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Chapter 230

Chapter 230 – Live in Luxury

“What did you say?” Chen Yu asked .

The old director remained bowing and spoke in Chinese, “Thank you very much!”

“Huh?” Chen Yu couldn’t help but be puzzled by the director’s words .

“Thank you for placing your trust in us!” The director straightened his back, and solemnly approached Chen Yu . “Our stance toward you remains the same! It is an honor for you to evaluate your advanced technology here!”

“I’ll feel embarrassed if you behave so politely…” Chen Yu said awkwardly .

“We have always been filled with curiosity and respect toward technology from the future . So long as you are willing, Japan’s lands will always be open for you!”

“Thank you . ” Feeling moved, Chen Yu hurriedly shook hands with the other party .

Refusing to let go of Chen Yu’s hand, the old director continued, “We’ve also heard of the announcement you made inside the castle . You plan to hold a distribution meeting on the castle in a week, correct?”

“Yes . You guys are well-informed . I recall that there were no Japanese officials among the event participants, right?”

“Ha!” His smile unchanged, the old director said, “It was an ally . An ally told us of it . Esteemed Mr . King, Japan’s representative will punctually attend the meeting next week . We will also unconditionally support all of your suggestions . ”

“Okay . ” Retracting his hands, Chen Yu patted the old director on the shoulders and said, “Thank you for your country’s support . I definitely will not forget your share of the benefits . ”

After saying so, Chen Yu established a spatial link and stepped through the portal . “I’ll be taking my leave, then . ”

“Mr . King, you can freely park the floating castle wherever you want . We don’t have any conditions,” the old director said before bowing again .

“Huh? Oh . Thanks . ”

Chen Yu failed to properly understand the director’s words, but he also couldn’t be bothered to ask for an explanation . After waving his hand, he disconnected the spatial link .

Several seconds later, the metal arch disappeared as well .

The old director then straightened his back and pulled out his high-powered binoculars . As he observed the island in the sky, he mumbled, “It really is the country’s great fortune…”

“Huh? He’s still moving forward? But he can already land it here…”

Five minutes later .

“Why is he flying so far away? Is he planning on landing on a mountain? Mr . King really is considerate . He actually knew to avoid blocking the sunlight from reaching the plain…”

Ten minutes later .

“Is he planning on landing on our territorial sea?” The old director began growing nervous . “Although transportation will become slightly inconvenient, it might still be a good choice…”

Thirty minutes later .

“…Where’s the island…”

After sending the interactive event participants back to their respective addresses, Chen Yu disconnected the spatial link and laid on the ground . He then removed his protective suit’s helmet and closed his eyes for a short break .


“I’m here . ” A swarm of light particles emerged from the nearby ground, and they converged to form Hermione’s body . “Lord Headmaster, what are your orders?”

“Are there any drinks? Give me a cup . ”

“I’m sorry . ” Shaking her head, Hermione said, “There are no foods and drinks on the floating castle . ”

“Are the fruits in the Forbidden Forest fake?”

“Yes . Even the liquids on the castle are simulated by liquid-type nanoworms . ”

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Sitting up, Chen Yu turned to look at Hermione and asked, “What if we put real soil on the island? Can we grow plants then?”

“That is possible, but the heavier the floating castle becomes, the lower the height it can rise to . ”

“It doesn’t matter even if the altitude is lowered . It’s fine so long as it can stay a few thousand meters in the air . By the way, where’s Little Peach?”

“She is currently playing at the Quidditch stadium . ”

“She must’ve gone crazy from playing . Call her back to me . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

Hermione nodded and disappeared with a wave of her staff .

Putting on his helmet again, Chen Yu stood up and connected the Interstellar Portal to the island-building ship’s hall .

Now that he had the more spacious, scenic, and comfortable floating castle, he decided to move all of his belongings on the ship to the castle . He planned to have the floating castle become his future base of operations .

