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Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Rush to the Sky! (1)

Chapter 226 – Rush to the Sky! (1)

A bright but gentle light bloomed in the Echigo Plain .

As if having fallen into a dream, everyone stood still in a daze .

Shortly afterward, the bright light disappeared, and an “island” occupying a small portion of the plain appeared in the eyes of the thousands of people present on the plain and the 13 million people watching the livestream .

On the island, one could see mottled railways, flowing lakes, quiet forests, quaint villages, floating clouds, rustic gardens with butterflies flying, and castle complexes decorated by engravings… The island looked ingenious and beautiful…

[A miracle…]

[This is no different from world creation . ]

[Let me stay on it for a day! I’m even willing to eat poop!]

[This scenery makes me want to recite a poem: It’s so pretty, it’s so beautiful, it’s so fun; it really makes me want to explore it . ]

[It’s a fairyland . ]

[I’ve visited the livestream rooms of all 10 broadcasting platforms, yet Bilibili’s is still the most crowded! Awesome!]

[Bilibili really picked up a gem . ]

Flying high in the sky, Chen Yu looked down at the island and excitedly said through the microphone, “No problems sighted! The Hogwarts—Super Floating Castle’s construction…is complete!”



The crowd standing on the island cheered and jumped up in excitement .


Landing on the station located at the island’s edge, Chen Yu bent over and reached out to touch the railway . He then showed it to the camera, “Can you see it? It’s rust . If I didn’t see everyone piecing this thing together, I definitely wouldn’t believe that all this is just a toy made up of building blocks .

“Sure enough, after the development of science and technology reaches a certain point, they will be no different than magic . ”

After saying so, Chen Yu looked at the crowd eagerly waiting to jump onto the island . “Come on up . I’ll be releasing the concentrated hydrogen soon . Don’t stay outside . ”

Hearing this, the 2,495 participants climbed onto the island in excitement . They then gathered before the railway train, pulled out their phones, and started taking photos with each other . Many people also tried to host their own livestreams but found that the internet connection in the area had long since been cut off…

At this time, Japan’s soldiers also came rushing over . They scrambled to climb up the island . However, Chen Yu had stopped them .

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“D-Didn’t you have us come up?” a military officer weakly said .

“I was talking to the event participants, not you . Leave . ” Chen Yu said as he shooed the soldiers away like flies . “There are more than enough people on board . The island can’t accommodate any more . Stay away . Otherwise, you’ll get hurt once the castle expands . ”

The soldiers: “…”

“Let me find out how to release the hydrogen…”

Walking back to the train station, Chen Yu grabbed the instruction manual in Little Peach’s hand and flipped to the last page . After briefly reading it, he faced the camera and explained, “According to the instructions, for the safety of children, all controls of the floating castle are left to the castle’s artificial intelligence . Meanwhile, the AI in question is the Lego doll that comes with this product . It can be used once it’s assembled .

“As for the doll in question…”

Closing the instructions, Chen Yu turned to look at the University of South Africa’s team’s supervisor and asked, “You haven’t opened the last numbered integrated box, right?”

“Yes . ” The supervisor nodded . “The assembly of the other parts was completed before we could get to that box . ”

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“The doll should be inside there . I’ll go collect it . ”

Jumping off the island, Chen Yu quickly arrived before the Integrated Box 216000 . After picking it up, he flew back to the station, opened the box, and poured out the 125 marker box within it .

Upon opening these marker boxes, he found that 25 of them actually contained the various props used in the Harry Potter series . For example, there was the Sorting Hat, the Magic Mirror of Eris, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Flying Broom, the Sword of Gryffindor, and the Marauder’s Map .

As for the remaining 100 marker boxes, each of them contained the building blocks for a doll .

The 100 marker boxes only contained several hundred building blocks . With everyone vying to help with the assembly, it took less than three minutes to distribute all of the building blocks .

However, to Chen Yu’s surprise, except for the female wizard Hermione, he couldn’t find the other famous figures in the Harry Potter series such as Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Snape, etc .

Of the 100 dolls, only 10 were human, with one of them being Hermione, and the other nine being “nameless” Auror mages .

As for the 90 remaining dolls, they were all magical creatures .

“Hermione should be the castle’s AI . There might be an authority recognition function, so I’ll assemble her . ”

Snatching the box containing Hermione’s parts, Chen Yu opened the box and poured out the “fragmented” Hermione . He then started assembling her head, then her legs, then her buttocks, and then her chest…

Lastly, he combined all four parts together .


With a golden flash, the originally blocky doll instantly transformed into a girl with a slim body .

[Crap! A foreign beauty!]

[My dominant arm is itching again . ]

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[How beautiful…]

[So, this floating castle is actually a harem?]

[The children of the future are definitely malnourished . ]

[Host, I recommend you change the livestream title to: Human Creation . ]

“Hello, I am Hermione Granger, the Minister of Hogwarts’ Ministry of Magic,” the girl bowed slightly to Chen Yu, her golden curls attracting the attention of all of the men present .

After visually inspecting Hermione, Chen Yu said in surprise, “Are you an AI with self-thinking capabilities?”

“Yes . I belong to the Strong AI classification . I can only operate near the floating castle . May I know how I should address you?”

“Mhm… Call me Headmaster . ” Chen Yu subconsciously turned to look at Little Peach . He recalled that the romantic partner simulation robot was also considered a Strong AI .

“Very well, Headmaster . ” Hermione bowed, her face carrying an emotionless smile . “Should I lift the castle now?”

“No rush . For now, I want to ask about the other story characters such as Harry Potter . Where are they? Why are you the only one that came in the box?”

“Hogwarts—Super Floating Castle will only give away one Lego figure . If you prefer the other figures, please purchase them separately . ”

“…” Chen Yu turned to look at the Lego Company’s representative and put on a cold smile . “…Yes, this is very Lego-like . ”

A hint of awkwardness surfaced on Lego’s representative’s face .

“Release the hydrogen now, then,” Chen Yu ordered .

“For your safety, please complete the assembly of the nine Auror mages as soon as possible . Otherwise, the castle cannot take off . ”

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“Are these Auror mages the security devices that prevent people from getting blown off the island?”

“Yes . ” Hermione nodded .

One minute later, the building blocks of all 100 dolls were assembled . The largest creature was an octopus, and it rose into the sky the moment it took shape . It then crossed the station and launched itself into the Black Lake, the impact sending water flying over a dozen meters into the air .

As for the nine Auror mages, they waved their staffs before turning into tens of thousands of light particles . They then merged into the ground and disappeared one after another .

The style of the scene suddenly changed from science fiction to magic…

“Hey!” While everyone’s attention was focused on the magical creatures, Little Peach sneakily approached Hermione and quietly asked, “Are you a robot too?”

“Yes . Hello . ”

“Do you have a romance module loaded?”

“No . ” Hermione shook her head . “I am only an assistive artificial intelligence . I do not have any advanced emotion modules installed . ”

“Is your body structure simulation rate at 100%?” Little Peach asked in an even lower voice .

“No . ”

“That’s great!” Little Peach excitedly reached out and put her arm around Hermione’s shoulders . “You’ll be my brother from now on!”

“…” After remaining silent for a while, Hermione answered, “It is my honor . ”

After breaking away from Little Peach, Hermione waved her staff . Her body then rose into the air, her actions causing everyone’s attention to return to her .

“Dear guests, the castle will now be lifting off . Please stabilize your center of gravity and pay attention to safety . ”

As soon as Hermione’s crisp voice fell, the entire island started expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye!