Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi


“Hotel Williams Child Bird”, nicknamed <Birdcage Manor>, inhabiting in there are eccentric people who can’t fit in the normal society.
A day-dreaming beautiful woman, a Gothic Lolita that’s a grade school-er, a person in a cat’s costume, the eerie elder twins and an unidentifiable piercing cry that continues to resound.

In such <Birdcage Manor> one of the residents – Kizuna Etoh, in her 16th winter makes acquaintance with an Art collage student living on fifth floor like a hikikomori – Yusei Asai.
And then she is invited to a part-time job as a nude model for paintings.
In an disorderly atelier with a heavy scent of oil paints as she spends time together with Asai, she feels that to her that time is gradually becoming a valuable part of her everyday…

It’s a story how <Birdcage Manor’s> a bit odd residents’ pass a bit odd but in various ways their normal everydays.

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