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Chapter 299

Being the younger generation of a great Clan, Ji Mo naturally knew the fate of a person having lost his future potential, and couldn’t help but feel sad . However, it wouldn’t be right of him to intervene since it was a Mo Clan’s internal family matter, and he was only a maternal cousin .

Although, in his heart, he silently whispered to himself, [indeed, in that case, I must put all my efforts into healing her or finding her a proper home so she can lead a happy life in the future . She mustn’t live a life of such pain and agony . ]

“You go ahead; I’ll accompany Xiao Wu for little while longer before I head back . ” Ji Mo replied .

On the other hand, as she stood there watching, Mo Qing Wu turned around awkwardly while her eyes started to fill with tear of insecurity .

“Xiao Wu, come and see, Brother Chu Yang has sent some gifts for you . ” Ji Mo tried to put on a smile and tried to suppress the sorrow in his heart as he took Mo Qing Wu by her tiny hands, and walked towards her room .

“Come, take a look at this . ” Firstly, Ji Mo took out a jade bottle, which Chu Yang had filled with the ‘vitality spring water’; it was a pretty big bottle!

“What is this? Water? Or Liquor?” Mo Qing Wu suspiciously looked at the Jade bottle and then gently stroked it; her face lit up as she asked, “Does this jade bottle belong to Brother Chu Yang?”

“Yes . ” Ji Mo scratched his head in confusion since the more precious gift was the water inside the bottle .

[Huh, you’re asking about Chu Yang’s jade bottle? The water inside is far more precious, you know?]

“Brother Chu Yang,” Mo Qing Wu held the jade bottle tightly in her arms as tears came running down her eyes . Mo Qing Wu had been suppressing the pain in her heart for several months; however, seeing that jade bottle in front of her, tears came flowing down her eyes like a river .

She cried a long time…

Ji Mo was completely helpless the entire time for he had never thought that Mo Qing Wu would get so emotional by merely looking at that jade bottle .

Mo Qing Wu kept on sobbing for a long time before she finally came to a stop .

Ji Mo said urged, “This is a priceless treasure called the ‘vitality spring water’ . You should really drink it now…”

Ji Mo lowered his voice as he added, “Brother Chu Yang insisted that I witness you drinking the ‘vitality spring water’ with my own eyes . ”

“But I…I can’t drink it . ” Mo Qing Wu looked at Ji Mo while blinking her big eyes and said, “If I drink…then there won’t be anything left of it…”

“Silly girl, why can’t you?” Ji Mo said hastily, “If you drink this, it will help your body in healing the injury, and in getting rid of the scars . ”

“But, I don’t want to drink it . ” Mo Qing Wu started to cry, “I want to keep this safely, with me . ”


“But if you don’t drink it now, Brother Ji Mo will get really angry . ” Ji Mo was feeling puzzled rather puzzled himself as he said this, but didn’t let it show on his face still . Then, he added, “If Brother Chu Yang finds out that you didn’t not drink the ‘vitality spring water’… it will make him very, very sad…”

“Okay, then I will drink it!”

Mo Qing Wu hurriedly added while nodding her head in anxiety, “I will drink right away in that case . ”

Ji Mo was left dumbfounded in awe as he saw Mo Qing Wu drink that bottle of ‘vitality spring water’ . [Could Chu Yang really have such huge effect on her? ]

After she was done drinking the vitality spring water, she continued to hold the jade bottle in her arms, seemingly treasuring it with all her heart .

“What else did Brother Chu Yang send for me?” Mo Qing Wu asked with anticipation .

“Well, there’s one, and then this, and oh, that too…” Ji Mo unloaded the package; he had a big pile of all sorts of strange and beautiful toys .

“This is beautiful!” Mo Qing Wu slipped her hands into the pile of toys, and happened to find a bowknot shaped hairpin .

The bowknot’s entire framework was made out of red cloud steel and star iron . The magnificence of the red cloud steel, coupled with that starlight elegance gave it an enchanting appearance .

Ji Mo’s lips twitched .

Watching her play with the bowknot, Ji Mo wondered, [only the prodigal Chu Yang could do something like that elaborate ] .

“This was definitely sent by Brother Chu Yang, but as for the other toys, it is you who bought them, didn’t you?” Mo Qing Wu casually asked tilting her head as she put the bowknot down .

“Eh…how did you know that?” Ji Mo astonishingly stared at Mo Qing Wu, surprised that she had thoughtlessly spoken a few words of fact .

“Well, because this is what I really like . ” Mo Qing Wu wrinkled her nose as her smile showed a longing for happiness, and said, “Only Brother Chu Yang knows what I really like,”

She gave a ‘despising’ look to Ji Mo and said, “and well, you certainly don’t!”

Ji Mo found himself completely puzzled .

“Brother Ji Mo, I must thank you…” Mo Qing Wu hugged the jade bottle and the bowknot close to her heart, before saying with a satisfied smile, “Thank you for delivering these gifts to me . ”

“You’re… …welcome . ” Suddenly a thought pained Ji Mo’s heart . [Being the princess of Mo clan, how can something so bad happen to Mo Qing Wu?]

“I have something to discuss with uncle…, ah” Ji Mo wanted to say something, but swallowed it back . [If uncle refused to let me go, I will have to stay back and accompany her . No I can’t stay . My Clan is waiting for me to fight in the war, and also even if I take her to my family, who will she play with?]

Ji Mo shook his head with a sigh and returned to the hall .

