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Published at 6th of April 2019 08:35:04 AM

Chapter 68: 68

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in Kazekage tower

a boy of around 16 years who has fair skin, green eyes and short Auburn spiky hair . he's wearing a long-sleeved crimson coat and full-length dark trousers with a pair standing on a balcony and watching the village . a jonin came and kneeled "Kazekage sama, council requests your presence" he turned around and nodded .

back at Konoha, Naruto was completely stupified . then after a few seconds, he calms down and looked at the Hokage mountain and clenched his fist out of frustration "Gaara became Kazekage huh . I may be late, but I'll definitely become Hokage one day" .

next day, Tsunade prepared a fight between Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi . Naruto asked, "what about Sasuke?" . Tsunade looked at Sakura "you didn't mention anything about it?" . Sakura replied, "well, I actually wanted to say it but I didn't get an opportunity to say it" . Tsunade said "Sasuke isn't in the village anymore . he went with Diran on a quest . according to Diran, Sasuke almost completed his training . but whether he will return or will tag along with him . we can't say for sure . "

a while later, Sakura and Naruto teamed up and battled with Kakashi with their full strength but somehow they can't get advantage no matter what . Naruto then activated Kyuubi's chakra and . three tail cloak formed around him . eventually, Kakashi's and Sakura's chakra got depleted and Kakashi admitted defeat . Naruto folded his hands and laughed "hahaha, Kakashi sensei I win" .

Sakura was panting "it wasn't fair even though we won . you just dragged the battle deliberately" . Naruto looked at her "that's why I said back then to hide and rest for a bit" . Kakashi then smiled "well done Naruto, tiring out the enemy is also a kind of strategy . but"

Naruto nodded "yeah I know it won't work in every case . " then Kakashi looked at Sakura "you also did a good job, except that you wasted a tremendous amount of energy every time . unlike this idiot who can afford to waste chakra all the time on those shadow clones . you have less amount . you have to use it very wisely . "

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Naruto then asked "Kakashi sensei, can I ask one thing? . Sakura said you fought Sasuke once a year go, do you know how much strong he is when compared to current me . "

kakashi thought for a while "well, for one thing, he didn't defeat me while you both did and also then, we both didn't use ninjutsu at all . while it ended in a draw but he didn't remove the training weights on him at all . well, if I had to compare you from now to Sasuke from a year ago, then I would say, you are a little bit stronger but we don't know how much he improved within the past year . "

Naruto made a frustration face and murmured "how much stronger should I get to bring you back to the team Sasuke?"

a week later at Sunagakure

several people sit on a round table in the council room . Baki addressing the reports of academy curriculum . then a jonin and a member of council interrupted "however, at this time, with the Chunin exams upon us, there's a nasty rumour going on" . Baki asked "what is it Yura" . he replied, "have you heard of the organization called the Akatsuki?"

back at Konoha Jiraya and Kakashi were discussing . "I see, So they are finally making their move . " Jiraiya replied "it's something, we are expecting to a degree through"

at Sand council

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yura continued "the Akatsuki is a mysterious organization composed of at least half a dozen to dozen shinobi . the members of the organization are known S-rank criminals all listed in the bingo book . of those who identified there is Kisame hoshikagi who was once a member of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist and other is Orochimaru who once plotted against the leaf village but got killed himself in the process . he even summoned our Shodai Kazekage sama and assassinated our previous Kazekage sama . it is said he has one apprentice . so, there might a one more who can revive the dead people . "

back at Konoha, Kakashi asked, "any idea what's their true goal?" . Jiraya replied "that's beyond me at this point . what do I know is that they're after what's inside Naruto and that they've got something evil in mind . "

at Suna council, yura continued "the source of this information is Jiraya sama, one of the three legendary Sannin . so, I have to take liberty and stationed Anbu Black ops masters have already been stationed at key points around the village . I hear Akatsuki members wear black clothing with a red cloud pattern on them . "

then after the meeting is over, yura and someone from the council walked together . he complimented "good job yura" . yura smiled "I've just done what's best in the interest of village" and he grabbed his head . other one asked, "are you okay" . yura then calmed down "yeah, I'm fine . "

in the land of Wind, somewhere in the desert, two people who wear Akatsuki clothing walking towards Suna . one guy spoke, "it seems someone leaked information about us" . the other guy replied "can't be helped . moreover, you didn't bring much with you . will that be enough? . our opponent is jinchuuriki after all" .

