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Published at 28th of December 2018 09:36:40 AM

Chapter 15

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Eldrid was in a sour mood after leaving the slums, he hated the fact he was unable to do more .

[Don't keep beating yourself up over it, if you gave them mana stones it would cause them to be robbed . ]

'It still makes my blood boil Dave . '

[Any person with a sense of righteousness would feel the same way . ]

'Can you give me the location of the capitol cities teleporting pad?'


Eldrid materialized in the center of a dimly lit room, surrounded by guards .

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"Papers please . " a man said in a thick accent, which on earth would be considered a blend of Russian and German .

Eldrid took out the papers from the guild and showed him to the man .

"Sasha, please take this man to the dimensional gate . " The man said before muttering something into Sasha's ear .

Sasha looked like a large barbarian, she was 6'6" . dark gray eyes and hair and was wearing plain gray armor, and she had a giant blood red battle axe on her back . She had arms as thick as a mans leg, while her legs were as thick as a man's torso, and torso was a s big as a barrel . She looked similar to Zarya from Overwatch .

"This way . Keep up outsider . " Sasha said with unconcealed contempt before leading Eldrid outside .

The sky was covered by green, black, and purple clouds . The city smelled of rotten flesh, blood, and filth . The streets were made of a glowing green stone, the buildings made of a material colored with the same purple as a bruise .

Countless zombies and skeletons were walking in the streets, most of the mindless ones were commanded not to attack people, and the sentient ones knew better .

However every single lich stared at him with eye sockets filled only with a intense green fire, as they sensed something withing him that defied their very existences . The crooks and scum of society also had the same feeling, and began looking at Eldrid with hostility .

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Tensions were rising, each fighter had their hands on their receptive weapons, the mages had spells prepared, ready to shoot at Eldrid at any moment .

Eldrid was about to summon his righteous fire, but Sasha suddenly glared at the crowd .

"I hate his guts as much as you, but don't get in my way . "

Hearing her saying this caused them to disperse, but not before each shooting one last glare at Eldrid .

[You're righteous fire is very harmful to most people in this city, so be careful . ]

'Got it . '

Sasha began leading Eldrid towards the king's palace, much to Eldrid's displeasure .

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"I have been told that you the honor of being able see the king outsider, though I think this honor is beneath you . "

"I have no interest nor desire to see your tyrant of a king, I only desire to hunt down the fugitive Leonard Welser . "

"You damn outsider . . . " She spat venomously, while seething with rage .

"You're kingdom is full of the worst scum of humanity, you're people are starving . I have no reason to treat a king who permits this sort of thing within his borders with respect . "

"The weak have to claw their way up and the strong rule . This is the law of our kingdom . "


"If the commander hadn't given me a direct order, I would have killed you already . "

"Just take me to the portal so I can get out of here . "

"With pleasure . "

After several minutes of walking at a brisk pace they arrived at a bone white archway, in it was a portal black as onyx .

"Go through the portal, I can't stand the sight of outsiders, especially ones like you . " Sasha said vehemently .

"Good riddance to you and your city . " Eldrid replied before stepping through the portal .

---In the castle---

While the entire scene played out from Eldrid entering and leaving, another event was going on . "

A skeleton like with a pitch black core where it's heart used to be was standing in front a vast army of undead . It was in pitch black robes, with golden trim, inlaid with many blood red crystals, and a dark mist emitting from underneath .

On it's head was a crown made of the teeth of vipers, and on the front was the symbol of a reaper, wielding dual sickle swords crossed over it's chest . It's eye sockets filled with a black flame .

"So at last, the time has come, the righteous flame has chosen a champion, the evil ice has selected an heir . Let the chaos ensue . . . "