TODAG System In TODAG - Chapter 120

Published at 4th of July 2019 02:47:57 PM

Chapter 120

Kong Ming : "Why go through all that trouble and not absorb it now??"

Lee : "What do you mean??"

Kong Ming : "I mean that with your Manual all the energy to the scroll will be distributed among yourselves . . . "

Kong Ming : "Meaning you, Lan Ruo, Shen Xiu and Yang Xin . . . "

Kong Ming : "And if there is any energy left to spare, it will further refine your roots and your body . . . "

Lee : "Root?? roots?? Oh, our talent roots . . . Those that the sects test in the Draconic Realm . . . "

Kong Ming : "With all the energy you have in the scroll it will be enough to max the Limit of what you can take now in your cultivation, raise your body to Spiritual Gods Levels and at the same time reforge your roots to Heavenly Roots 9 or maybe even higher who knows . . . "

Lee : "Fuck, didn't think of that . . . I only though the energy will possibly kill us since the Limit i have with Nie Li is small to cover all that energy . . . "

Kong Ming : "And here i though you are someone who remembers those kinds of stuff . . . "

Lee : "Oh shut it will you . . . I don't remember every single detail from what i had read back then . . . "

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Lee : "Anyway let's go back . . . I believe the Auction would be at the last item now which is the most important right now . . . "

Back to where Nie Li was with Nie Hai and Nie en, the whole Auction was on fire . . . Item after item was brought forward with notable effects . . .

Nie Li looked around and didn't see either that Guy he heard his name was Seion neither Lee, he wondered if something happened because earlier he felt his soul force revolving on it's own as he heard the mantra of Kong Ming .

Just as he was about to go and search for him, he heard his voice from behind . . .

Lee : "Did i missed anything??"

Nie Li : "Were you the cause for something i felt earlier??"

Just as he asked he turned his head and saw a miny human sitting on his shoulder but others couldn't see him as Nie Hai and Nie En had calm faces . . .

Nie Li : "Yep, that was you . . . "

Lee : "Hahahaha, well not really but you could also say that . . . Anyway, talk later . . . Where are we on the Auction??"

Nie Li : "I believe that item will appear . . . "

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At this moment, the auctioneer lady suddenly raised her voice, speaking as though she was holding an extremely dark secret .

The Lady : "This round's auction will soon come to an end . However, we will immediately have an unrivalled treasure auction starting soon!"

Just when the Lady's voice fell, over twenty people entered the auction house . They were guided by some beautiful ladies towards the staircase and onwards to the third floor of the auction hall .

The whole hall started a commotion .

Guest : "I know that person . It's an elder of the Feng Ming Family of the noble family!"

Guest 2 : "That's an elder from the Winged Dragon Family!"

Guest 3 : "That's an elder from the Sacred Family!!"

Guest 4 : "Why would they be here??"

Guest 2 : "I heard that the Hong Yue Family obtained an unrivalled treasure from the depths of the Dark Ruins, and, therefore, hosted this auction . They also invited representatives from the three Major families and the six Noble families to join this auction!!"

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Those items that were being auctioned earlier on, could not grab the interest of these superpowers . After all, they can get these items from another auction . The only reason that they are here is for that so-called unrivalled treasure by the Hong Yue Family .

Guest 3 : "Found from the depths of the Dark Ruins . My god, they actually dared to enter the Dark Ruins??"

Dark Ruins? Nie Li recalled that place . He never entered that place in both his lives but this will change .

He only heard about it from other people . The Dark Ruins is a place comparable to a nightmare . Only Black Gold rank experts and above dared to enter that place . After all, there was a large number of horrifying demon beasts that accumulated there .

It's rumoured that before the Age of Darkness, a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist lived there . That Demon Spiritualist integrated with an extremely horrifying demon spirit . After his death, that place was occupied by nightmare demon spirits .

Nightmare demon spirits are an extremely mysterious and terrifying type of demon spirits . They had many mysterious powers that even Nie Li knows partially about . Furthermore, the nightmare demon spirits are one of the most difficult demon spirits to capture .

No one was sure what item the Hong Yue Family obtained from the Dark Ruins .

Representatives from the three Major families and the six noble families began taking their seats respectively . The whole atmosphere within the auction house froze . Everyone was looking forward to what the Hong Yue Family will bring out .

The Lady : "Please be quiet for a moment, we will soon present that unrivalled treasure for everyone!!"

At this moment, the auction hall went silent immediately .

Two beautiful ladies were carrying a tray as they walked up to the stage . Something was on the tray . Whatever it was, was covered by a piece of purple cloth . Only the rough outline of the item could be seen .

At this moment, the auctioneer had a charming smile on her face . Her right hand lightly pulled, removing the purple cloth . At that moment, a gem light had spread out in all directions . A black jade pot made from unknown material appeared in front of everyone's eyes . The pot was sparkling and translucent, with gem-like shine on it .

A rich soul aura was spreading around .

The Lady : "How did this item come along and what are its uses? Hong Yue Patriarch is not sure . However, there is one thing that can be confirmed . This pot emits an aura that strengthens demon spirits . "

The Lady : "That alone, proves that this item is not ordinary . Down below, on the base, the words, "Nightmare" is carved . It probably has something to do with the nightmare demon spirits . "

The Lady : "Furthermore, according to the Patriarch . If one trains a demon spirit around it, it can greatly strengthen the aura of the demon spirit . "

The Lady : "Therefore, it can be confirmed that this is an absolutely unrivalled treasure . Our Patriarch hopes that there will be someone who is able to unleash its usage!!"

The Lady : "The starting price for this item is eight million demon spirit coins!!"

Lee : "There it is, our item to become a force to be reckoned with . . . "

Nie Li : "Yeah, a fierce battle will start with that man sitting there . . . "

Lee : "No worries i already gave Yang Xin a heads up, at the same time now i'm rich, you wouldn't believe what i gained at the backstage . . . "