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Chapter 516

Chapter 516: Please don’t Hold Back!

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Chu Yang ate and drank to his heart’s content . He then drank several cups of tea, and picked his teeth . Then, he calmly and unhurriedly bid goodbye to everyone . He refused Ou Du Xiao’s request to stay even though the former had made it out of a fake display of friendship . He then jumped and got on a horse . He rushed along the journey, and personally led the ten carriages .

He seemed extremely carefree as he started off his journey .

"Send two Emperor Level Experts to follow him! The rest of you must wait for orders!" Ou Cheng Wu looked at Chu Yang’s silhouette as it went far into the distance . He then commanded in a dark mood, "Don’t get too close to him . Come back and inform us when you find all of them together . The clan will then dispatch its troops, and catch everyone in one net!"

"Yes . " Two shadows flashed, and went to chase after him like birds .

Ou Cheng Wu gave orders in succession with a dark face, "Second Elder, Third Elder, and Fourth Elder!"

"Yes! What order do you have for us, Clan Lord!"

"Prepare the core manpower of the clan! You three will lead thirty King Level Experts . Wait for the Eighth Elder and Ninth Elder to come back . You five Emperor Level Experts must then launch an attack!"


"He would have no way to escape once we move into action! Ensure that you kill all of them! Eleven men of the Gu Clan, one man of the Ji Clan, one man of the Dong Clan, one man of the Luo Clan, a little girl of the Mo Clan, and that Chu Yang! They are sixteen people in total! There would be huge trouble if any one of them manages to flee! Understood?"

"Yes! This old man is confident . They are only sixteen youngsters . They won’t be able to get away from us!"

An intense murderous aura flashed in the eyes of the Second Elder as he spoke on behalf of everyone .

They had the strength of five Emperor Level Experts and thirty King Level Experts to deal with only fifteen King Level Experts on the opposite side . It seemed as easy as using an ox-cleaver to kill a chicken!

It would be an enormous joke if they allowed the other party to slip away from their clutches with such strength at hand!

… .

Chu Yang was leisurely leading the carriages under the moonlight . He seemed carefree since he didn’t have the slightest appearance of vigilance .

He had left the Ou Clan’s territory, and he was moving forwards along his journey at this time .

He had slowly covered a distance of 20-25 kilometers . And, there was a vast forest in front of him at this time . Chu Yang hurried his carriage to the periphery of the forest, and came to a stop . He quickly entered into the carriages one-by-one, and shifted the items into the Nine Tribulation Space at the fastest possible speed .

After that, he asked the Sword Spirit to manufacture a big wine jug in the Nine Tribulation Space . Then, he asked him to throw both eyes of the Poisonous Flood Dragon into the jug . These two bowl-sized pearls were the Yin Yang Poisonous Dragon Eyes in reality! These two things would be the world’s best antidote if they were together . In fact, they could dissolve any poison!

There would definitely be a fight with the Ou Clan at this point of time . So, these items were indispensable treasures for him!

Chu Yang’s body flashed as soon as he finished doing these preparations . He then sat on the top of a carriage, and took out the jug of wine from his bosom . He looked towards the moon in the night sky, and drank the wine in one shot . This indeed seemed like an extremely carefree attitude .

The leisurely attitude of this guy made the two Emperor Level Experts who were following him anxious and unable to endure .

[Crap! This chap is very quick, ah! Hurry up! Go and meet the other little bastards . The others and I will terminate all of you in one fell swoop . What’s the matter? Why you’re delaying so much? Why have you stopped all of a sudden?]

[Are you waiting for them here? However… don’t you know that this place is very close to our Ou Clan? Are you genuinely that gutsy? Or do you trust us so much?]

Chu Yang stretched his body after a long while . Then, he thought aloud, "The night is already deep, and I feel sleepy," He slid down from the carriage . Then, he placed a plank on the ground as makeshift bed, and looked at it in a manner that made it seem as if he was going to sleep on it .

The two Emperor Level Experts shot flames from their eyes as they looked at him from afar!

[This bastard!]

They watched as Chu Yang lied down . But, he then suddenly sat up, and muttered, "Dammit! I drank too much wine in the Ou Clan . I need to go and pee first . It would indeed be very bad if I were to hold it back in the night . "

He held his pants as he said this, and care-freely went into the forest .

