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Published at 28th of December 2018 09:36:43 AM

Chapter 13

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"D*mn my arm hurts!"

After saying this Eldrid looked at his arm, shocked .

'How come I still have my arm?'

[You arm was regrown as I traded half of your rewards for to get advanced regeneration . ]

'Thanks Dave! What about the rest of my rewards?'

[You can spin the wheel of prizes 3 times]

'Do it'

[Received: Imperial gold ingot, pet storage function . ]

[You also received your mission reward for killing the cultist leader, perfect mana capacity: Multiverse level]

[Do you wish to advance to the spirit metal realm? Y/N?]


[Congratulations you advanced to the Copper spirit stage . ]

'What are the stages in the spirit metal realm?'

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[Copper spirit

Bronze spirit

Iron spirit

Titanium spirit

Sovereign Silver spirit

Imperial Gold spirit

Potentate Platinum spirit

Orichalcum spirit

Adamantium spirit

Mithril spirit]

'Can I make my armor spirit as strong as my king spirit?'


'What about my plot armor?'

[ . . . ]

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'It was a joke . '

[ . . . ]

'Are you giving me the silent treatment?'

[ . . . ]

'I'll take that as a yes . '

Eldrid stretched and heard his muscles crackling and rumbling, he felt much stronger than before .

[Host is advised to learn to control his strength on his way to hunt down Leonard Welser, as you may hurt innocents or destroy property on accident . ]

'Thanks Dave'

[You're welcome]

Eldrid turned around, and was shocked to see the aftermath of his battle .

The forest behind the corpse of the cultist leader had been cut down, each tree having a perfectly smooth top . The trees were cut all the way to the horizon, stopping at the forbidden jungle, a tier 2 danger zone .

'What on earth happened?'

[You used all of the mana you had in you for your final strike, of course it's going to destroy everything . ]

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'Normal mana isn't that strong though . '

[In your life and death battle you managed to subconsciously comprehend how to use sword energy]

'Oh nice!'

[Yes, but quit cutting up and keep going . ]

'Was that a pun?'

[You're pretty sharp . ]

' . . . '

Eldrid used the imperial gold ingot to replace his broke tarrasque armor in his armor spirit, and he looked like he was in expensive armor .

After heading back to the path Eldrid began his trek to hunt down Leonard Welser .

Leonard was last seen on the plane of death, which was only accessible through one teleportation pad, the one stationed in the kingdom of death .

The kingdom of death was hated by many due to the twisted personalities people had from self experimentation of necromancy . The kingdom was full of criminals, corpses, thieves and the unruly .

The king was a fearsome expert, he turned into a lich many millennia ago, and was slowly gaining power . He didn't ascend due to the fact he was already immortal, and he had made too many enemies when he was younger .

The only reason Eldrid dared go there was due to the fact that he had a note authorizing him to use the teleportation pad, which was secured only due to the overwhelming influence of the guild .

Upon arriving on the kingdom's borders Eldrid was greeted by a ghastly smell . The smell of rotting flesh was so strong it was almost as bad as the tarrasque's breath .

The land around him abruptly went from a lush forest to a dead one, the trees were some sort of undead tree, which Eldrid didn't even want to try understanding the stuff behind .

The dead forest had a pitch black grass, ashen grey trees, strange dark purple mosses, and toxic green glowing mushrooms around him, it was quite an eerie sight .

By the time he saw a wall on the horizon, he had incinerated several hundred zombies and skeletons, which dropped black crystals, which he picked up .

Upon coming closer to the wall he noticed it was a whitish yellow and had countless protrusions coming out from it that looked like deformed skulls .

Once he came to the end of the road he was in front of a large black gate guarded by some unruly looking guards .

"You need to pay 25 gold to enter . " One guard said .

Eldrid didn't know the value of this world's money, nor did he know that he'd be charged extra due to his flashy armor .

However Eldrid flashed his badge that Malthael gave him, causing the guards to kneel like last time .

Eldrid wasn't willing to fund some crazy lich king's kingdom with his own money, and he was being lazy .

"Please forgive this one for his insolence!"

"Get up, and not a word of this to anyone . I'm here on official business . "

"Yes my lord!"

With that Eldrid entered into the kingdom of death .


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