tie Nse said and Ed turned to look at him . He could here howling from afar .

"This is where the entire Ohm realm sends the worst criminals . " Tie Nse said solemnly . " no one can enter and leave as he likes . Even me . Appearing here is only possible because I have a key . " his words caused Ed to frown darkly .

"Are you trying to kill me before I even do my spirit picking?"

"Don't worry, there is no criminal here at the moment . Every one dies within the first night . Even though you are like me, at the soul awakening stage . "

"Exactly my point . " Ed hissed .

"You must reach the other side of the valley . There, is an inn . I will be waiting there . " Tie Nse said and vanished . Ed wished he could drag the old pervert back and skin him alive .

"Never take strangers as your master, Ed . " he whispered to him self in anger, looking around the dark and eerie forest . He suddenly felt as though he was being watched .