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Transcending Limits

Transcending Limits
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“Why am I so awesome?” Sheng Tian sighed for the Nth time as he stood on a mountain cliff. 

*Blurgh* *Blurgh* *Blurgh* 

The ground below was dyed red as the three people behind him spat out blood. They were trembling as they pointed their fingers weakly at the handsome Sheng Tian and shouted “Bastard! We had a deal! 

You go left and we go right! We split the loot fifty-fifty. 

You! You! You betrayed us!” The strong, fair skinned young man in the middle of the three, glared at Sheng Tian and punched the ground with his bloodied fist. 

Sheng Tian smiled Kindly as he gently shook his head and said with a righteous face “My fellow cultivators, I can’t let you do such sinful things. I shall bear all the sins by taking the whole loot.” 

Then he raised his head and looked at the sky as he sighed in melancholy“If I don’t go to hell, who will? Ai, Why am I so righteous?” 

*Blurgh* *Blurgh* *Blurgh* the three young men coughed out another mouthful of blood in anger and fainted. 

Sheng Tian lightly said as he closed his eyes “ No one can understand my plight. It’s so lonely at the top!” 

“Yeah, at the top of Shamelessness.” A female voice sounded in his head as his expression turned queer. 

Warning: *Sheng Tian is a very humble and kind person.* 

PS: This is not a Wish Fulfilment Story, *ahem*, well, clearly it is the manifestation of the Author’s wish to write a Fulfilling story. :P 

Disclaimer: *The Cover doesn’t belong to me. If the Owner of it wishes for me to take it down, please contact me through discord.* 

*** *** *** 

Editor’s Synopsis: 

“You’re not my child.” Sheng Tian's life turned upside down that day. 

Nearly starved to death, he wished to end his life. Only a burning desire to have the freedom to do what he wanted and a small hope to meet his true parents kept him alive. 

The bottom most point of life became his rock solid foundation as he turned carefree, aspirant and expectant towards life. 

However, his aspirations were turned into dust when he was accidentally killed. 

As if pre-ordained by the Grand Dao, he ended up obtaining “Absolute Origin”, which the gods coveted, immortals dreamed and the Celestials drooled. 

What is Absolute Origin? 

Will he ever meet his parents? Will he find the “freedom” he always longed for? 

And was his death really accidental? 

Join Sheng Tian as he embarks on a Journey to break free the shackles of Self and the World. 

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