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Chapter 229

Chapter 229: A Bold Idea Regarding the Floating Castle

Chapter 229 – A Bold Idea Regarding the Floating Castle

After closing the livestream rooms, Chen Yu stretched his waist and sat at the Astronomy Tower’s top . He then lost himself in his thoughts .

Honestly, he had ended today’s official livestream a little bit hastily . However, seeing that he had already gone through the product introduction, assembly, and lift-off, he could be considered to have conducted a thorough evaluation of the product’s performance .

Moreover, he had something more important to deal with right now—the Super Floating Castle’s allocation .

When he first saw the castle’s beautiful scenery, he had thought of using the castle as his private vacation villa .

However, after touring around the castle complex, he found that this island was simply too large . He wouldn’t even be able to make use of 0 . 01% of the castle’s available space . He would be wasting precious resources .

Yet, turning the castle into a tourist spot wouldn’t serve any significant meaning beyond stimulating the economy .

Not to mention, he was still hiding his identity . Even if he turned the castle into a tourist spot, he couldn’t collect any entrance fees . He would only be doing the Ministry of Tourism a big favor .

Hence, after careful consideration, Chen Yu thought of a bold idea…

“Hmm…” After pondering for some time, Chen Yu reviewed all the steps of his plan and made sure that there were no major flaws . He then snapped his fingers and said, “Hermione?”

“I’m here . ”

Tens of thousands of light particles emerged from the tower’s rooftop and transformed into Hermione’s slender figure . “Lord Headmaster, your orders?”

“Where’s the floating castle at now?”

“We are above the sky of China’s Dalian City,” Hermione answered, smiling . “Should we continue moving west?”

“No . ” Checking the world map through his helmet, Chen Yu pointed to the southeast and said, “Fly back!”

Hermione: “???”

“Yes . ” Chen Yu nodded . “Fly back! Fly over Japan and stop at the Pacific Ocean’s equatorial region . ”

Hermione: “…”

“Don’t look at me like that . ” Confidently, Chen Yu said, “I always decide things on a fly . Lower the altitude to around 5,000 meters once we reach the equator . ”

Hermione: “…”

“Oh, right . Which place inside the castle complex has the largest area?”

“The central courtyard . ”

“Have the Auror mages instruct everyone to gather in the central courtyard . I have an announcement to make . ”

“Yes, sir . ” Hermione nodded . With a wave of her staff, she transformed into particles of light and disappeared once more .

Following this, Chen Yu stood up and gave one last look at the continent underneath the island . He then jumped off the Astronomy Tower and returned to the castle through the main entrance .

Twenty minutes later, the 2,494 people inside the enclosed area gathered in the castle’s central courtyard, waiting for Chen Yu’s arrival .

As for Little Peach, she was absent from the crowd as she was immersed in having fun in the Quidditch stadium .

Clack, clack…

Accompanied by a series of footsteps, Chen Yu, who was wearing a mage robe, arrived at the central courtyard with Hermione and the nine Auror mages following behind him . They walked up to the makeshift podium under the gaze of more than 2,000 people in an imposing manner .

The nine Auror mages stood at the corners of the podium, “protecting” Chen Yu from all angles . As for Hermione, she stood behind Chen Yu, setting off his “brilliant” and “dignified” image .

“Cough, cough . ”

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After clearing his throat, Chen Yu scanned the crowd before him, enjoying the pleasure of receiving the gazes of thousands of people and being in a high-ranking position .

He finally understood why school leaders loved to frequently convene students in the field…


Straightening his mask, Chen Yu subconsciously imitated the speech of leaders he often saw on TV . However, as soon as he recalled what he was going to say, he felt that he would only make himself look stupid on this occasion . He then decisively switched back to his usual tone and said, “After a whole morning of hard work, the Hogwarts—Super Floating Castle has finally been assembled and successfully lifted off . I want to solemnly thank you all for your help . ”

After saying so, Chen Yu bowed to everyone present .

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Immediately, a thunderous applause rang out .

Regardless of their country of origin, everyone present was already familiar with applauding in such situations .

“Thank you . ”

Straightening his back, Chen Yu solemnly said, “While it saddens me, but there is no banquet that lasts forever . I will open the portal in the courtyard in a moment . Everyone can safely return home at that time . ”

As soon as Chen Yu said so, everyone’s mood visibly sank .

This was a magical castle that only existed in dreams and movies . They naturally hadn’t had their fill of touring it .

“Before you return, I have an announcement to make . ”

After saying so, Chen Yu paused slightly and waited for everyone to focus their attention on him . He then raised a finger and said, “In one week, I will hold a distribution meeting on the floating castle . Interested governments can send their representatives to wait in the plaza of the United Nations’ headquarters . Every country is allowed to send a maximum of three representatives . ”

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Retracting his finger, Chen Yu scanned the crowd once more and continued, “I know you will relay this message to the right people . That’s it for my announcement . Please don’t wander around and wait in the courtyard for the portal to open .

“Once again, I would like to thank everyone for your help today .

“Let us meet again if fate allows it . ”

“Director! Good news! Good news!”

Inside Japan’s Special Events Research Institute, the institute director’s male assistant ran into the director’s office . His face flushed with excitement, the assistant shouted, “Great news!”

Wearily opening his eyes, the old director dully asked, “What good news could there possibly be?”

“Transdimensional’s UP turned the floating castle around!”


Hearing this, the old director fell into a daze for a few seconds . Afterward, he snapped out of his stupor and widened eyes . “Really?”

“Really!” The male assistant nodded frantically . He then took out his tablet and pulled up the floating castle’s flight route . “Look, director! The floating castle has already passed through Korea and is en route to our country!”


The old director slammed his palms onto the table and stood up . He then started pacing around his office excitedly while mumbling, “Wonderful! This is wonderful!”

“Yes!” The male assistant nodded as he clenched his fists . “Should I inform the higher-ups of this news now?”

“Of course! This news must be delivered immediately!” The old director nodded . “I knew it! I knew Transdimensional’s UP has a sense of justice . Since he has conducted his review here and caused us a lot of trouble, it is only right for him to leave the product here . ”

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“That’s right! Director, you really know everything!”

“That’s a bit of an exaggeration . ” Sitting back onto his seat, the director took a sip of water excitedly before saying, “I have only conducted an objective analysis of Transdimensional’s UP’s past behavior . ”

“I’ll notify the higher-ups now . ”

“Go . ” The old director waved his hand . However, as if he had suddenly remembered something, he hurriedly said, “Get me a helicopter . I will hurry to the Echigo Plain to take charge of the scene . I’ll also personally express gratitude to Transdimensional’s UP . ”

“Yes, sir!”

After seeing his assistant disappearing from his office, the old director could no longer suppress the excitement within him . Rubbing his palms together, he mumbled, “Wonderful . This is truly wonderful…”

By the time the old director had arrived at the Echigo Plain in a military helicopter, the floating castle just so happened to have arrived above the plain .

Jumping out of the helicopter, the director raised the high-powered binoculars he held and looked at the floating castle in the sky .


At this time, the silhouette of a person fell from the sky . There was even a tail of blue flames spraying out of this person’s back .

“It’s Transdimensional’s UP!”

The old director’s eyes immediately glowed with excitement . Hurriedly, he got onto a military vehicle and shouted, “Quick! He must want to meet the person in charge here!”

Two minutes later, the military vehicle stopped .

The old director staggered out of the car . Seeing that Chen Yu was currently fiddling with the Interstellar Portal, the director strode forward decisively and executed a 90-degree bow, “本当に,ありがとうございます! (Thank you very, very much!)”

Chen Yu: “???”