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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Cooperation, Shili Lane



Even though Lu Hao had almost lost half his life, he was still stimulated to raise his volume by eight and a half degrees after hearing Liu Feng's word .


"I've made it clear enough . If you don't want to pay, you can stay here . "


Liu Feng stood upright and turned around as if he was leaving . He waved his hand and said, "Although I like to help others, I can't lose money for myself . You keep waiting here . I'll go home and take a sleep, and then I'll call the police and let them come and rescue you . "




Lu Hao was reluctant to wait for another second . "I'll give you the money, tell me, how much?"


Liu Feng turned around with a smile and said, "Not much . The gas cost 5 million . Over a hundred private detectives cost 15 million in all, a total of 20 million . "


"Liu Feng, why don't you rob a bank? How could you find over one hundred private detectives in Donghai City . Do you think I am a fool?"


"All right . Let's go home and sleep . "


"No, I'll give it to you! But, I've been trapped here for several days, and my cellphone is out of power . I can't transfer you your money through my online bank!"


"That's all right . I've taken a Charge Pal with me . You can transfer now . "


At this time, Lu Hao felt that he was being robbed blind . 20 million, such a large figure would bring pain to anyone's heart .


But he was in an inferior situation, and Lu Hao could hardly stay reluctant to transfer .


After collecting the money, Liu Feng untied Lu Hao from the chair at the fastest speed, turned around and left while carrying him .


Yang Shiwen and Peng Jiaqi followed .


After Liu Feng had taken Lu Hao back to the hospital, even the doctors were shocked . Many doctors kept sighing when they examined Lu Hao .


"Oh my god, there are more than forty bone fractures all over the body . "


"They are all caused by trauma . It was so cruel of the man who beat him . However, it was also clever of him to make the bones partly fractured rather than completely broken apart . Was it meant to paralyze him?"



"Keep hospitalized . The patient must stay in the hospital for at least three months . "


"Heh! Where are the people who brought the patient here? Where are they?


Liu Feng had slipped away at that moment . He took Yang Shiwen and Peng Jiaqi to the Lotus Mountain Hot Spring and they spent a beautiful comfortable afternoon there .


The three of them were soaking in the hot spring pool, with a large fruit plate floating on the water . Yang Shiwen leaned against the pool edge, slowly eating a small piece of watermelon rather cozily .


Peng Jiaqi lowered her head, blushing . This was the first time she had ever bathed in a hot spring with a man . It made her even more embarrassed to be wearing a sexy bikini at the same time .


"Liu Feng, why did you rescue Lu Hao?" Yang Shiwen turned her head and asked after finishing the watermelon .


Liu Feng smiled and said, "You are smart enough to guess it, to besiege him and attack the reinforcements!"


"Of course I've guessed it, otherwise I would not have cooperated with you!" Yang Shiwen said proudly, "Although you aren't a good guy, you teasing Lu Hao was tantamount to protecting me, so I'll support you in this affair . "


"Not just Lu Hao!"


Liu Feng leaned on the pool edge, looked up and said, "Isn't Fei Daojia, from Kosa Company also in the hospital?"


"Yeah, those Gooks are not good guys either . " Yang Shiwen said with great displeasure .


"Well, don't be jealous in the future . You should learn from Jiaqi about being gentle and kind, which are the most appropriate qualities for women . "


Peng Jiaqi blushed even more when praised by Liu Feng, and whispered, "Actually, I'm not that good, I . . . "


"Jiaqi, you don't have to listen to his nonsense . He's trying to hit on you . Don't you see that?"


"I . . . "


Originally, Peng Jiaqi still had a belly full of questions to ask Liu Feng . After being criticized by Yang Shiwen, she was so ashamed that she forgot everything .


"Kosa Company might strike back soon . But, the Koreans' efficiency is too low that it took them too many days to get ready . " Liu Feng looked up with a smile and murmured to himself .


That's right when Liu Feng was mentioning Kosa Company, five deadpan men and a woman with long hair blocking half of her face showed up in the senior ward of the hospital .


Fei Daojia was lying on the ward bed, looking a little pale .


"So good to have you here . Liu Feng has great skills and is likely to be supported by powerful forces behind him . "


Fei Daojia glanced at the six people and said in a cold voice, "I don't care what means you take, whether ambush, guns, or using poison, you must get Liu Feng down to hell, even if all six of you have to die in China . "


"We'll finish the mission . " The five men said in unison .


The woman, however, didn't cooperate . "Mr . Fei, I think we should deal with Yang Ding first, rather than Lady Yang's bodyguard . "


"Don't tell me what to do . If you kill Yang Ding and leave Liu Feng alive, Yang Shiwen will inherit the Dingsheng Group . You'll still have to face him . Now go for your mission quickly . " Fei Daojia said in an indisputable tone .


"Yes, sir!" The woman nodded her head expressionlessly and walked out with the five men .