With the help of Hermione, Little Peach, and the nine Auror mages, Chen Yu moved all of his review products into the tower housing the headmaster’s office . For example, the Spiral Ascending Aircraft, the Eager Squid Girl, the protective suit’s maintenance pod, and Little Peach’s slumber pod .

He then sealed off the staircase leading into the tower, isolating the building from the rest of the castle .

With this, even if he allowed others onto the castle into the future, nobody would be able to enter his personal tower .

Pat, pat!

After patting off the dust on his palms, Chen Yu walked into the protective suit’s maintenance pod and removed the suit . He then changed into a set of casual clothes and asked Hermione, “What would happen if this castle gets struck by a missile?”

“It will be damaged . ”

“Is it that fragile?”

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“The Super Floating Castle is a building block toy . It cannot be used for military purposes . ”

After a moment of silence, Chen Yu realized something and pulled out his phone . He then played a video showing the explosion of a nuclear weapon and said, “I’m talking about this kind of missile, not the high-tech missiles of the 32nd century . ”

After earnestly watching the video for a moment, Hermione answered, “If an elementary nuclear weapon like that explodes within close proximity of the castle, the temperature of the explosion will damage the building blocks . If the nuclear weapon is detonated at a distance, the castle won’t suffer any significant damage, but it will be moved by the shockwave . ”

“If missiles are launched at the castle, will the castle be able to detect them preemptively?”

“No . ”

“Alright, then . ”

Chen Yu felt slightly disappointed .

Initially, he thought that even a toy of the 32nd century could become an impenetrable fortress in modern times . Looking at it now, it would seem that he had been asking for too much .

“This castle really is amazing . It’s simply perfect . ”

After touring his personal tower a few times, Chen Yu’s satisfaction reached its maximum .

The tower was spacious, well-isolated, and beautifully decorated .

The walls, oil paintings, tables, chairs, and bookshelves…everything gave off a strong cultural aura . He couldn’t find any flaws with the tower at all .

Except for the lack of internet connection…

“If there’s nothing else, we’ll be taking our leave first . I might come back at night to sleep here . ” After arriving in the hall at the top of the moving staircase, Chen Yu changed the Interstellar Portal’s appearance into an ordinary wooden door and connected the portal with his own bedroom . He then turned to Hermione and instructed, “Look after the castle . Don’t allow any aircraft to approach it . If any paratroopers try to land, capture them . ”

“Very well . ”

“This is for you . ” Handing over the High-frequency Lightsaber to Hermione, Chen Yu said, “You can fight back if you come under attack . Before my distribution meeting, nobody is allowed to board the island . ”

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“Yes, sir . ” Hermione calmly nodded and accepted the lightsaber . “Lord Headmaster, please rest assured . Without the owner’s permission, nobody else is allowed to approach the toy under normal circumstances . ”

“Stop calling this place a toy from now on . Refer to it as a castle,” Chen Yu corrected .


Click .

Chen Yu opened the wooden door and revealed the inside of his bedroom . He then waved his hand at Hermione and the nine Auror mages before dragging the reluctant Little Peach back home .

“Mr . Chen, have you visited the Quidditch stadium? It’s a lot of fun!”

“You’ve played for the entire day . It’s about time you get back to coding . ”

After sending Little Peach away, Chen Yu sat on his bed and eagerly swiped his finger across his watch .

When he entered the Profile page and saw its contents, he immediately broke into a smile .

[Points: 1,679 . ]

“Over 1,600 points, huh… I can live in luxury now…”

Taking a deep breath, Chen Yu suppressed his excitement and shut his eyes . He then muttered to himself, “Calm your brain… Don’t think about nonsensical thoughts… Advanced technology! Advanced technology! I only want advanced technology!”

After hypnotizing himself for three minutes, Chen Yu opened his eyes . While his mind was still filled with “smart” ideas, he hurriedly tapped into the Transdimensional Store’s page!

After a one-second pause, five products were immediately lined up on the screen…

However, when Che Yu saw the first item, he couldn’t help but smack his forehead in agony . “…This is a scam!!”