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Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Hogwarts, Assembly Complete!

Chapter 225 – Hogwarts, Assembly Complete!



Little Peach tossed the integrated boxes with 50-meter-long sides to the ground one after another .

Meanwhile, the crowd on the plain was busy receiving the boxes .

The bullet comment group participants, who were assigned to the start of the sequence, had even begun opening their integrated boxes already . And under everyone’s envious and curious gazes, they started assembling the building blocks one after another .


As for Chen Yu, he dove to the bottom of the delivery box and, with the help of the plasma engine, pushed out whole columns of integrated boxes at a time .

Swish… Swish… Swish…

The boxes fell from a 3,000-meter-altitude . And as they fell, they were further scattered by the wind, spreading out to obscure the sky .

Some distance away from the construction site, roaring trucks arrived one after another . Thousands of soldiers then jumped off of these trucks . Together with the previous helicopter pilots, soldiers, and observers, they formed a blockade around the construction site to prevent the event participants from leaving .

Simultaneously, though, these military men also worked to prevent outsiders from entering the construction site .

The 3,000-meter-tall delivery box could be seen from across most of the Echigo Plain .

This was especially true for Nagaoka, a nearby city . The city’s two million residents could very clearly see the delivery box,

At this rate, Chen Yu estimated that he would, at most, be promoted to access level B- before the whole of humanity knew of him…

Regardless, while 216,000 integrated boxes might not sound like a lot, but in fact, it was a huge number .

Even with the protective suit’s help, Chen Yu could only carry three to four hundred boxes at a time . And after two hours of working non-stop, he had only managed to toss out around 140,000 integrated boxes .

At this time, the snowy plain around the delivery box had also been fully occupied .

Trucks continuously drove to and from the plain, loading up on the empty boxes left by the participants and taking them away . They did their best to empty the site of empty boxes .

“King, I want to go down and play as well . ”

Seeing that Chen Yu was currently taking a break, Little Peach hurriedly approached him and pleaded eagerly .

“Just assemble the blocks up here and toss the assembled parts down . ”

“It’s more lively down there . ”

“You can’t attack those women, then . ”

“I won’t!” With a stern expression, Little Peach said, “How could I possibly do such a thing?”

It just so happened that Chen Yu wanted to see everyone’s progress . He then picked up Little Peach and took a leap of faith, jumping down from the delivery box .


The loud impact noise attracted many people’s attention . When everyone saw Chen Yu had come down, many of them gathered to greet him .

“You guys better hurry up . Try to finish up by three in the afternoon,” Chen Yu spoke like a heartless boss as he ordered everyone back to their positions . He then released Little Peach and picked up an instruction manual on the ground .

Turning to a page with a map on it, he showed the map to the camera and said, “As you can see from this map, the Hogwarts Floating Castle doesn’t consist of just a few castles . The surrounding terrain is included as well . For example, there are the train stations and railways circling the floating castle, the Black Lake, the Forbidden Forest, the vegetable fields, the walls, the roads and fields outside the walls, the Quidditch stadium, and even the Hogsmeade Village…

“Rather than call it a floating castle, it’s apt to call it a floating island instead . Once the assembly is completed, it will fly into the sky and can accommodate at least 10,000 people . ”

[I’m kneeling . ]

[Kneeling . +1]

[Just 10,000? If you squeeze a little, it can definitely hold 100,000 people . ]

[Why is it a magic castle? If it’s a modern floating city, it can definitely become the center of modern human civilization!]

[It’s just a toy, after all…]

[If it hovers in the clouds, what’s the difference between it and the world of saints?]

[I wonder how much the housing prices on it will be?]

[Beijing and Shanghai have a vacuum maglev train, Japan has a mech, and now the atmosphere has a castle . Is this still the world I know?]

[In the future, the sun might also be wrapped around by a Dyson sphere, and there would be various spacecraft docked in low Earth orbit…]

After flying 500 meters into the air, Chen Yu stared at the map and compared it with everyone’s assembly progress .

“The bullet comment group’s parts are mostly for the foundation, so let’s ignore them for now . The donation group is handling the Forbidden Forest, and they’re roughly 60% done . The higher education group is… Wait a minute . ”

Setting aside the manual, Chen Yu pulled out the microphone and yelled, “Those from Dell Technologies! The thing you guys are playing with is a small hydraulic press, right?!”

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“W-What’s wrong?” three of Dell’s researchers unanimously replied while looking up .

“What’s wrong? You’re asking what’s wrong? Do you think it’s right to use a hydraulic press on the building blocks?!”

