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Chapter 232

Chapter 232: A Godly Tool?

Chapter 232 – A Godly Tool?

“Little Wu, are the test results out?”

Over at the United Nations headquarters, the middle-aged team leader hurriedly entered a special black car together with Big Sis Wu . They then made their way toward the Chinese Embassy .

He had some matters to take care of at the embassy first . After handling these matters, he could fly back to Beijing and lead the special situation team’s operations .

“Not yet, but we already have the preliminary observation report . ” After sliding her finger across her tablet a few times, Big Sis Wu passed the tablet over and said, “Here you go, leader . ”

“Mhm . ” The middle-aged team leader took the tablet and carefully read the information displayed on it . Frowning, he asked, “All the stone samples they collected turned into silver powder after they left the castle?”

“Yes . According to the field team, the samples collected by the other governments also turned into powder after leaving the castle,” Big Sis Wu nodded . “After our experts analyzed this powder, they think that this might be the so-called liquid nanoworms . Once they leave the magnetic field generated by the building blocks, they would return to their original state . ”

“Are they considered dead?”

“We still aren’t sure for the moment . ”

“Reserve some of the powder and bring it onto the castle next week . See if it can be restored . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

“Have they observed the nanoworms with a microscope yet?”

“They did . ” Stretching out her hand, Big Sis Wu tapped her finger on the tablet a few times and called up a picture . “It’s this . ”

“Hexagons?” The middle-aged team leader frowned .

“Yes . ” Big Sis Wu nodded once more . “They form a perfect hexagonal crystal system . There is a six-fold inverted axis in the direction of the C axis . After a detailed measurement, the unit cell parameters are a=b≠c, a=β=90°, and y=120° . ”

“This is a shape that’s very easy to change and combine . ”

“Yes . According to the preliminary analysis of several expert teams, this discovery will lead to a major breakthrough in the field of nanorobots, giving us a new direction of thinking . In the past, we were too focused on the individual and ignored composability . ”

After pondering for a while, the middle-aged team leader turned off the tablet and put on a stern expression . “That’s enough for the analysis . Once the test result comes out, send 99% of the samples back to Beijing in four separate batches . The higher-ups will deal with the distribution of the samples . Leave just 1% of the samples for ourselves . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

“Mobilize all satellites currently available to our team and closely observe the floating castle’s movements . ”

“Yes, sir!”

At the same time, inside Chen Yu’s home in Jinzhou City…

“Brother! What was that noise?” Chen Yike’s voice came from outside Chen Yu’s bedroom . “Did you tear down a wall?”

“I fell off the bed . ”

“Even the ceiling falling sounds more believable . ”

“Do you still want your pocket money or not? Get lost!”


After hearing Chen Yike’s footsteps growing distant, Chen Yu hopped off his bed and circled around the delivery box . He then removed the box’s seal .

Inside the box were four robots standing side by side . The robots had a rounded exterior . They did not possess a head or legs . They only had a pair of cylindrical arms, which resembled the arms of Baymax .

“They should need authority registration as well, right?”

Chen Yu pulled out the card-shaped instruction manual from the box and activated it with his thumb . Immediately, a blue virtual projection appeared before him .

After reviewing so many future technologies, he already possessed a certain degree of understanding regarding the software operation methods of each era’s technologies .

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There were a lot of instructions for the security camouflage robots . Even after skipping the parameters, fine-tuning, and maintenance sections, he still took half an hour to learn the robots’ basic control methods .

Storing the card manual away, Chen Yu looked toward Little Peach and hooked his finger at her, “Come here . ”

“Do you need me to move now?”

“Yes . Pick these four robots out of the box . ”

Immediately, Little Peach approached the delivery box and rubbed her palms on her skirt . She then swiftly moved the four robots out of the box .

As for Chen Yu, he activated the robots one after another and completed the iris registration .

“Aren’t they called security robots?” Visually inspecting the four robots, Little Peach commented, “They don’t feel very sturdy . ”

“They fight using weapons, not hand-to-hand combat . ”

Pulling out the card manual, Chen Yu fiddled around with it for a moment before using it to take a picture of Little Peach . He then clicked ‘Confirm’ on the virtual projection .


Swish! Swish!

The light around the four robots distorted, and they instantly took on Little Peach’s appearance .

“Wow!” Little Peach was taken aback . “They can transform?”

“It’s just an optical camouflage . Seems like it’s quite effective . ”

After completing his experiment, Chen Yu turned the robot back to its original form . He then teleported to the hall of his personal tower on the floating castle . Shouting, “Hermione!”

“I’m here . ”

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Hermione immediately appeared in the hall .

“This is for you,” Chen Yu said as he handed over the card in his hand . He then turned around and pointed at the four security camouflage robots following behind him, saying, “Alter them into the Auror mages’ appearance and have them patrol outside the castle complex . You’ll find the details for them on the card . ”

“Okay, Lord Headmaster . ” Hermione bowed after accepting the card . “Five minutes after you left, two antique jets have constantly been following after the floating castle . ”

“Are they fighter jets?”

“They’re military jets . ”

“Which nation’s flag were they carrying?”

“Korea . ”

“Oh…” After pondering for a moment, he waved his hand at Hermione and said, “Follow me . ”

Walking up the spiral staircase of the “Headmaster’s Tower,” Chen Yu led Hermione to the study of a small library . He then stopped in front of a painting, reached out to the bookshelf beside the painting, and pulled on a thick book placed on the second row .

Click .

The crisp sound of a switch being toggled appeared . Immediately, the painting on the wall moved, revealing a spacious room behind it .

The items currently stored inside the room were none other than the high-tech products he had moved over from the island-building ship .

This was also the reason why he chose to move his base to the floating castle .

There was so much space in the castle that even if he kept five harems for himself, the members of his harem were unlikely to even come across each other…

After entering the secret room, Chen Yu picked up the Weather Control Module and handed it to Hermione . “Use this thing to generate a storm and blow away those two afterward . ”

“Okay . ”

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“Once the castle reaches its destination, you can also generate a heavy fog to hide the castle’s true location . ”

“Okay . ” Hermione nodded .

Closing the secret room, Chen Yu walked down the staircase, returned to his room, and closed the Interstellar Portal . ”

“How convenient!”

Sighing, Chen Yu raised his watch and continued browsing the last item on the Transdimensional Store .

[5 . Fighting Pillow (500 units): Produced by the Master Kong Technologies Company in 2397 . This is a product designated for the Global Happy Festival on November 11 . The pillow contains dopamine vapors . When a human is struck by this pillow, they will absorb the dopamine vapors through the lungs, which would generate a strong sense of pleasure . And under the guidance of the pillow’s occipital brain wave generator, the struck target would reflexively pick up another pillow and launch a counterattack .

When a human has their head struck by this pillow numerous times, they will fall into a protective syncope and start digesting the microbial bacteria absorbed by their lungs . This process will enhance the human body’s physiological functions and relieve nerve pressure . This process will not cause any harm to the human body . The selling price is 430 points . ]

“What?!” Chen Yu’s eyes widened in shock . “How did future people come up with such a magical item?”

As soon as Chen Yu saw the product’s description, he immediately knew the content for his next interactive livestream .

If handled properly, the livestream’s performance would definitely skyrocket!

“Enhancing human physiological functions…”

After attentively reading the introduction once more, Chen Yu focused his gaze on the words “enhance the human body’s physiological functions” and fell into deep thought .

“A product that enhances the human body and originates from the end of the 24th century… Referencing the strength of humans in the 22nd century…

“If converted to the 21st century…”