He had a word with Mo Xing Chen about Mo Qing Wu spending a few days with his family, however Mo Xing Chen pondered for a while before refusing, “Usually it would have been fine for to spend some time with your family, but with the major families going to the war these days, how do you expect to take care of a child? Think before you speak . ”

After hearing that, Ji Mo and Ji Zhu slowly walked out of the hall . Mo Xing Chen wanted to take a break from the meetings, when again a sudden report was made, “Reporting to the Clan Lord, the second son of Luo Clan had come to visit Miss Xiao Wu . ”

“Luo Clan? Second son from Luo Clan had come to visit Xiao Wu?” Mo Xing Chen was in a state of shock . He thought, [At first, Ji Zhu and Ji Mo came to see Qing Wu, which is still okay as they are after all cousins, but what business does the son of Luo Clan has with her? Does’t he know that Luo Clan and Mo Clan are enemies? ]

The two clans had been at war for more than 100 years . The hatred between the two clans could never be put away, and now the son from the Luo Clan is here to see Xiao Wu, which was very strange .

Mo Xing Chen’s mind couldn’t help but wonder, [has he come here with ulterior motives? Has he come to mock us as they found out that the genius of our Clan is crippled? ]

However, if that was the case, it was a bold move . The second son of the Luo Clan might actually lose his life here .

“Please come in!” Mo Xing Chen stood up and said, “I’d like to see the second son of the Luo Clan because this is the right thing to do . ”

Luo Ke Di walks cladded in snow-white clothing, while the Mo Clan stood there in hostility .

Everybody had their eyes fixed on him .

Luo Ke Di was usually very easy going and had a very tuned way of working; however, he was also a very emotional person .

[Chu Yang? My Big Brother! ]

[He once told me that whenever I had the opportunity, I should go and visit Xiao Wu . ]

[I must do as I promised . ]

He still made that promise, even though Luo Clan and Mo Clan had always been enemies . They were still enemies when he promised his Brother, and wouldn’t have promised if he hadn’t intended on doing so .

Since he had already promised, he will do as he promised; even if he had made this promise to an enemy!

Even if he died, he’d do as promised!

And therefore, he came today .

Mo Xing Chen looked on in surprise as Luo Ke Di walked into the hall, in the presence of the Mo Clan, to see Xiao Wu .

It seemed that Mo Xing Chen was not the only one in the Clan who was surprised by Luo Ke Di’s visit; Mo Qing Wu was actually far more surprised .

“Xiao Wu!” Luo Ke Di’s cold expression melted while a warm smile spread across his face, as he looked at his dear little sister after such a long time .

“Brother Luo!”

Mo Qing Wu was pleasantly surprised . She was aware that her’ and the Luo Clan were enemies; and yet Luo Ke Di had taken such huge risk, just to come visit her .

Mo Xing Chen kept a close eye on them .

He watched as Mo Qing Wu laughed and played outside her room while Luo Ke Di patiently listened to her as she went on rambling about her problems . He then played different games with her and told her stories .

Mo Xing Chen heaved a deep sigh and quietly moved away .

[How long has it been since we’ve seen Xiao Wu this happy? At this time, she is even happy to meet someone from the enemy Clan rather than to talk to her own father… and they even seem more intimate . . ] .

“Have I made a mistake?”

“But I am the head of a Clan… …even if I made a mistake… …it’s for the sake of my Clan…”

Mo Xing Chen walked away, quietly .

Luo Ke Di was also felt quite relieved, and boldly accompanied Xiao Wu the entire day .

“Xiao Wu, Brother Chu Yang has sent me to play with you …but I can only stay for a day . ”Luo Ke Di squatted down as he softly spoke to Xiao Wu, “I’ll need leave for the Cang Lan battlefront tomorrow . ”

“But why do you have to go to Cang Lan battlefront?” Mo Qing Wu asked as a little tear formed in her eyes, “I am so lonely here… There is no one to play with me here…or even talk to me . ”

Luo Ke Di was speechless for a while, before he finally replied in a softened tone, “I don’t want to leave you alone either, but I still wish to go nonetheless . It’s very dangerous out there, yet I find joy in it . The placed is filled with my enemies… as well as my friends . And, also, it’s my duty to be there since I’m a youngster from a ‘three heaven family’ .

“It’s… a Man’s responsibility at the end of the day!” Luo Ke Di stated in a soft voice .

Even though Mo Qing Wu was just a little girl, and even though she may be incapable of understanding his words, Luo Ke Di still felt very relaxed in speaking his thoughts out to her .

It’s the responsibility of the middle three heaven’s families to keep the mainland safe .

They could never back away from their responsibility!

“I packed a few gifts for you on the way here because I didn’t know what’d you like . . . ” Luo Ke Di put down his big bag .

“Brother Chu Yang had told me to come visit you, and had asked me say these few words to you . ” Luo Ke Di said .

“What?” Mo Qing Wu immediately brightened up as her ear rose up with excitement .

“He said that, “Xiao Wu, always be happy”…”Luo Ke Di continued, “Brother Chu Yang will soon come to meet you . ”

Tears came flowing down to Mo Qing Wu’s white and tender cheeks .

Mo Qing Wu had been longing to hear those words for a very long time; she had always been looking forward to someone coming her way to deliver such words . Her heart couldn’t help but feel sour after hearing Chu Yang’s words; and she felt like crying tears of joy .

Luo Ke Di eventually had to leave… he couldn’t have stayed there for long; after all, he belonged to an enemy Clan… also he was only able to stay there for so long because Mo Tian Yun was at the Cang Lan battlefront…

Mo Qing Wu stood there quietly . She felt like she had grown up, while her mind kept pondering back over those words, instilling her heart with a sense of hope…

“Xiao Wu, always be happy . Brother Chu Yang will soon come to meet you . ”

Mo Qing Wu tilted her head as she closely held onto her scabbard and that jade bottle; she wore that colorful bowknot, and gently recited those words to herself in Chu Yang’s voice .

Her voice was soft and gentle… and as mesmerizing as a dream… one could tell that she never wanted to wake up from it…