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TODAG System In TODAG - Chapter 4

Published at 4th of July 2019 02:49:50 PM

Chapter 4

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As Lee was madly rushing towards the Glory City, at the same time in the Academy Nie Li was having a headache as he was racking his brain how can he reach at least 1-Star Fate faster than a year . . .

Next to Ye Ziyun sat a tall and handsome boy who was, occasionally, catching a glimpse of Ye Ziyun . He noticed that Ye Ziyun was looking at Nie Li . He threw a furious look at Nie Li . His height was slightly taller than Nie Li and began emitting a faint yin aura .

Naturally, Nie Li felt the aura and also recognized this person . He was Shen Yue of the Sacred Family, he has extraordinary talent, but Nie Li knew he couldn't tap on it and was useless in every aspect . . .

Before Glory City was destroyed, Shen Yue and Ye Ziyun almost got married . He manages to make this null in his second life and he can do it in his third one as well . . .

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This may be the work of fate . Ye Ziyun did not become Shen Yue's wife in his previous life . Instead, she had some kinship activities with Nie Li .

Thinking back, Nie Li couldn't help laughing in his heart . However, after he saw Ye Ziyun and Shen Yue's glares, Niu Li couldn't help feeling a headache forming . The current Ye Ziyun had a few good impressions of Shen Yue . The look that Ye Ziyun give to Nie Li was full of disdain, as he knew Ye Ziyun was thinking of him as a lazy, playful person .

When he saw Ye Ziyun look in his direction, Nie Li felt a lag in his breath . When he saw that familiar face, he began to think of everything that happened in both his previous life . Nie Li couldn't help feeling sour in his nose . He revealed a smile as he looked deeply at Ye Ziyun .

Ye Ziyun as she was calling him weirdo in he mind, she felt that Nie Li's gaze was somewhat strange . His eyes shined like stars, with a lot of sadness . Ye Ziyun's heart was filled with questions . Does she know Nie Li? Why does he look at her with that kind of gaze?

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Ye Ziyun's a beauty with white teeth and vermilion lips . She was like a lotus blooming silently while having an unspeakable cute temperament . This was why there are so many boys fascinated with her .

At this point, Shen Xiu's gaze swept passed Nie Li's body . The action of these thirteen-fourteen-year-old kids couldn't escape her eyes . She is a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist .

She already reached the state of having the mind and body being one powerful sixth sense . Her eyesight was extremely keen . She could even see a fleeing rat over a hundred meters away .

Ye Ziyun has a noble identity . She has the status of being the daughter of Glory City's City Lord, as well as being the granddaughter of the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, Ye Mo . Not only that, she has a cyan soul realm formed within her dantian . A rare talent!

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Only a few people in the Holy Orchid Institute know of Ye Ziyun's identity . If Shen Yue manages to have Ye Ziyun as his wife, it could strongly strengthen the Sacred Family's position in Glory City . This is also why he's in the Fighter Apprentice class .

It's also another reason why Shen Xiu is teaching this class . She reverted her transformation with both of her arms hugging her chest . her eyes swept across the students . . .

Shen Xiu : "For the next two years, all of you are my students . Although the principal mentioned that Holy Orchid Institute's students are equal, I have to let you know the ugly truth . In this world, equality doesn't exist!"

The students below the stage were quietly listening . No one spoke a word . as her words were like daggers in their hearts . . .

Shen Xiu : "After you have all grown up and left this school, you will agree with my words . Equality is merely a lie that adults fill you with . You can't be living in a fairy tale forever,"

Shen Xiu : "Glory City is the only city that has been preserved throughout the Age of Darkness . We are the only surviving humans . Within Glory City, there are two kinds of powerful existences . The Fighters and the Demon Spiritualists . A Demon Spiritualist's existence is noble . Only one Fighter within thousands or tens of thousands could have a chance of being born a powerful Demon Spiritualist . Until now, in all of Glory City, only a few thousand Demon Spiritualists exist . We are the guardians of Glory City!"

Shen Xiu : "Fighters and Demon Spiritualists are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold and Legend ranks . A family that produces a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, they can become an aristocratic family . With Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, they can become a Noble family . With three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists or a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, that family can become a Major family . "

Shen Xiu : "We have thirty-six people here . Some come from commoner families, some come from noble families . Although your starting point is the same, your identities are not . I hope each and every one of you has self-awareness and a degree of manners . Commoners will always remain commoners . It's impossible for you to become an Aristocratic family, so do not dream of rising up to become a phoenix . Even within the nobility, they have a strict difference of levels that can never be exceeded . "

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