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Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Massive Interactive Event (3)

Chapter 224 – Massive Interactive Event (3)

“King, I’m afraid of heights . ”

“Afraid my ass . Just obediently stay here . ” After carrying Little Peach, who had been behaving strangely before, to the top of the 3,000-meter-tall delivery box, Chen Yu instructed, “Listen to my instructions later and throw down the integrated boxes . ”

“It’s too high . I want to go down . ” Little Peach stamped her feet and crushed the integrated box made of cardboard underneath her .

“Didn’t you ask to come up just now? Just stay here . ”

After saying so, Chen Yu jumped off the box and controlled his speed of descent with the plasma engine . After landing on the ground, he approached the supervisor for the Lego Company’s team and said, “The Super Floating Castle is a toy your company produced . As the Lego Company’s representative, do you have anything to say to the camera regarding this product?”

“Where’s the camera?” the fat man asked as he looked around nervously .

“Ignore the camera; just look at me . ”

“Oh, okay . ” The fat man stiffly bowed to Chen Yu . He then spoke in broken Chinese, “The fact that Lego, which originally already had close to a century of history, can exist even a thousand years later is already a matter every Lego employee should celebrate and be proud of . Oh, heavens, I can’t even believe this is true…”

“Put away your damn accent, and I’ll allow you to say a few more words,” Chen Yu said calmly .

“Ah, sorry, I got a little too excited . In regards to this product, I think that it is really great,” the fat man said while waving his arms around exaggeratedly . “It’s so big and exquisite . I can only describe it as a work of art . Whether it is in the past, present, or future, the whole of Lego will be proud of its birth . By the way, can you lend us a copy of those assembly instructions and construction drawings?”

Hearing this, Chen Yu raised an eyebrow and asked, “You want to plagiarise it?”

“Uh… This is originally our company’s product . How can it be considered plagiarism?”

“…That sounds logical . ”

“So, do you agree to it?” the fat man asked with an expectant look .

“I have no problems with it so long as you don’t delay anyone’s assembly speed . ”

“Thank you! Thank you very much for your help!” the fat man repeatedly bowed . He then pointed at the crowd of beauties behind him and asked, “Are you sure none of them interests you?”

“No . Have them stand further away . ”

Tentatively, the fat man asked, “How about we switch to a new batch?”

“Switch my ass! Get lost!”


[It’s even possible to change batches?]

[Does this foreigner visit Dongguan for business trips?][1]

After dismissing Lego’s 121 employees, Chen Yu continued teleporting the donation group’s four other companies—British Petroleum, Apple, China Mobile, and Dell Technologies .

The four companies brought a total of 515 people .

Of these company employees of different skin tones, some possessed sharp temperaments unique to soldiers . It was apparent these people belonged to the military .

However, Chen Yu didn’t care about this detail .

After all, he had already guessed that of the thousands of people he would bring here, more than half of them might be secret agents!

So long as these people didn’t affect his review process, he would close his eyes to them .

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“Now, all that’s left is the higher education group . First, we’ll start with Mensa International . ”

The moment the spatial link was established, lively music came through the portal .

A moment later, led by a middle-aged man wearing a white shirt, rows of teachers and students holding school flags and posters walked through the portal .

“Hello!” The middle-aged man enthusiastically grasped Chen Yu’s hands . “It’s an honor to meet you!”

“You guys…” Chen Yu frowned . “What kind of move are you pulling?”

“Mr . King, it is a great fortune for Mensa University to be selected as a member of the higher education group this time . It is also a fortune for the entire Mensa International . With such a wonderful opportunity, we naturally have to display our history and culture to the world! This will—”

“Stop! Wait a minute!” Chen Yu hurriedly interrupted the other party’s official speech . “What’s your post?”

“I am a director of Mensa International . I’m called—huh?”

Before the middle-aged man could finish his words, Chen Yu picked him up and tossed him back into the portal . “Return from whence you came . ”

The music abruptly halted .

Mensa International’s representative teachers stared at Chen Yu in shock . A few timid female teachers even stumbled a few steps backward .

However, contrasting the teachers’ reactions, the students nearly burst out in laughter, and they all clapped their hands in celebration .

“What’s written on these posters?”

Grabbing one of the school propaganda posters, Chen Yu gave it a glance and found that it contained pictures of a certain leader entering the school on a certain day and several boastful and narcissistic lines . Immediately, he tossed the poster away and said, “What’s all this propaganda for? When traveling to the University of Berlin, Yu Qiuyu once said: The powder on one’s face cannot prove their identity . On the contrary, putting on too much powder will achieve the reverse effect . Are you guys putting on a show? Where’s your principal? Is there a person in charge of the group?”

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“Me! I’m the person in charge!”

A middle-aged woman hurriedly stepped forward and said, “I’m the principal . ”

“I’m here to review products, not to host exhibitions . Put away your posters and have your students stand aside . Wait for the interactive event to begin . ”

“Okay, okay . Sorry for causing you trouble . ”

After waiting for the Mensa University’s team to make way, Chen Yu proceeded with teleporting the teams from Cambridge University, Harbin Institute of Technology, University of South Africa, and Saint Louis University .

Including Mensa University, the higher education group had a total of 1,809 people .

Together with the bullet comment group and donation group, Chen Yu had gathered a total of 2,495 people . After having these people queue up, they had very nearly filled up half a plot of farmland .

Activating the plasma engine, Chen Yu flew to the Japanese military’s helicopter group . After borrowing a portable speaker from the translator, he flew back .

“Hello? Hu… Hu…”

After testing the microphone, he adjusted the volume to the maximum and said, “First of all, thank you very much for your support and participation in helping me construct mankind’s first floating castle .

“All participants, please obey the instructions of your supervisors . Do not randomly move about or do anything inappropriate . If I catch you doing so, a light offense will result in disqualification . A heavy offense…”

Pausing slightly, Chen Yu pulled out the High-frequency Lightsaber and deliberately deepened his voice, “Will result in death . ”

A cold wind blew by, sweeping some of the snow on the ground into the air .

The whispers that filled the scene a moment ago instantly disappeared and an eerie silence filled the area…

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After scanning the crowd a few times, Chen Yu retracted the lightsaber and returned to his casual tone, “Of course, as one of the contributors to the floating castle’s construction, you’ll get to visit and tour the castle once the assembly is complete . ”


“すごい!” (Awesome!)



Everyone immediately broke out in cheers .

“To speed up the assembly process, I’ll arrange the division of labor . ” Flying higher into the air, Chen Yu said through the microphone, “We have 216,000 integrated boxes and 2,495 people present . Each person will be responsible for 86 integrated boxes on average . In that case, the division of labor is as follows: The bullet comment group’s 171 people will be responsible for Integrated Box 3 to 15,000 .

“The donation group’s 515 people will be responsible for Integrated Box 15,001 to 45,000 .

“The higher education group’s 1,809 people will be responsible for the rest .

“Once each team completes your own assembly, merge your assembled parts with the other teams belonging to your group . Eventually, we’ll have all three groups connect their parts and complete the floating castle’s construction! The instruction manuals are on the ground . The teams that need them can take them .


Waving his hand, Chen Yu mustered his emotions and shouted, “Let us create a world together!”