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Chapter 369

Chu Yang sensed the heat break into his body . He felt as if his body was brimming with strength . He didn’t feel tired . Instead, he seemed quite happy as he thought, [Is this what it means to devour the power of life?]

Chu Yang hadn’t given any rest to his hands . But he continued to slashing his sword . The proud soldiers ferociously threw themselves at him from every direction . Chu Yang soared in the air to confront the soldiers and shouted, "What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world?!"

Suddenly, a round beam of light appeared as the power of the Nine Tribulations Sword was unleashed . It rushed through the ranks of soldiers like a scary-wild dragon as it blew a bright-colored ocean-spindrift of blood .

Enormous evil energy and murderous aura filled the entire battlefield .

A number of soldiers were sent flying into the sky as their chopped-off arms flung in the air; some of these hands still held shining swords .

In fact, one could see blue veins popping out of the fingers of one of the hands . However, it had been separated from its owner’s body .

Chu Yang continued to charge forward for six hundred feet . Then, he jumped into the sky and stepped on the corpses spread on the battlefield . His entire body was drenched in blood; it seemed as if he had showered in blood . However, he continued to charge forward .

The elite troops spread over the battlefield didn’t stand a chance against Chu Yang’s brutal killing moves . Whoever came in the path of the sharp edge of the Nine Tribulations Sword didn’t remain in one piece .

Chu Yang didn’t utter a word . He killed ferociously as he rushed forward in a wild manner .

Suddenly, Chu Yang had a feeling, [As long as my legs don’t get chopped off… I’ll be able to rush like this and get out of here . ]

[It’s not a baseless assumption . ]

[That’s because… besides real energy… I have Sword Spirit which is supplementing my spirit energy . So, the amount of real energy within my Dantian is being maintained above the level of consumption at all times . ]

[This internal-recycle loop is ensuring that I shouldn’t worry about the energy consumption . ]

[The weakest link lies outside this loop… and that’s my physical strength . But, the Nine Tribulations Sword is unceasingly absorbing the life force of people who are getting slain and adding it to my body . ]

[So, I’m not feeling any exhaustion . ]


No one in the entire Nine Heavens Continent could be compared with Chu Yang because of these points . Chu Yang surged forward like a monstrous wave . So, one had to deal with this dreadful monstrous wave . One must be prepared to deal with the entire sea that’s behind him in his support since it could launch the next wave of attack .

How can one stop such a person?

"This . . . this is King of Hell Chu?" Wang Teng Long stood aghast on the short slope . He sucked in a mouthful of cold air . He had felt that he had overestimated the dreaded reputation of King of Hell Chu . However, after seeing him in person… he had to admit that he had underestimated this person .

"He’s worthy of being called . . . the King of Hell!" Wang Teng Long looked at his subordinates as they got chopped down like vegetables . He felt as if his heart was being fried in oil; a lone person had pushed his mighty army into a miserable state .

Wang Teng Long’s anger could swallow ten thousand miles of area . The aggression in his eyes was frightening; it seemed as if he was looking down on the whole world .

Fortunately, his rear troops had got enough time to prepare for the battle . So, they were lined- up in a closely sealed battle formation . There was a serious look on their valiant faces . But they seemed very anxious and uncertain about whether or not they’d be able to block the King of Hell Chu .

"Cut-off his legs first!" Wang Teng Long snatched the bugle-horn from the hands of the soldier who stood beside him . Then, he whipped it on the ground and roared, "Relay this order – cut-off his legs first . "

Wang Teng Long was an experienced war veteran . He had fought many battles . Therefore, he formulated the best possible strategy to deal with the situation .

Around thirty messengers stood in a row . They raised their heads and bellowed, "The Great General has commanded… cut-off his legs first… The Great General had commanded… cut-off his legs first…"

Their voice was getting louder and louder . The people in the battlefield who heard this… began to shout-along, "The Great General has commanded… cut-off his legs first… "

"Yes!" More than 4000 soldiers were stationed at a far distance . They yelled in unison as their pupils shrank . They stared at the devilish figure which rushed towards their battle formation at a fast speed . Their palms began to sweat as they got more and more worried .

The murderous aura within Chu Yang’s heart rose as he continued to slaughter more men . His eyes turned red . The rise of murderous aura in Chu Yang’s heart resulted in increasing his sword’s prowess by 30% .

Three soldiers screamed and withdrew as he slashed his sword towards the left . Four soldiers were sent flying in the air as he slashed his sword towards the right . He left behind a trail of blood as he advanced across the distance of five hundred feet .

He took big strides and rushed forward; his feet seemed like a whirlwind . He was so fast that one could only see a mass of shadow advancing towards oneself . Blood could be seen splattering all-around whenever he stepped down on the ground .

His blade would spread like a forest when he was called upon .

The murderous aura within Chu Yang’s heart got more and more concentrated . Suddenly, he let out a long cry as his body flew-up in the air with a loud ‘whistling’ sound . Then, it started to advance forward at a great speed . His trails had been covered in blood .

Suddenly, a long chant was heard in a voice that was full of murderous intention, "In my palm lies a pile of bones as tall as a mountain . . . "

The long sword revolved to draw a circular arc . This arc expanded in the outward direction at a fast speed . It knocked down several bodies to the ground . Chu Yang laughed heartily and said, "This sword’s slash will give birth to a turbulent sea of blood…”

Then, a sharp sword cry was heard . Round lumps of sword light came out of the Nine Tribulations Sword and splashed all-around; it seemed as if the Nine Tribulations Sword was the representative of death . The sword light fluttered in the air . Then, it fell downwards like the rain . Chu Yang’s body flew like a dragon and soared up 170 feet into the sky . He laughed like a furious devil and spoke, "The world of mortals originates from the path of ruthlessness . . . "

The Nine Tribulations Sword circled nine times inside the military formation . Chu Yang somersaulted mid-air in order to avoid a rain of arrows aimed at him . He then shouted, " . . . Don’t restrain the blade when beheading the entire world"

Chu Yang laughed as he advanced forward; his body seemed to be surfing on the blood waves which surged through the army formation of ten thousand men and horses – like a hurricane .