"you don't need to worry about it . I made sure to bring my speciality" .

a while later, all the Black ops at one of the entrances were killed . then he made a white colour bird with clay, he sat on it and flew in the sky . he laughed crazily "hahaha, I, Deidara will show you the true art of explosion . " then he drops some clay spiders down . explosions began to sound continuous . then he took a chunk of clay and made a medium sized bird . it began to speed up and land on the ground but just then sand flew before it and blocked and there's an explosion .

he looked at some direction . Gaara folded his hands and looked towards him narrowing his eyes .

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after a lot of time-fighting, there was a huge amount of sand covering the entire village as a shield but quickly, after a couple of more explosions heard and he quickly began to fall down . the bird caught him and Deidara flew away .

a while later, Kankuro and his team began to trail them but soon the guy who's said to be Sasori of red sand defeated him and left him there to die .

at Konoha, in the messengers unit building an eagle reached . a jonin looked at it and his widened "this is takamaru, the fastest messenger in all the hidden sand" he turned to others "c'mon what are you looking . contact the cyphers corps immediately" . later, in Hokage office . Tsunade read the message and said, "go contact team Kakashi and team Gai immediately" .

then murmured "did Diran expected this before?" . then after they were summoned and assign them to an S-Class mission . Shizune replied "but Tsunade sama, they are Akatsuki . you shouldn't let Naruto face them at this time" . Naruto gritted his teeth "I know they are also after me . but Gaara is my friend . I would still go and save him even if you didn't involve me in this mission . "

Tsunade replied, "I know that's why I included you didn't I" . Kakashi then said, "I apologize Hokage sama but if it's just killing them, with three jonins and remaining, we can but if it's a rescue operation then we may or may not be enough to rescue Gaara from two S rank criminals . "

Tsunade replied "don't need to worry about it . one more team will join you at the Sand . " then they started to move out . on the way Sakura asked "Kakashi sensei, don't you think we are already more than enough . I mean Sand would also send two or more teams so" . he shook his head "Sand is currently our closest Ally . without Kazekage, the village will be in disorder and their shinobi strength declined rapidly over the past years . so, we may or may not get strong teams from them in search for him . " on the way they met Temari who was returning to Suna .

2 days later, they reached Suna . Sakura saw Kankuro got poisoned and began to treat him . them Kakashi summoned his seven ninja dogs and they scattered to find the scent from the small cloth which Kankuro has grabbed from Sasori in his fight .

one day later, pakkun found the location and all started to follow and just as Kakashi expected, village council refused to send one single genin for rescue mission because of various issues . So, only Chiyo joined them .

soon they found the location . Sakura tried to break it . but the entrance didn't even have one crack . then Neji suddenly looked back with his byakugan "wait . some shinobi are coming . " Kakashi then asked "how many?" . his voice started shaking "there are six people . but one has a huge amount of chakra . is he even human?" .

all became instantly ready for battle . a minute later all six people arrived . kakashi and Gai stood down . and others were surprised "Sasuke?" . I smiled at them "we're actually debating whether to make our entry in some style but this tomato addict refused it . anyway, that's a five seal barrier . you can't destroy it with physical strength" .

then I looked at Neji "well, we don't have much time so, look at your surroundings . you should find four seals somewhere" . he nodded "yeah, I know about this barrier we have to remove the destroy the seals at the same time . "

Naruto then said "Sasuke, I . . . . " Sasuke looked at him "save for talk later . you came here to help your friend, didn't you? finish your mission first" .

kakashi then asked me "Diran san, who are they?" I replied "they are previously Orochimaru's subordinates but currently you can say they are under my wing . but since they didn't join the leaf village . they won't help you out with this . I hope you will understand . " he nodded .

then Gai said "ok, our team will remove the seals, Sakura will destroy this one" . then I said "uh Gai san, can someone from your team sit out and join Naruto . I want one of the spots for Sasuke to remove the barrier" . Sasuke frowned "it's only removing the seal, why do I have to do that thing Shishou" . I smiled "you'll understand it later" .

they are also confused but since it's nothing much Tenten have her spot for Sasuke . I thanked her and said to Sasuke "now, you will face your toughest opponent . don't waste the opportunity . go" he nodded and removed the seals at the same time and a few seconds later, a clone of Sasuke erupted from the ground in front of him .

he smiled "now, this is interesting" .

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