Transcending Limits - Chapter 59

Published at 11th of July 2019 07:35:08 AM
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Chapter 59

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"Your Highness, this is the Ancient Manual . " a servant bowed holding the manual Sheng Tian just gave .

"Hm . " the Young Lady in golden clothes elegantly took the ancient manual and flipped the pages .

She was wearing a mask covering her face yet her bright eyes gave off the beauty she was covering underneath . A surprised look could be seen in her eyes . She put down the manual and ordered "Investigate his background . "

She pressed a token on her palm and an old man appeared in front of her . She looked at the Old Man and spoke in a serious tone "Did you find the reason for so many sudden deaths in the Qin Ancestral Grounds?"

The Old Man replied calmly "No, Your Highness . The Qin Clan spread the news that there was a secret trial this time and no one managed to pass it . The ones who overestimated themselves and forcibly tried to win the trial were ones who died . "

"Hmph! Then what did they say about the name 'Blood Wolf'?" the young lady asked, displeasure evident in her tone .

The Old Man said clumsily "They said that it was all a secret trial . It not only tests a cultivator's cultivation strength and will power but also their heart . If they are to be easily scared by a simple proclamation, then they are not fit to be a cultivator .

The Qin Clan said that their ancestral records had this information about the trial . So, the ones who died can only blame their cowardice . The rest of them didn't satisfy the criteria of the trial, so they all fainted . The destruction was all a result to temper their hearts . This was Qin Clan's answer to everyone . "

"Pfft" an elegant chuckle escaped the lips of the Young Lady . It was very mesmerising but the Old Man could feel the ridicule and contempt in it .

The Young Lady looked in the direction of Jade Qin Palace and spoke unhurriedly "What do they take the Royal Family as? They better give me a suitable explanation or else this won't end well for them .

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Send someone as my messenger demanding an explanation . Also, tell them to be sensible when answering the Royal Family . Lying to the Royal Family is a capital sin, severe enough to be punished by death . "

"As you wish . " the Old Man bowed deeply and left .

The Young Lady sat down crosslegged and got ready to cultivate "The Strongest need no reason to massacre a city while the Weak would be hanged for killing a chicken . This is the law, not justice . Father, did I grow up?"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sheng Tian didn't want to stay in the Qin Clan . But that didn't mean he would be leaving the Qin Capital . He leisurely made his way to one of the many gates of the Qin Capital .

A male and female guard were on their duty . They saw a young man walking towards the entrance .

The Female guard signaled to the male guard indicating that she would collect the entrance fee of 10 Gold Coins . Only the ones who can afford this are eligible to enter this city . Of course, the citizens themselves had other rules .

Sheng Tian was feeling a sense of freedom without any disguise . Even though he still wore the silver mask, his eyes clearly saw the world and his lips curled up with happiness .

He arrived at the gate . The female guard started walking towards him . But the more the distance between them lowered, the slower she became .

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Finally, she arrived before Sheng Tian . At last, she got to see the Young Man with the shining silver mask . Looking at his divine body, she gulped a mouthful of saliva but still some leaked from the corner of her mouth .

Inside Snow Glazing Lotus, Xiao Lian was having the laugh of her life as she looked at the guard .

Sheng Tian coughed lightly when the saliva she was releasing wetted her whole top armour .

The female guard, a middle-aged woman, instantly blushed and stuttered "Y . . You . . Young Master, This . . . way . "

She even forgot to ask the entry fee and performed the escort that only very influential people would be privileged to .

Even though she couldn't see his complete face, his lips which curled into a lazy yet heaven shaking smile, his sky blue eyes which sucked off her soul and conquered her heart as well as his neck, hands, and *ahem* others completely mesmerized her and drove her mind crazy .

When Sheng Tian crossed the entrance, the female guard couldn't endure anymore as she called out "Big Brother" from behind .

Sheng Tian who was walking forward almost fell head first .

Big Brother your ass! Do I look like your Big Brother? And with your age where I have to call you aunt, you still call me Big Brother?

Sheng Tian's lips twitched . The Female Guard asked "Wha . . What's your name?"

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Sheng Tian cursed inside his mind'The fuck is wrong with me if I tell you my name . ' but as the kind person he was, he couldn't slap a smiling face . So, he turned back, his posture looking like an anime hero who is about to give his final speech before his sacrifice .

He took off his mask and smiled at her, turned around and left .

"Kyaaaa~" the female guard who saw that smile shouted with ecstasy . She didn't notice that a trial of liquid was flowing down her thighs soaking her clothes completely wet . It is unknown how the dam was able to hold so much!

Then, her legs felt weak as she collapsed onto the floor .

But this is the most delightful day of her entire life!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Xiao Lian's face was had a little blush as her cute mouth was wide open . She watched the middle-aged woman squirming on the floor . Are all mortals so easy? She thought . She forgot that even she herself would be in a daze looking at his real face from time to time . If it has to be said about his appearance, it is "Ladies Heart Slayer and Soul Stealer" .

Sheng Tian was really not expecting such intense reactions from the woman . 'Aah, Maybe her husband was not fulfilling and my charm is just unrivalled . ' he humbly thought .

Thad day, a strange scene occurred on the streets of Qin Capital .

Wherever he went, everyone turned to look at him at least thrice . He was still wearing the mask . But now he released his original aura, was in his true form . It's like he is being his true self . Unrestrained .

Many women had their gazes sucked by those sky blue eyes and the lazy smile which hung on his lips . Even the ladies from big families were no exception . Mothers, Daughters, Big Sisters, Little Sisters, Widows, no one was spared .

"*Cough*, Grandma we are going to be late . " a man nudged an Old lady beside him as he spoke respectfully .

"Hahaha, Yes, Yes . I was just appreciating the arrival of Spring . haha, Let's go, Let's go . " the Old Lady said as her face turned red .

The man nodded to save her face . But when they moved some distance, the Old Lady turned her face to see 'his' back and then quickly walked with the man .

'Oh, Heavens! Why am I not born a few decades later?' she thought as the image of the youth appeared in her mind subconsciously . She looked down as she blushed .

The man didn't know whether to laugh or cry . His grandma was here for the marriage of her third grandson, his younger brother . But who would have thought that she would have thoughts about her own marriage? But still that celestial, how can he be so handsome? Maybe because he is a celestial and not a human . That's why!

Sheng Tian looked still carefree on the outside but inside he was feeling complex emotions . If all these ladies pounced at him, wouldn't he be eaten without even bones left? And even if he survived that, he still had to face the wrath of their husbands, fiancees, fathers, . . .

'Aii, Only I know the troubles of being too handsome . ' He thought in indignation .

He made his way to an inn and booked a room . After retiring to his room, he looked outside the window .

He was instantly dumbfounded . 50, no, more than 150 women were outside the inn . The number is constantly increasing . They seem to be searching for someone as their eyes burned with passion and their actions filled with desire .

Cold Sweat poured down his face . Which Idiot told that Men can't be victims of sexual harassment?

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