Wang Teng Long seemed to have lost his entire strength as he saw this from a distance . He murmured, "In my palm lies a pile of bones as tall as a mountain… this sword’s slash will give birth to a turbulent sea of blood… the world of mortals originates from the path of ruthlessness… and don’t restrain the blade when beheading the entire world! Demon! He is not human… he is a demon!"

The blood continued to splatter over the field . Chu Yang continued to slaughter the soldiers as he rushed forward .

Chu Yang had experienced an incredible anger in his past life when he had massacred the big clan that had ambushed Mo Qing Wu . He hadn’t enjoyed killing to his heart’s content since then . Moreover, thousands of years of evil tendencies had accumulated inside the Nine Tribulations Sword; they had burst inside his mind . Therefore, Chu Yang was hardly aware that he was slaughtering people in a crazed manner .

Rush forward!

However, Chu Yang had gained self-insight even in such a crazy situation; he had comprehended four sword moves on his own…

Pretend to use sword as a saber!

Like saber… like sword!

In my palm lies a pile of bones as tall as a mountain,

This sword’s slash will give birth to a turbulent sea of blood;

The world of mortals originates from the path of ruthlessness,

Don’t restrain the blade when beheading the entire world!

These sword moves didn’t belong to the sword-play of the Nine Tribulations Sword . However, they weren’t inferior to the four moves of the Nine Heavens Sword Play . These four moves were filled with ruthlessness and brutality… like the four original killer moves .

Chu Yang’s mind went blank after he issued the last move . The violence and ruthless intentions that filled his mind… vanished without a trace .

Chu Yang felt that his six senses had become more sensitive, his responses had become faster and more accurate, his movements had become smoother and more powerful, and his judgments had become prompter .

He was in the center as ten people besieged him from different directions . He quickly made judgments – nine blades seemed to be coming towards him; he could easily tell which one of these blades was the quickest, which one was the biggest threat, and which one seemed to be ferocious but wasn’t lethal .

Chu Yang could use his sword to block the incoming attacks if he’d allow himself to show-off one of his dazzling techniques… he’d rout them all at the same time .

This wasn’t an illusion .

But an absolute assurance!

[My five internal organs are sealed up by the Sword Spirit . So, it’s impossible for my own martial powers to increase . Then, the only possibility is that my spiritual sense has made a breakthrough . ]

[It means that my cultivation level has had a breakthrough . I made a breakthrough in a terrible situation… when my life was at risk . How is such a strange coincidence even possible?]

Chu Yang didn’t know that the groundwork for this breakthrough had started long time back .

The first sign occurred on the stormy night when Chu Yang had trespassed into Diwu Qing Rou’s Prime Ministerial Palace . Chu Yang’s martial power had then fused with his real energy that had originated from going through the different stages of stealth as he had advanced through the area .

Chu Yang had mentally experienced a high-degree of tension and stress during the time when he had become a fugitive; so much so that he didn’t dare to relax even during his sleep-time… which was less than half an hour a day .

He felt relaxed every time he escaped . Every risk that he took was like a trial for him . Moreover, this was happening when his internal organs had been nearly destroyed; so much so that they were incapable of being restored under those circumstances .

However, his mind had been able to withstand this pressure without losing itself to confusion .

He had put-away his concerns and worries a while back . Then, he had rushed into the battlefield to fight wholeheartedly . So, his mental state and spirit had transformed from a mass of chaos to fine steel .

The three killer fragments of Nine Tribulations Sword had united to form an unpreceded murderous spirit . Their combined impact on Chu Yang had been unparalleled . This had allowed him to unknowingly enter into a berserk-mode of endless slaughter . However, he wouldn’t have got a chance to vent-out his anger and aggression of two lives’ if he hadn’t entered into this ‘berserk’ mode .

Chu Yang had a flash of enlightenment because of the sudden amalgamation of his negative emotions with the murderous aura that had effused out . He had gradually submerged into a deep state of epiphany; it seemed as if he had achieved Buddhahood .

Chu Yang hadn’t pondered over his new mental state after this sudden flash of enlightenment . He had felt comfortable in that mental state . He had felt like venting-out his anger and aggression to feel happy . So, he had unleashed the first sword move – In my palm lies a pile of bones as tall as a mountain!

However, he had felt that he wanted to express more . After all… this was a ‘palm’ attack . Chu Yang had subconsciously thought that he was using a sword since his consciousness was inside the flash of enlightenment .

Therefore, he had aggressively and brutally unleashed the next move – This sword’s slash will give birth to a turbulent sea of blood!

These two moves were extreme bloody . So, they had brought back the feelings of regret, [The world of the mortals is ruthless; the Heaven is merciless . My mission in this lifetime is to reverse the very ways of the Heaven . ]

Chu Yang could only remember the main mission of his life in that empty state of mind, [I must go against the heaven's will and change the fate to save Qing Wu . ]

He was bound with endless resentment . Therefore, he had brandished the third move – The world of mortals originates from the path of ruthlessness!

This move was loaded with the grief and indignation which had pent-up over Chu Yang’s two lifetimes . His emotions were bleak; they were filled with hatred and resentment . Such was his accusation to the heavens… his desire to resist the heavenly law .