The next morning, Liu Feng went to the University of Science and Technology with Yang Shiwen as usual .


When they arrived at the main entrance, they saw a huge red heart composed of 9,999,999 roses on the main entrance's square .


Dongfang Wuhen was standing behind the rose heart, and he shouted with a megaphone . "Yang Shiwen, I love you! Please accept me!"


"Say yes! Say yes!"


"Say yes . . . "


It wasn't only Dongfang Wuhen that was exclaiming, he had also hired a group of helpers to build momentum with him .




Yang Shiwen curled her lips and said, "Childish! But!"


When she said "But", Lady Yang' rolled her eyes and came up with some tricky ideas .


At that moment, Liu Feng suddenly stepped on the gas .


A horrible sound was instantly made as the tires spun on the ground . So much so, there was even a plume of white smoke rising from the ground due to the severe friction . Then, the car suddenly lunged forward and crashed into the spectacular rose heart turning it into a mess .


When Liu Feng drove through the main entrance's square, he also made a 360-degree drift using the inertia . Countless ruined petals were blown up by the car, forming big petal rain .


When the car stopped, Liu Feng opened the door and got out of the car .


At this moment, everyone fell silent and looked at Liu Feng .


Dongfang Wuhen was nuts . He was planning to be the protagonist today and Liu Feng destroyed his arrangements with a dazzling drift .




At this time, Yang Shiwen also got out of the car, with her pair of white high heels stepping on the roses, as beautiful as a detached flower fairy .


Dongfang Wuhen hurried over and tried to control his temper as he said, "Shiwen, have noticed how unkind Liu Feng is? Why don't you change your bodyguard? There will be lots of gossip if you keep him at home as your bodyguard . I . . . "


"You can shut up . "


Liu Feng went over to Yang Shiwen and stared at Dongfang Wuhen . He laughed and said, "How dare you call her Shiwen? Didn't Shiwen tell you yesterday that no other man can date her without my permission? Seems like you haven't passed my test!"


"You heard us talking?" Dongfang Wuhen was almost driven mad . "Since you heard us, why did you, you . . . "


"I ignored you, right?"


Liu Feng said lightly, "I still want to ignore you now . All right, Just clean up all these ruined roses . As a college student, you shouldn't litter on the floor .


After throwing out this word, Liu Feng held Yang Shiwen's pretty shoulder and walked with her inside the school .


The people hired by Dongfang Wuhen all watched Liu Feng leaving and none dared to stop him . Some were even grumbling . . .


"Bullocks, we should have known better than come to help Dongfang Wuhen . "


"Cut the crap . Who wouldn't have come for a hundred dollars from him?"


"Let's leave here . He was seeking death by provoking Liu Feng . I wouldn't take the job even if he gave me a thousand dollars . "


Dongfang Wuhen was so mad and it was as his eyes were spitting fire as he trembled while standing .


Just then, a gloomy voice came to his ear, "Want revenge?"


"Yes! Of course!


Dongfang Wuhen gnashed and said, "I want him dead . "


"Let's cooperate . I've got my fighters ready . They're all the best, but I need you to . . . "


"OK, let's cooperate . "



Around nine o'clock that evening, the phone rang suddenly when Liu Feng was exercising fistic arts in the backyard of the Yang mansion .


"Liu Feng, I have Peng Jiaqi with me now!"


A threatening voice came from the other end of the phone just as Liu Feng pressed the answer button . "Come to Shili Lane . If I don't see you in half an hour, haha!"


"Dongfang Wuhen!" Liu Feng sneered . "I can still recognize you even when your voice has been changed . Do you know what's gonna happen to you for doing this?"


"I don't care . If you don't come, I'll take my men to rape Peng Jiaqi, taking turns . " Dongfang Wuhen continued his threats on the phone . "Half an hour, don't be late . Also, don't tell Shiwen about this . Don't call the police, otherwise, I'm sure you know what's gonna happen . "


"Well played!"


Liu Feng hung up and said coldly, "How could I recognize you when you've changed your voice over the phone? I was just playing tricks . How dare you provoke me with such a low IQ . "


After saying this, Liu Feng accelerated his feet, leaped over the courtyard wall of the Yang mansion and disappeared instantly into the darkness .


Shili Lane was the dirtiest and messiest place in Donghai City . The streets were narrow, with many karaoke bars and massage parlors on both sides . There were often people brawling and fighting .


Liu Feng arrived here at exactly 9:30, the narrow streets were lit up by cheap dazzling neon lights . On both sides stood many women with heavy makeup, who were greeting passers-by from time to time, and even making some shameless gestures .


On the second floor of a small cabaret on the end of Shili Lane, Dongfang Wuhen was looking through the window at the street . "He's here, ha ha! Liu Feng, since you were trying to mess with me, I promise I'll destroy you . "