“W-We just want to test its hardness . ”

“Do you want me to test your body’s hardness with the hydraulic press?”

“No need!” One of the researchers hurriedly waved his wand . “We won’t do it anymore . ”

“You three aren’t from Dell, right?”

“Uh… W-We’re partners . ”

“You people from government research institutions listen up . You can do your research, but do not cause damage or delay other people’s work . ”


Just as Chen Yu had put down his microphone and was about to continue narrating the assembly progress to his 10 million-plus viewers, he discovered another anomaly . His complexion darkening, he yelled, “You over there! The man in the orange coat from the University of South Africa! You!”

“Me?” The black man in question pointed at himself . “Is it me?”

“Yes, you . What’s inside the backpack beside you?”

“This?” The black man timidly lifted the backpack that was several times larger than him . “Are you talking about this?”

“Yes . What’s inside?”

“Instant noodles . ”

“Noodles your ass . ” Chen Yu nearly broke into an angry laugh . “Take that building block out! What you’re doing is stealing, understand?”

“It’s not stealing!” The black man hurriedly unzipped his backpack and showed the marker on the block . “The serial number is X156! It’s a spare block!”

“You can’t take it even if it’s an extra! If you want to do research, do it after the assembly is complete! What to do with the leftover blocks will also be decided then! Taking a block now equivalent to stealing!”

Chen Yu maintained an uncompromising attitude . Immediately, he picked up the black man and flew into the air . After scanning the crowd below him, he shouted into the microphone, “I’ve already stated the rules before . Any offenders I catch will either get disqualified or lose their lives, depending on the severity of their offenses . ”

“No! Oh my god!”

The black man began to struggle in horror .

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“You’re the first chic- person to be picked out by me . You are now disqualified from participating . ”[1]

“Please don’t…”

Ignoring the black man’s pleading, Chen Yu dragged him away under everyone’s gaze and tossed him to the nearby soldiers . He then ordered the soldiers, “Detain him until the end of the review . ”


Two armed soldiers hurriedly nodded and detained the black man .

Only after Chen Yu had flown away did the two soldiers reacted to the situation . They then exchanged startled looks with each other .

“He’s not our commander, so why should we listen to him?”

“I don’t know…”

While suspended in mid-air, Chen Yu glanced at the many researchers and special agents that had cooled their heads . He then flipped open the instruction manual and resumed his narration, “As I was saying, the donation group is assembling the Forbidden Forest, and they are nearly done with it . The higher education group is assembling the castles, Black Lake, train stations, and railways . Their progress is very quick, and they should be done in less than an hour . That leaves the walls, the Quidditch stadium, the Hogsmeade Village, the roads, and fields .

“While there are indeed many integrated boxes, but we have close to three thousand people working on assembling the castle, so the work efficiency is still excellent .

“It is worth mentioning that…”

Flipping to the next page, Chen Yu pointed at a small line of words and read it, “This product is recommended for 2-4 people…

“…Well, maybe people in the future live longer lives . ”


Closing the instruction manual, Chen Yu faced the camera and held up two fingers . “Two hours . In two more hours, we should have the vast Hogwarts assembled and take off to the skies!

“That will definitely be a spectacular sight to behold .

“Let us look forward to it . ”

As Chen Yu predicted, with 2,495 people working together, it only took another one hour and forty-five minutes for them to assemble all 110 million building blocks!

The combined building blocks were divided into three parts .

The bullet comment group’s foundation .

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The donation group’s Forbidden Forest, roads, and fields .

The higher education group’s Black Forest, castles, train stations, railways, stadium, walls, and village clusters .

Once these three main parts were assembled, the Hogwarts—Super Floating Castle would be completed!

“Listen to me, everyone . Don’t touch the foundation . We’ll move the Forbidden Forest first! Everyone grab a corner . It isn’t very heavy…

“Slowly move forward . The ones walking backward at the front, pay attention not to trip on something and fall…

“Those underneath the forest, out of the way!

“Counting down from three; three, two, one! Let go!”

The participants simultaneously released their grip, letting the massive Forbidden Forest slowly hover down to the foundation .


A blue glow enveloped the entire Forbidden Forest . When the light disappeared, the forest had perfectly connected to the foundation .

“Last one!”

Raising the microphone, Chen Yu loudly commanded, “Everyone take part in this one! Like before, everyone grab a corner! Hey! Those soldiers over there! Come over and help as well…

“It’s in position! Those underneath, pull back!

“Counting down from three!



“One! Let go!”


The building cluster fell and merged with the foundation and Forbidden Forest .


Suddenly, a rainbow of colors enveloped the entire construct…