The two Emperor Level Experts were left speechless at this sight . And, they let out a deep sigh in quick succession . [Dammit! It is the biggest misfortune for both of us that we are assigned to follow such a weirdo!]

[Motherfu*ker! Its night at this time, and no one is around . Wouldn’t it resolve the matter if you just pee anywhere and be done with it? But, you have entered into the forest now? You are a grown man! Why are you being so cautious?]

They heard rustling sounds in the forest when they were silent . After that, two loud sounds of someone farting were heard from the forest . Then, a sound of growling stomach came along with the sound of dripping water . Chu Yang muttered, "Dammit! It looks like a big one is about to come out . The Ou Clan was very enthusiastic . I have eaten a little too much…"

Rustling sounds of tree leaves resounded . It seemed that this guy was going to defecate along the way .

The two Emperor Level Experts became dumbstruck .

The two Emperor Level Experts became dumbstruck .

He suddenly cried out in fear, "Dammit! There’s a black bear here!" Then, sounds of wrestling started to transmit out along with the screams of the bear…

The two Emperor Level Experts became expressionless… and in a daze . In fact, it seemed as if they had been struck by lightning!

[How can there be such a bizarre coincidence?]

[He bumped into a black bear while he was out to defecate!]

The sounds finally stopped after a while . A voice resounded, and it seemed as if someone had been relieved from a burden, "Finally, it’s all settled . Dammit! I was about to take off my pants, and a bear suddenly appeared out of nowhere…"

Then, no sound was heard for a long while .

The two Emperor Level Experts felt that there was something fishy . And, they were about to go there and take a look . But, they suddenly heard loud pitter and patter sounds…

[So, he is having diarrhea…]

The two Emperor Level Experts were too far away, but they still felt somewhat nauseated as they heard these sounds . In fact, their complexion had discolored as if they wanted to vomit .

Pitter and patter sounds again resounded after a while…

Then, the crackling and rattling sound resounded again …

[This guy’s diarrhea seems to be very serious…]

[Fu*k! I remember that we didn’t put any poison in his food for the fear that he will suspect it, ah . Could it be that someone gave him a laxative?]

The two Emperor Level Experts remained perplexed despite much thought .

It had been half-an-hour, and the crackling and rattling sounds were still resounding .

Both of them were dumbfounded . [You may have eaten too much… but, you’re defecating far too much . The intensity of these sounds… how are you still alive, ah… . ]

They suddenly looked at each other, and saw suspicion in each other’s eyes – [Something is fishy, ah!]

[Even an Expert’s diarrhea shouldn’t have been this extreme, right? Moreover… he should be capable of controlling it at such a cultivation level, ah…]

[Even an Expert’s diarrhea shouldn’t have been this extreme, right? Moreover… he should be capable of controlling it at such a cultivation level, ah…]

They then flew up . They jumped up-and-down, and entered into the forest . However, they felt an overwhelming stench once they had entered! So much so that they couldn’t help but cover their noses .

Then, they followed the smell, and finally looked at the spot .

The two men who had covered their noses with their hands became very angry at the sight they witnessed!

They looked ahead, and saw a huge black bear . The bear was tied to a tree . It had a very helpless and grieved appearance on its face . A block of Star Steel had been stuffed into its mouth . So, it couldn’t issue the least bit of noise… even though bodily waste had been piled up under his buttocks like a mountain…

This was a black bear . Moreover, the black bear was having diarrhea…

It seemed that the black bear had reached the point of dehydration after having diarrhea for such a long time…

Actually… Chu Yang had captured this black bear, and had tied it to the tree . Then, he had fed it a lot of laxative . After that, he had plugged its mouth to make it remain silent… So, it wasn’t surprising that these two Emperor level Experts had been hearing the sounds of diarrhea for so long…

As for Minister Chu… he had gotten more-than-an-hour to run away . So, it wasn’t known where he had run off to .

There was a paper stuck over the head of the black bear . There seemed to be something written on that paper . . .

The Eighth Elder furiously went over and grabbed it . He then read what was written on the paper, "The night is deep and serious . Thanks for your trouble, Your Excellency . Your Excellency was particularly patient-enough to wait for the black bear to finish its diarrhea . Such a level of moral integrity and attitude is very rare to see in the world . I have only received the great kindness and magnificent hospitality of your clan, and I am unable to return the favor . So, I intentionally made Brother Bear prepare a lot of gold for Your Excellency in order to properly entertain you . Your Excellency can have it according to your taste… be it dry or watery . Eat it properly . Please take your sweet time, and enjoy the meal . There’s no poison in it . Please, please, please, don’t hold back . "

Moreover, he had drawn a big smiley face below the written content . It was obviously meant to mock them…

"Damn it! This son of a bi*ch! This old man will chop his body into ten-thousand pieces!" the Eighth Elder bellowed loudly . He joined his hands, and crushed the paper in between! His face swelled up and turned purple .

The bear started emitting… the pitter-patter sound again…

The Ninth Elder became so angry that it seemed as if he had lost his mind . He lifted his hand, and slammed it on the body of the big black bear with the sound of a thunderclap . The gigantic bear immediately splashed sh*t out in return . Consequently, the two Emperor Level Experts had to rush back in a distressed state .

They saw the ten carriages that were there outside . They thought, [Motherfu*ker! You ran away, but you didn’t take the carriages with you?]

They advanced forward and looked inside the carriages . They couldn’t help but cry out in surprise .

The carriages were empty . They were full of items before, but there was nothing inside them at this time . There were four horses tied to each carriage . Their innocent eyes were wide open as they looked at these two furious elders…

"I can’t control my anger!"

The carriages were empty . They were full of items before, but there was nothing inside them at this time . There were four horses tied to each carriage . Their innocent eyes were wide open as they looked at these two furious elders…

"I can’t control my anger!"

The Eighth Elder and the Ninth Elder only felt extreme anger in their chest . They wanted to vent it out, but couldn’t . They were chocking of anger, and it seemed as if their chest would explode .

"Let’s continue to move forward and chase after him! I don’t believe that this brat is capable of escaping far away!" Both of them reacted without thinking, and decisively flew into the forest . And, they skimmed through the forest like two big birds!

Chu Yang had entered the forest at that time . He had then used the inner core of the bear race to attract over a black bear . After that, he had made the preparations and left without making a sound .

Chu Yang had smoothly escaped from this place using the black bear as a distraction .

He crossed the forest in quarter-of-an-hour . He had also made a few false directions with his clothes to mislead the enemy . Then, he began to head towards the place where he had agreed to meet his brothers .

He continued to move this entire journey at full speed like flickering light and passing shadows . His figure would only flash in the sky, and disappear without trace…

He rushed forward madly until he covered two-hundred kilometers . Then, he saw Gu Du Xing and the others moving forward in the same direction at a slow speed .

Chu Yang caught up to them at a flying speed and said, "Move forward with full speed! Look for an advantageous position, and be prepared to face the enemy!"

Gu Du Xing knew that situation was an emergency . So, there was no time to ask questions . Everyone accelerated with full strength as per the order .

Chu Yang held Mo Qing Wu in his arms at first . He then put her on his shoulders . The brothers removed the Star Iron from their bodies, and everyone felt as lithe as a swallow . Then, they rushed forwards like a gust of wind blowing over the earth…

Mo Qing Wu cleverly bent down her lower body and tightly held Chu Yang so that she could reduce the resistance from the wind . She felt somewhat sad in her heart, [I’m too weak . I can’t help Elder Brother Chu Yang . Instead, I am only weighing him down…]

[Wouldn’t it be good if my strength could be the biggest help to Elder Brother Chu Yang?]

Mo Qing Wu’s fine black hair was flying upwards since the gust of wind was blowing against her face . And, it was also arousing a craving for strength in Mo Qing Wu’s heart!

[I don’t want to grow stronger for anything else . I only don’t wish to become a burden on Elder Brother Chu Yang! I want to help him! I don’t want to be deadweight!]

Such a thought had risen in Mo Qing Wu’s mind for the first time .

[I will become strong! And, I will protect my Elder Brother Chu Yang!]

Mo Qing Wu’s heart was rolling like tides along with the whistling sound of the wind…

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